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Tomato plants...

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    Posted by BigDave (U3975543) on Wednesday, 18th April 2012

    Hi there....

    I grow my tom plants from seed every year, I start them off in Jan/Feb and pot them on then plant out when the time is right....but this year I have a problem with them.....they have started to go yellowfrom the bottom up, looking this up in all the books and on the net it could be one of three thing's.....

    Now as I have only being growing full on for about 6/7 years I'm unsure as I have not come across this before....

    I have had yellow leaves on bigger plants and changed the feed/water to correct this....but....the plants are only just ready to plat out.....this makes me unsure to what it is.

    1. it maybe over watering on my part as some of the plants have fallen over.

    2. it maybe they need some epsum salts.

    3. it maybe a vrius....the one that makes the leaves go yellow.

    As I said I'm unsure to what it is as there are so many things it maybe.

    Help put my mind at rest please......not sure if I should bin them and go get some fresh seed, compost and pots.....or wait it out.

    I could buy in some plants just so I don't have to mess about with seeds and pricking out the seedlings at the busy time of year that this can be.

    Your views please.



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    Posted by grinling (U11581911) on Wednesday, 18th April 2012

    People are finding that compost is being contaminated with weed killer as the comapnies are buying green waste collection off councils and people use it in the garden. Might be this.

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    Posted by lovespumpkins (U14259050) on Wednesday, 18th April 2012

    I agree, its the compost.....

    ...all the gardeners who have been growing for some 20plus years at my allotments, are having problems. Some have even said when they open the bags there's a strong smell of sewage or ammonia.

    You should have seen the rubbish I bought from wilko' looked like someone's shredded fence panel....hideous !!!

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    Posted by Italophile (U12516505) on Thursday, 19th April 2012

    BigDave, it could be a mixture problem, but the symptoms also speak to too much moisture. How often are they getting water? Even at this stage of their lives they should be allowed to dry out between waterings.

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    Posted by BigDave (U3975543) on Thursday, 19th April 2012

    I think your right it was on my part a mix of things.....think I may of taken to much on in one go this year but thank you all for you posts.....I have now got my head round with help from you and my wife.

    I have binned the lot and got some plants in.....its not what I wanted to do but I did not want there to be problems later in the year.

    Again thanks to you all.

    BigDave...A.K.A Whatsthemarrow...

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