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Justice has been done at Hampton Court! Mr Beardshaw has won the ...


GardenBabe Jul 6, 2007

Vote showgardens

Has anyone a favourite showgarden yet? Made up your mind already ...


hdehoon Jul 6, 2007

Hampton Court Flower Show

I feel I have to voice my outrage at the way the beautiful old ...


PurpleJulia Jul 4, 2007

My Hampton Court Show Visit

I've just posted this on the Design board if you are ...


beejay Jul 4, 2007

Hampton Court Palace flower ...

I read some of you going, or can't make it, etc.. I have a news for ...


emikobcat Jul 4, 2007

Eden project

I have this week finally been able to visit the eden project and i ...


wombwelltran qillity Jul 4, 2007

Holiday competition at GW NEC

Whilst visiting this year's Gardeners'World Live at the NEC ...


tedge51 Jul 3, 2007

Cost of exhibiting at GWL

When I went to the Malvern show earlier in the year I was ...


bobochick Jul 3, 2007

too many frogs!!!

My son has too many frogs and possibly toads in a converted ...


diamondbuzyl izzie Jun 30, 2007

Free rare veg seeds

One the first day of the chelsea flower show, Carole on the TV ...


cantgarden Jun 30, 2007

All Green

HiMy border is all green, lots of lush leaves but sadly very ...


Misswhitetul ip Jun 28, 2007

what a let down

went to gardeners live yesterday, got there at 7.45 so there was ...


fireypegasus 70 Jun 26, 2007

Irish International Garden ...

This festival begins on Friday this week and continues until ...


Frank Parker Jun 26, 2007

attention plotinlaois

Hi thereHave left a message on cousins phone and as soon as she ...


gutsy gran Jun 25, 2007

Arley ...

Anyone going to the Arley Garden Festival/Show?Have been in the ...


Apple Jun 23, 2007

Message for CJ

Hello CJSorry we wont be at Honeybrooks Open day.We did go ...


gutsy gran Jun 23, 2007

The Station Gardens

Gardeners at the ten stations on the West Somerset Railway have ...


WestSomerset Wizard Jun 22, 2007

Axe Vale Festival

Hi all, don't forget it's the Axe Vale Festival this weekend ...


myplot Jun 20, 2007

Could you be on the Hampton ...

The Hampton Court TV team is looking for people to take part ...


moderator Jun 20, 2007

Green with Envy

Hello everybodyI am off to the excellent Ludlow Festival ...


ludlowfestiv al Jun 18, 2007

Poor Web Site

Unfortunately this year I was unable to attend the show. I ...


Hookit Jun 18, 2007

Fressingfield Gardening Festival

I have just been to a really lovely gardening event today in ...


bryansblackb ird Jun 17, 2007

Faure music?

Can anyone tell me the name of the Faure piece played last night ...


wight_daisy Jun 16, 2007

Hampton Court Show July 07 ...

Am planning to go to this years Hampton Court Show are there any ...


welshcol Jun 16, 2007

Trolley Crate ?

Does anyone know where I can buy one of those trolley crates ...


GardenSparx Jun 16, 2007

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