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Philadephus Pruning

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    Posted by hereisabee (U2342191) on Sunday, 22nd April 2012

    This genus of deciduous shrubs can be identified from similar shrubs by their flowers having four petals, four calyx-lobes and twenty four stamens. They flower on short lateral shoots, the twigs which spring from shoots made the previous year. Whatever pruning has to be done should consist of taking out old branches that have flowered and leaving the long vigorous shoots of the current year to provide the succeeding crop of blossom. No mere shortening back should be done unless from consideration of space.

    In my early days on the board I would write the odd short story, usually based on happened events, experienced on my travels, while working in gardens. So with board closure imminent, I thought I might go out as I started.

    Mrs Madgewick required the pruning of philadelphus shrubs that were overhanging her mixed border and I arrived that morning with all the kit needed to reach up to these long stems. While discussing the work needed she casually mentioned that an elderly aunt and uncle were arriving from Canada and she had booked a taxi to go to the airport and collect them. I also remarked that I had not to worry about her dog as I was working in the front garden. Dudley as the dog was called, a Jack Russel and no ordinary dog had been purchased on impulse in the West Country and had not settled easily into his new life. Perhaps the Dragon School and then a degree in medicine would normally be expected in such households, instead the lad dreamed of catching rats and had a terrible fear of the hot air balloons that would occasionally float overhead.

    So it was with some curiosity that I noticed coming along the road a little later, an elderly couple trailing suitcases. This could not be the aunt and uncle surely, they were coming by taxi? However they found the house and walked straight up to the front door.

    ”Hello Fay, we arrived” they explained “we didn’t bother with the taxi they were nowhere to be seen”.

    Then without being inquisitive I noticed that they began to stamp their authority all over the household. By then I had finished my pruning and had the equally strenuous task of clearing up, putting all the waste into a trailer using my thick builder’s gloves.

    It was sometime later that the taxi arrived, explaining that they had waited and waited but the uncle and aunt were not to be seen. They of course wanted their money, which was not unreasonable as they had done as bidden? So began a heated discussion at the front door between all the parties involved. However they had forgotten about the dog!

    A Jack Russell knows his territory, he may be afraid of hot air balloons but little else, as the discussion became more heated, deep within his brain instincts arose that were stronger than reason. He selected his targets. Whether there was a trigger or perhaps it was pre-emptive action is not clear, because suddenly he rushed into action with a ‘disable and scatter ‘ battle plan.

    He bit the uncle and then rushed the couple from the taxi making a fearsome growling. They shot back down the garden path and I was able to grab the dog with my gloved hands, although it did not matter because he surrendered immediately to my strong grip. Mrs Madgewick then rushed out and paid the taxi, and the uncle was ushered groaning into a kitchen chair clutching his leg.

    A stressful morning for all those involved?

    (no action was taken against the dog)

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    Posted by margaretstar (U14415248) on Wednesday, 25th April 2012

    hereisabee smiley - biggrin

    Thank you for all your stories, reports, photo's and advice over the seasons, I have valued them immensely!

    Are you not migrating to Gardeners' World like many others?

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    Posted by hereisabee (U2342191) on Wednesday, 25th April 2012

    Perhaps, can you 'cut and paste' the web-page as a link?

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    Posted by margaretstar (U14415248) on Wednesday, 25th April 2012

    Here is the link to the main page of the forum:


    You'll see it set out in general topic areas, much like here, though more of them
    and if you click on each of these it'll open up to the separate threads in each topic.

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