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1933 Germany

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    Posted by OrangeLoopyGuava (U15072227) on Thursday, 30th May 2013

    When Hitler came to power in 1933, he began all of these work schemes to get people out of unemployment.

    Because of the Treaty of Versailles Germany wasn't allowed to trade.

    So where did all the money he would have needed, come from?

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    Posted by chives (U15564060) on Saturday, 1st June 2013

    The nazis from the start rejected the treaty of versailles, out of this bitterness they immediately refused to pay reparations;This created a lot of growth for the country with the extra revenue they had it could be invested into big construction projects as well as scientific research and production (which was needed for rearmament).

    Employment was also drastically cut through sacking Jews and Women from the work place, if they didn't count as unemployment it's not their concern to worry about them.To furthermore ensure that everyone is suitable for work and isn't a burden on the state tramps,people whom refused to work , and disabled people were killed or worked to death this harsh reality was the extremes Hitler went to compete with other nations to rebuilt his empire.

    Another important part of the Nazi economy was the RAD (reich labour service) everyone man had to do 6 months of this as there wasn't enough jobs for everyone they were vital contribution to the constructions of autobahns (motorways) to improve tradelinks.

    employment fell from 6 million to 300,000 in 1938 and they had fallen short of their 4 year war plan that had begun in 1936,even though working hours were increased to over 50 hours per week.

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