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straw horse munure

Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with this.A truck load of ...


jenni16 Mar 21, 2012


Hi thereI grew tomatoes for the first time last year and it was ...


Jane Mar 21, 2012

Rejuvenating soil

I'm clearing a thicket at the end of the garden where a lot of ...


CelSue Mar 20, 2012

Goji Berries??

Hello,I am relatively new at growing your own so bear with ...


Mark_the_Bod ger Mar 20, 2012

Hellebours Plants

Hi I would like some advice on Hellebours plants, I think these ...


Jane Mar 19, 2012

Dreary North-west weather

I live north of Manchester and hence the weather is ...


MrsBeginner Mar 19, 2012

Which compost?

I have just brought two miniature apple trees and a miniature pear ...


dolphin_in_t he_deep Mar 19, 2012

Cut and cione again salad

Can you just sow any kind of salad mix for this or does it need to ...


Swedboy Mar 18, 2012

Planting potatoes

My grandad & my dad both used to dig a trench & put a good thick ...


Keith D Mar 18, 2012

Strawberry help

I've brought some plants from Aldi and then plan was to stick them ...


brothershama ss Mar 17, 2012

cat pee in the greenhouse

During the wet weather my cat has learnt to slide the greenhouse ...


diggingdoris Mar 17, 2012

beefsteak tomatoes

im after beefsteak tomatoes, what varities are there and where can ...


annmarie Mar 17, 2012


Hello AllDoes anyone know if any veggies benefit from having ...


madeleineR Mar 17, 2012

brassica whitefly

Just got back from the plot,cannot believe the plague of whitefly ...


redwineandro ses Mar 16, 2012

Growing Cabbages from seed

I have started growing my cabbages from seed in a seed tray ona ...


BensGrandad Mar 16, 2012

edible plant for sheltered ...

Hi, could anyone help me please.I am growing only food ...


turtle Mar 16, 2012


I would like to try growing aubergines this year, have never ...


lovelyveg Mar 16, 2012

last seasons growbags

Hi,I'm looking for some advice...Can I use the compost ...


TobysGayBoot s Mar 15, 2012

Raspberries - what to do at ...

I have moved into a property that has masses of raspberry canes ...


nomesuk Mar 15, 2012

Runner Beans

Hello AllIs there anyone out there who grows runner beans in the ...


madeleineR Mar 15, 2012

Mushroom compost

General advice is yes for veg. and no for fruit.Has anyone specific ...


jebnorton Mar 14, 2012

chicken pooh alternative

Hi Can you use duck pooh instead of chicken on your rhubarb and ...


freckledfrog 66 Mar 14, 2012

wood ash

having burnt an ancient ivy covered fence, can I dig the ash ...


Grannyali Mar 13, 2012

More trusses per plant ?

Is there any way in which to induce tomato plants to produce ...


Kleftiwallah Mar 13, 2012

Burro d'Ingegnoli

Hi.. It seems that these seeds are not available in UK, they were ...


Gwydion ap Don Mar 13, 2012

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