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Cosmos - to pinch or not?

I planted some cosmos 4 weeks ago indoors, they are getting tall ...


kerrywoman Apr 13, 2012


Can anyone suggest any tallish grass, other than Miscanthus ...


abstracts Apr 12, 2012

pond gone bad, two years on ...

Our previously lovely wildlife pond has, in the last two years, ...


pzjanet Apr 12, 2012

Plum Tree from a Stone

My Granddaughter is growing a Victoria Plum tree from a stone. ...


John Apr 12, 2012

Bayleaf in shade - not a good ...

HelloI purchased 4 large bayleaf plants at about 5 feet high, ...


rosalba Apr 12, 2012

advice on tree peony seeds ...

I have saved some seeds from my yellow tree peony and wonder if ...


poppy Apr 12, 2012


Hello all. I mean to plant out some hanging baskets for this ...


Biddy Apr 12, 2012

Seed and Potting On Compost ...

This year , for the first time, I tried JI1 (Seed) and JI 2 ...


Chris Apr 12, 2012

Att'n Flowerchild: ...

Thanks so much for identifying the tree on the plant ID thread. ...


Calendula Apr 12, 2012

Rhododendron brown leaves

I have two rhododendrons planted in large pots using ericaceous ...


april showers Apr 12, 2012

Little weed

I have a small but prolific weed that is spreading in my garden, ...


stait515 Apr 12, 2012

Miracle grow, good or bad in ...

I seem to have read somewhere that using Miracle Grow soluble ...


alwyn davies Apr 11, 2012

Suggestions for fragrant climber

hi, appreciate anyones thoughts on this.I have 6 foot wall and ...


Aggie Apr 11, 2012

acer bloodgood

I have an Acer palmatum Bloodgood which has only produced leaves ...


Dave caulton Apr 11, 2012

Composting agents

Please forgive the rather delicate nature of my question but my ...


Acerkate Apr 11, 2012

Moving potted on plants to a ...

Is it too early to put plants out in one of those plastic mini ...


potteringpam Apr 11, 2012


Any ideas how I can get rid of pearlwort from my garden without ...


sukei Apr 11, 2012

clematis and snails

Does anyone know whether snails attack young clematis? Last year ...


john ramsbottom Apr 11, 2012

Whats this plant called?

Hi All,Can anyone please tell me what this lovely coloured shrub ...


Yvieh Apr 11, 2012


I have an azalea in the lawn of my front garden. Is it OK to move ...


Sarah Mac Apr 10, 2012

Montys new pond project

Hi,Let me first of all say how much i enjoy your weekly ...


Douglas Apr 10, 2012

over grown rasberry plots.

I have two rasberry plots with about twenty or so bushes on ...


Hendy Apr 10, 2012

Seedling damage

Seedling leaf in my cold frame look as though they have been ...


Flaming June Apr 10, 2012

Help needed,House covering plant.

After help & suggestions for myself as a; know very little ...


Lilac Winter Apr 10, 2012

potting on cosmos

When I read about potting on it says drop seedings into the hole ...


potteringpam Apr 10, 2012

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