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    Posted by U15572733 (U15572733) on Sunday, 13th January 2013

    I am doing GCSE history this year, and have learnt basically everything, but have no idea what to learn for exams and how to lay it out when i get there! can anyone give me some tips as to what gains marks in an exam?? thaankyou smiley - smiley

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    Posted by U15631782 (U15631782) on Wednesday, 27th February 2013

    It depends on the amount of marks available for the question and which paper you are doing.

    For Paper 1:
    4 mark questions are describe questions, in which you just have to write about what happened in an event and give three or four points about it.

    6 mark questions ask you if you agree or disagree with on interpretation for the source. For this one you will need to say what you can see in the source (especially in picture sources), what this means, whether you agree or disagree with this and why. Do this for three or four points and then talk about the "provenance" of the source; who created it, when and why, and what this means for the source. e.g. a Nazi propaganda poster about how great Hitler will be for Germany will never show both sides of the story.
    Finally, say overall whether you agree or disagree with it and why.

    10 mark questions need you to analyse and explain two possible causes of an event, like the First world war, and explain which you think was more important. You MUST cover both points (make something up if you really don't know, but you HAVE to talk about both of them). Assess both points in depth, saying why either might or might not be the most important, and then reach a reasoned judgement overall. You have to answer the question overall to get the highest marks,


    Divide up your time based on how many points a question will give you, sorry I've not got my paper two book with me at the moment so I can't tell you about that paper just now.

    Ask your teacher for some past papers for an idea of what the questions will be like, and practise how to answer them.

    Good luck with your exams, hope this helps!!

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