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flower and veg shows.

hello all. has anyone got any info where there are anywhere in a ...


scousplot Jun 13, 2007

Holker Show

Anyone going to Holker? Unfortunately this year I can't! ...


Apple Jun 11, 2007

Garden Festival - Much Marcle

I'm going to the Garden Festival at Hellens Manor House in Much ...


crumblepenny Jun 9, 2007

Eden Project

After about 5 hours of driving and spending a night in a hotel, I ...


malanD Jun 9, 2007

first timer

I've just booked tickets for the RHS flower show in July at ...


tingtree Jun 8, 2007

Garden show 'extraordinair'

Being Dutch and living in the Netherlands I don't get many ...


JacqHofl Jun 7, 2007

Chelsea Flower Show Music

Hi everyone,This is a bit of a long shot. On the BBC evening ...


KtWood Jun 7, 2007

gardeners world live

who is going to nec im hoping this year it might be a bit warmer,im ...


fireypegasus 70 Jun 7, 2007

Why Why Why Loraine Kelly?!!

I look forward to the Chelsea Flower Show every year and ...


MsTiggywinkl e Jun 6, 2007

peach tree

my peach tree has lice,and white fungus under the leaves. the ...


muffy Jun 5, 2007

Carol Klein on Chelsea ...

Thank you to whomever thought of the idea of having Carol do ...


sheilaenn Jun 5, 2007

Hillsborough Garden Show - ...

Anyone in Northern Ireland thinking about heading to ...


happilymarri ed Jun 5, 2007

Snappers required

I am looking for a favour from anyone visiting Chelsea this ...


dyofix Jun 4, 2007

BBC Chelsea coverage

Why oh why is it not possible for the BBC to just show the gardens ...


Wadadli96 Jun 1, 2007

Chelsea Flower Show Photographs

I have at long last sorted out photographs taken on the 22nd at ...


linnaeuscrab tree Jun 1, 2007

I couldn't go to Chelsea this ...

This will be my first visit. I believe this is much bigger than ...


purplemoon May 31, 2007

Last 4 Gardens named for BBC Vote

Looks as if its between Chris / Fetzers / Diarmuid / Andy.I've ...


gdnmad May 31, 2007

Seeds from the Chelsea gardens

Hi everyone.Did anyone get seeds from the designed gardens? And ...


the_green_li fe May 31, 2007

Two Sweet Pea events coming up

On 17 June Roger Parsons of Bracklesham Bay near Chichester, ...


Chelsea_Rose May 30, 2007

Treatment of Diarmud Gavin

This is truely appauling, not even noting his garden. That he can ...


damianparry May 30, 2007

Return of the Native

I noticed on tonights program mention of a possible ban on ...


BrianG8ADD May 30, 2007

small trees for small gardens

can anyone help me with the names of two of the trees Alan ...


oscarpapa May 29, 2007

Finding Fern Biker guys

On Chelsea Flower Show begining of the week, there were two guys ...


sueBithink May 29, 2007

Topiary query

During the Chelsea coverage (evening, mid-week) a private ...


merryalibong o May 29, 2007

New fuchsia - Lauren

I heard of a new fuchsia called Lauren on the BBC's Chelsea ...


JeanWigzell May 28, 2007

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