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Closure of Bitesize Message ...

The Bitesize messageboards will close permanently at 16:00 BST ...


Bitesize Moderatio... Jul 3, 2013

easy question

whats more important to you, better grade on the gcse or the ...


OliveBasebal lBee Jul 15, 2013

Fave chatacter youve ever acted??

Hiyyahhwhats your favourite character you've ever ...


Ally Jul 15, 2013

Drama what is it like?

Hi I have choose drama as a GCSE and I have heard a mixed ...


Ellie Jun 30, 2013

Temporary later Saturday ...

Hi everyone,From Saturday 8th June – Saturday 27th July 2013, the ...


Frankenstein _Host Jun 7, 2013


Hiya, I really love Drama and I have the choice to do it for my ...


TealTangyKid Jun 3, 2013

Dramatic Ideas for a Play ...

I had many ideas for this kind of a project. This are things I ...


U15617876 May 29, 2013


im not sure how to create a crater for one scene it has to be ...


fudge May 18, 2013

what sort of thing do you do ...

im in year 9 and am doing drama next year and was wondering what ...


fudge May 13, 2013

edexcel drama exam

how do you get really high marks in the practical exam? mines on ...


jdkhhkjhhflf l May 13, 2013

Physical Theatre

My group and I are doing a topic on physical theatre, and the ...


U15723345 May 13, 2013

help with a chorus-line??

hi so im really new to this whole thing. im in year nine and have ...


U15709771 Apr 29, 2013

LAMDA exam tomorrow! Help!

Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to the GCSE boards: I'm in year 9, and ...


PinkQuirkyDe er Apr 27, 2013

woman in black

im in year 10 and going through the questions that you have to ...


Jemima B Apr 27, 2013

PLEAS HELP - Team work going ...

Okay so my group in drama. Ever since we got put togther, the 3 ...


U15694843 Apr 24, 2013

Stage Fright

Hi all, I know lots of people get this, but I'm starting to get ...


Jessalyn Apr 23, 2013

Romeo and Juliet :: Tybalt as ...

Hello everyone!I need some advice regarding a recent part I have ...


U15699926 Apr 20, 2013


HEY!!!!!My target for this term is to MORE ambitious vocabulary. So ...


BONBON Apr 8, 2013

Drama Essay

I need some help regarding the style of the essays.We have been ...


U15659501 Mar 24, 2013

Mocks - help!

Hi!I'm doing drama GCSE and I'm loving it and really enjoy the ...


U15243556 Mar 21, 2013

physical theatre

I cant find a defination of physcal theatre


theatrefan Mar 21, 2013


We have recently made some changes to the BBC iD accounts.The ...


Frankenstein _Host Mar 13, 2013

Final Performance Topic

Hello!I'm hoping that this will be useful to some of you, as I know ...


Kate Mar 10, 2013

What to do about group members?

I always get put into groups in drama GCSE who never work ...


AlphaWulph Mar 3, 2013

Drama techniques?? Person= ...

What's it called when actor pretends to be an object/prop ...


U15635190 Mar 3, 2013

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