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What are two denominations and what are the similarities and ...


longlegs Nov 22, 2012


hi, well i have an re mock exam tomorrow, i dont know anything ...


U15508385 Nov 20, 2012

i'm confused :/

for a test i have to know - ways in which different religious ...


mercy_ane Nov 19, 2012

Any questions on Paganism?

As some of you may know (but many may not ) I am a Pagan. I've ...


Han Ban Nov 12, 2012

Concept of God in hinduism

To all the hindus out there...".what is the concept of ...


U15486155 Nov 9, 2012


When I do my exams I always try and include ...


Alexander Nov 6, 2012

Views on Islam?

Hi,I am a Hindu myself but I have equal respect for every ...


U15456567 Nov 2, 2012

Messageboards to open late ...

We regret that the Bitesize Messageboards will to open late ...


Frankenstein _Host Nov 1, 2012

Changes to Messageboard ...

Summary of changes:• From Monday 5 November the Bitesize ...


Frankenstein _Host Oct 29, 2012

Anyone Done A-Level Religious ...

Anyone Done A-Level Religious Education?What did you think ...


Cherry Oct 28, 2012

Anyone Need Religious Studies ...

Hi,If anyone needs any help regarding anything in Religious ...


U15456567 Oct 28, 2012

Anyone else with the same ...

I am in top science so therefore have to do more science lessons, ...


GiraffeGirl1 0 Oct 27, 2012

Any Hindus out there?

Hi, I am a Hindu and I go to the Hindu temple for prayer every ...


U15456567 Oct 21, 2012


Hi there people,I would just like to know what people think about ...


U15028368 Oct 17, 2012

gcse question...on islam

i just started yr 10 and i got a piece of homework to do and i ...


seri01 Oct 13, 2012

Thinking about taking GCSE RE

Hi at my school everyone has to take the re short course. Not ...


U15310685 Oct 11, 2012

What Hindu God Interests You?

Currently in my Religious Studies we are learning about the many ...


U15426717 Oct 6, 2012

Is there a god?

Hello, I have to do this presentation on the question 'Is ...


justthatnurd Sep 25, 2012

The Parable of the Sheep and ...

I need to answer this question with four explained points. ...


River Song Sep 16, 2012

explinations of the reasons ...



U15427068 Sep 16, 2012

R.E trouble..

I love the subjects that we're studying in the RE Short Course ...


U15420516 Sep 11, 2012

is the bible best?

When making moral descisions is the bible best? some say its ...


hollypops199 6 Sep 10, 2012

Messageboards to close early ...

We regret that due to unforeseen circumstances, the Bitesize ...


Frankenstein _Host Aug 30, 2012


I would just like to know why are those who follow Jesus called ...


U15371933 Aug 6, 2012

GCSE mock exam!!!!

i have a Religious Studies mock exam on Wednesday and need help ...


U15317226 Jun 24, 2012

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