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Prehistoric medicine

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    Posted by mollie (U15738928) on Tuesday, 28th May 2013

    The revision section on pre-historic medicine says "Anthropologists have found primitive tribes who have not yet realised that the sex act leads to childbirth"

    Just wondering how you can work that kind of thing out from anthropology? Probably not relevant but of interest to me, thanks smiley - smiley

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    Posted by chives (U15564060) on Saturday, 1st June 2013

    The only information of how prehistoric people may have lived is through observing like you said primitive tribes that have not yet adopted how civilisation. Before we start to inquire into the world around us we are just driven by basic instinct and since their language is only very primitive it suggest that they do not have an great understanding of why things happen they just act on instinct because they haven't been touched by our modern world of information and therefore have no desire to find out

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