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    Posted by U15619120 (U15619120) on Wednesday, 20th February 2013

    Hey! So, I really enjoy History & have been achieving level 7 and 8s all year, but I'm well aware that GCSE History is (from what I've heard...) much different to KS3 History. How do you find GCSE History? Is it incredibly hard to get good grades? Is it incredibly hard, full stop? And, finally, do you regret taking it as an option? Thanks guys smiley - smiley x

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    Posted by U15623988 (U15623988) on Wednesday, 20th February 2013

    History Is a great option to take, i don't regret it one bit. Keep trying hard and enjoying it and it would be easy.

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    Posted by Beetz (U7458939) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    I love history. I am half way through my first year of it and having done the causes of WW2 i am now doing the USA 1919-1941. I find history really interesting although I preferred studying the word wars to america. I think if you really are enjoying it you should definitely go for it, especially if you are getting great levels (I was getting 7's and 8's in year 9 too, and i think that helped though you are doing some new subjects so it's like starting afresh in some ways- no matter what you have been taught you are learning about something new.) I would talk to your history teacher about it- at my school we had an options evening where we cold go and speak to the different departments which really helped- i was even able to take away the text books from some to have a look at - though of course I gave them back. I think history is something you need a passion for as there are lots of dates and events to remember and my teacher tells us that you may only get tested on a little bit of everything you know. You do 4 subjects and my understanding is that you only get tested on one of them in your end of course exam- not great if you are a rambler like me, you have to have concise info(booo!)- but i think it's something you get used to
    I would say that the tests are different. Yes you have your 4/6/9/10 etc marker questions(like R.S.questions if you have ever seen one) but you have to learn how to answer each one as there are special ways to answer them. Then you have your 8 hour course work question- which i am preparing for at the moment- where you are given a question - i think its an opinion question- and you have to plan and answer it over 8hours - its 2000 words- the 8 hours are spread over lessons and i'm doing a mock one soon -_-... fun! There are also source questions which i find hard to do if i have no clue what's going on...
    Basically i haven't found it too hard to get good grades- I may even go as far as saying its my best subject - well i am getting A's and A*'s (yay!) - but i think once you know the facts (i make huge mind maps for revision and recreate them once i have done it once to learn it) and how to answer questions- which you get taught don't worry- history isn't too hard but can be boring as you do lots of written work- which i like (anything to get out of role play haha!). Honestly the best thing to do is to ask your teacher about it at parents evening or options evening, even at break or lunch.
    Finally i definitely don't regret taking it as an option though i do love ancient history more (yes horrible histories) and prefer it over the modern stuff you do (probably because the data is more definite and accurate but heyho)
    Hope this helped, sorry it was long and good luck with your options!

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    Posted by GreenIceCobra (U13787886) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    Definitely choose History. It's challenging, but not incredibly hard. It requires a bit more effort than other subjects and I struggled with it to start with, but now I know more about the types of questions which are likely to come up I have no problems with getting good grades. History is probably my favourite subject: very interesting and very useful.

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    Posted by U15619120 (U15619120) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    Wow, thanks so much - all your replies have really helped & History is now officially going to be one of my option subjects : ) haha! Thanks again x

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