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Changes to the BBC Gardening ...

Many of the BBC's factual websites will be changing over the next ...


BBCGardening Apr 26, 2012

December in your garden

Good morning all and welcome to December in your garden. This is ...


daisy_host Apr 26, 2012

Wallflowers for Ever

Once upon a time there was a happy band of gardeners, that had ...


We are Happy ... Apr 26, 2012

Farewell Thread

I thought it would be appropriate to start this thread before the ...


David K Apr 26, 2012

worm poo thread

I am trying to find this thread as it was a funny read- it is on ...


puppydogeyes Apr 26, 2012

Old threads - nostalgia and ...

As I'm recovering from surgery for a slipped disc in my upper spine ...


Obelixx Apr 26, 2012

What's the weather like in ...

It's bitterly cold here in north-west Suffolk in my little ...


janerowena Apr 26, 2012

Brian Harvey at Chelsea ...

Fellow posters did you know that Brian Harvey the 80s pop star ...


Mycowaz Apr 25, 2012

Monty Dons weatherproof jacket

Can anyone point me in the direction for the jacket Monty ...


Broadsword Apr 25, 2012

Philadephus Pruning

This genus of deciduous shrubs can be identified from similar ...


hereisabee Apr 25, 2012

Lullingstone Castle's 'World ...

I make no secret of my admiration for Tom Hart Dyke and his superb ...


Paul N Apr 23, 2012

When Trillium won GOTY /NF2759004?thread=3751591and ...


Obelixx Apr 23, 2012

Another good thread /NF2759006?thread=4374393&skip=0


Obelixx Apr 19, 2012

Kew Gardens

Not sure where to post this so I am doing it here. Friends of ...


Swedboy Apr 18, 2012


As the March one was such a success with some nice pictures ...


puppydogeyes Apr 18, 2012

New mixed hedge suggestions.....

My son-in-law has offered to put a new hedge in for someone. She ...


Daisy136 Apr 17, 2012

Using a tree stump as a feature

Probably around 30 or 40 years ago someone planted their Christmas ...


happycottont ail Apr 16, 2012

which weed??

Hi, Ok so obviously I'm a very "green" gardener but am after a ...


debanslow Apr 15, 2012

Suggestions for plants for an ...

Hello allI have a brick shed on one side of my small patio which ...


linda Apr 15, 2012

no subject


hiltop Apr 15, 2012

Cream flowered lavender plants

Hi allI have recently seen a beautiful lavender plant that ...


Gardenbug Apr 14, 2012


I wasn't quite sure where to put my reply so I put it here as I ...


Tee Gee Apr 14, 2012

Old photo galleries

Here's a link to the first one. Lotof old names and some still ...


Obelixx Apr 14, 2012

BBC Message Board Awards 2008

I hereby declare nominations are now open for message board ...


Aspidistra Apr 13, 2012

Final Photogallery 2008

Hello All and welcome to the Final Photo Gallery Thread of 2008 (by ...


michelle78 Apr 13, 2012

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