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    Posted by U15581397 (U15581397) on Saturday, 19th January 2013

    I'm finding it really difficult to get high marks in History. Last year I got high marks so my target's an A, but still I'm not getting high marks! smiley - sadface I try really hard in exams, I revise loads, learn all the facts and I end up getting a really low mark like a D! My teacher tells me it's exam technique that I need to improve and whenever he starts explaining it to me I find it so difficult to understand. Please help smiley - smiley Thankyou smiley - winkeye

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    Posted by Lara (U15540887) on Sunday, 27th January 2013

    I've taken History GCSE and my history teacher always gives us 'Source Questions' which will defiantly be in the exam. Basically the questions say something like 'Use the source below and explain what is happening' this is what history is all about! SOURCE QUESTIONS. You've got to look at the sources and the source GIVES you like 2 of the marks! Honestysmiley - smiley

    from Lara

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    Posted by U15592952 (U15592952) on Sunday, 27th January 2013

    I know a really useful website where you can see past papers from history, maths and all those subjects. It contains really similar questions that will be in the test.

    The website is www.wjec.co.uk/index...

    P.S It's free.

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    Posted by U15601038 (U15601038) on Sunday, 3rd February 2013

    I think maybe you should go over the exam techniques more, if you know the information then there's nothing wrong there. Ask your teacher about the exam techniques more or maybe one of your friends if you don't understand what the teacher tells you, write some notes about the techniques then revise it. Don't worry if your marks don't improve loads the first few times, it's practice trust me. I hope this helped a little bit smiley - smiley

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