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Closure of Bitesize Message ...

The Bitesize messageboards will close permanently at 16:00 BST ...


Bitesize Moderatio... Jul 3, 2013

ICT is too hard to revise for!

Does anyone else find ICT too hard to revise for? My exam is in a ...


U15725458 Jun 11, 2013

Temporary later Saturday ...

Hi everyone,From Saturday 8th June – Saturday 27th July 2013, the ...


Frankenstein _Host Jun 7, 2013

Cambridge nationals

has anyone done the ict cambridge nationals: understanding ...


U15094150 May 31, 2013

ICT speed of change

I love I.C.T. Computers and everything but the speed at ...


SalmonIcicle Actor May 30, 2013

I've started my controlled ...

I stared my controlled assessment a couple of weeks ago....... I'm ...


Martha May 30, 2013

OCR Assessment Coursework ...

This is what we have been given:A food vending machine accepts ...


thekian May 30, 2013

Automated data capture

I need to know a range of automated data capture ...


GreyActingRo ckstar May 27, 2013

ICT exam- OCR

What is the definition of gaming software?


U15737364 May 26, 2013

System development life cycle

A company wants to improve efficiency and update its ...


OrangeCurlyD oe May 26, 2013

safety and security

How can you make your Computer safe and secure ?


U15717680 May 26, 2013

Primary key

what is a primary key? i have the definition, but i dont fully ...


U15698586 May 19, 2013

Virus vs Malware

I need to know for my ICT course: What is the difference between a ...


U15717679 May 19, 2013

Computer worms

What is a computer worm?


U15718882 May 16, 2013


What are these? 1.) Copper wire2.) Coaxial cable3.) Optical ...


U15698586 May 14, 2013

ICT = Waste of time????

I think ICT is a waste of time... Dont you?nearing 2 years to ...


George May 12, 2013

Communication Media

What are these? 1.) Copper wire2.) Coaxial cable3.) Optical fibre


U15698586 May 11, 2013

ITQ questions

hello bbc bitesize i need help for my ITQ course work can you ...


U15717683 May 10, 2013


please what are the possible causes of modem failure


U15214319 May 10, 2013


How do you change your screensaver on the desktop?I would like to ...


Slimonecats0 77 May 10, 2013

ICT Machine's

Where do they make printers?How do they make ipads ?What’s inside a ...


U15717685 May 9, 2013

viruses on computer

i would like to know How can I get rid of a virus if it gets on my ...


U15717676 May 9, 2013

How to make a folder

I need to know for my ITQ course. How do you make email folders on ...


Mungo May 9, 2013

Choosing options

Hi,I'm in year 9 and at my school it's compulsory to do long ...


LaUgHiNg_BaB eX May 7, 2013

DiDa deadline help

I am on a 36 on my DiDA work and I am hoping to gain more marks, ...


U15008548 May 4, 2013

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