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    Posted by trialittledream (U14419792) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    BRILLIANT. can't wait for GW fridays again

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    Posted by Seacarrot (U3012141) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Ho dear. Not sure what to make of all this.

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    Posted by Sparky (U6716422) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    This is the best possible news. It could only be topped by AT returning! After Joe's dire performance on the allotment, I'm surprised to see him back, not surprised to see Alys go though.

    Bring it on!!!

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    Posted by Stressed out (U11163734) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    First it snowed for a week and was bitterly cold then you go and throw in this news, its enough to make you suicidal......................
    It is reported in the news that they offered it Alan T first and Monty was a second choice.
    Unfortunately we all knew the game was up for Toby, he looked like a man working his ticket. Not a huge fan of Monty Dull, just hope he does not bang on about global warming/climate change/carbon miles.

    Make you wonder if he has kept his account on here?

    Perhaps it was also time to ditch Joe Swift, another dead weight

    Honestly it cannot be as bad as this years programmes, can it?

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    Posted by ravenjoy (U13905126) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    I do think the BBC moves in very mysterious ways sometimes. Yes Gardeners World was pretty poor when it appeared in its new format a couple of years ago but this last year it has improved no end and I can't see why poor Toby and Alys have had to go. I think Alys is a first class presenter and must appeal to the younger viewers with her interesting ideas. Toby is a very down to earth presenter and had my vote as he always showed us that anyone could garden whatever their skill or budget.

    I have nothing against Monty Don but he has been there before and it is never a good idea to go backwards. Surely a weekly spot in his own garden would have been enough or a few 'specials'.

    I met Toby and Alys at The Gardeners World show in the summer and I thought they were both very charming and interesting people. I wish them all the best and hope that they will be on our screens again soon.

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    Posted by koala_girl (U12702629) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    It is a shame that Alys is leaving. Hopefully she will get another series of her own like the one she did this year on growing veg in her garden. I loved that and bought the book. I would have preferred to have kept her in the show and lost Jo.

    I wasn't that keen on Toby to begin with but he got better over time. I wonder if he was a bit nervous to start with.

    Not sure what I think about Monty's return, but Carol should definitely be given more air time.

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    Posted by dibber007 (U14717541) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Bring back Mr T I say (Go on Mr T take a pay cut lol). Monty Don being ever so earnest about everything and Alice banging on about the current fashion for growing your own veg (2 spuds and a few carrots in a window box) makes one's heart sink. Toby wasn't bad, just an unfortunate victim on the playschool production values GW has had to suffer these last few years.

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    Posted by RedCauli (U14159680) on Thursday, 9th December 2010

    Mr T sounds as though he has ambitions in other directions, Dibber. He was on Mid-Week (if you've not heard it, it's a radio 4 prog that people go on to promote books or things they're appearing in). An actress who's in a musical on the London stage was one of the other guests and Mr T was throwing out very strong hints to her that he would like the part in the musical presently being played by Peter Davison (who played Tristan in All Creatures Great & Small and also Dr Who). Mr T said he could sing and dance and has always liked acting. (I knew that because he had his own theatre built in the grounds of his last house.) So next time you see him he might not be in a garden!

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    Posted by honestGreengrass (U11104227) on Thursday, 9th December 2010

    I have mixed feelings about this. Monty does portray more passion towards gardening than other presenters, but I worry that the organic soap box will now dominate the show. Being involved with the home-garden,amateur grower market, I've seen how organics isn't as popular as it used to be. The focus is now on safe, effective and sustainable plant care for which many new products and strategies are becoming available. I really hope that the producers of Gardeners' World are keeping abreast of developments and will ensure that the relevant information is passed on to the viewers so they have the chance to understand and use the new options.

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    Posted by Chorleyestelle (U14717941) on Thursday, 9th December 2010

    Dear Staff.
    I had watched every episode of GW for years.
    Last season I stopped. That would have been unthinkable the year before.
    The new presenter Toby was not the problem. When I saw Toby make his first statement, I was delighted. He wanted to get back to real gardening.
    I believe the problem was the production and filming methods.
    We need to see their hands to see what they are doing.
    I have no interest in petty rivalries and forced 'humour'.
    I think that getting rid of Toby and Alys, two people who are actually keen on plants, while keeping Joe Swift is a dreadfull choice. Joe admitted he had no idea how to run an allotment, so got paid airtime for cribbing off his presumably unpaid allotment neighbours - outrageous !
    What do I watch a gardening programme for? To learn about gardening ! And maybe see some fantastic gardens.
    I do not watch a gardening programme to see silly banter, grown men competing like babies or throwing things together against the clock.
    The Beechgrove Garden is easily the best gardening programme on TV and I suggest that that be shown nationally, and that the GW production team be forced to watch it and learn how to make a watchable programme. But not allowed anywhere near it.

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    Posted by J135C (U14718538) on Thursday, 9th December 2010

    I just hope Carol Kline turned down your invitation to be the main presenter of Gardeners' World or I will assume that the producers haven't yet learned to read the messages of disgust when she was passed over in 2008 in favour of Toby Buckland and the howls of frustration & disgust as the last two years degenerated into" Amateur Garden Presenters' Half-Hour."
    Why do the two women producers not realise that it's not imperative any more to have a male presenter, or are they being brow-beaten by the one male producer? Give me Carol Kline's knowledgeable enthusiasm any day.

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    Posted by punpun (U14553477) on Thursday, 9th December 2010

    REF Monty and his coming back?

    Is'nt he forgetting why he left gardeners world in the first place?
    IE his health issue's???

    We have lots of gardeners out there and with full earned paper work to go with them "but who can teach, "

    I dont go with this "but he or she has the paperwork to show how good they are"

    maybe on paper "But how many of us had really rubbish teachers at school who should never have been in the job when it came to showing others how to learn this or that??

    For me monty is not one of my near favourit T.V gardeners infact i find him a bit of a bully the way in the past he's put one or two gardeners on the tv down
    (and they both have full paperwork to show they've passed all exams)

    It' time we had a gardener who can reach the gardeners and get the message over without wanting to become the next X factor (gardener) .

    We need just the boy or girl next door sort "but who knows their stuff.

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    Posted by auntiemand (U14596837) on Thursday, 9th December 2010

    Hurrah! Me too.
    I posted a while ago that my mother and some chums were no longer watching because of Toby. (I was rudely replied to).
    I always watched but was not enamoured.
    Monty is a wee bit serious but that gravitas is engaging.

    However I shall miss Alys. I adored her eclectic style and capacity to demonstrate how to make things work in a garden the size most of us have.

    Looking forward to next year.

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    Posted by Colin Ward (U14702556) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    As a nurseryman I cannot believe this decision. GW needs an all-round gardener if not that somebody who is open to different styles of gardening and interests. Everybody knows Monty is a veg/organic/advocate and shows little interest in other types of gardening.

    Don’t forget his 80 gardens of the world:

    Went to NZ looked at plants gave us little or no information about them.

    Went to South Africa and completely disregarded the king protea fact was very scathing about it. And also once again lack of information about other plants in the program.

    These are just two examples of many in that program.

    I stopped watching Gardeners World shortly after he took over because I could not contain my frustration at his banality and obvious ignorance when not on his home territory. A lot of my customers also came away from the program.

    When somebody is put in the frontline of a program like this his/her influence is important to the trade as novice gardeners take the information as gospel and go into nurseries and garden Centres with a preconceived idea of how a plant will work/grow and will go on that information. When tunnel vision is applied as is was with certain plants and styles of gardening when Monty was frontman a lot of damage was done to the trade.

    Alan used to inspire people to try different things or try a different method of gardening and was an all-round gardener with an obvious interest in anything gardening related. When he was at the helm people would come in at the weekend and discuss plants and gardening on subjects he had covered. When Monty took over that did not happen.
    I hope he has turned over a new leaf but not very hopeful.

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    Posted by hypercharleyfarley (U7444019) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    Hello. I've been reading the posts both for and against MD's return to GW, and find it interesting that so few people lay the blame for the dismal programmes of the past year or so at the feet of the producers/editors and so on.

    I cannot believe that the presenters dictate - or even choose - the content of the programmes, nor the filming and editing style, so perhaps it's mostly a case of "shoot the messenger" here, which seems a pity. Though I am a Monty Fan, I can see why some people prefer other presenters, but I bet that whoever fronts the programme isn't the one who decides what goes into it. Cheers! Ma.

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    Posted by Obelixx (U2157162) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    I quite agree Ma although it's clear that a presenter's personality shows through despite the production and editing. I do worry that Monty is going to be too earnest and preachy again.

    The way to win hearts and minds of new and old gardeners is to give good, clear, topical information and make it seem fun rather than hard work. It also needs to be made relevant to young and old and any size of garden and budget. This has been achieved in previous series so is not impossible though I do think it's beyond the current production team's grasp and abilities.

    As a previous poster said, there's a whole industry employing thousands of people whose livelihoods can be affected by a good or bad series of GW, rather like the Delia effect on ingredients and utensils. This is a huge responsibility that GW has to respect.

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    Posted by hypercharleyfarley (U7444019) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    Hi Obs - I take your point about the "spin-off" effects. I remember Delia causing a rush for certain things as a result of some of her programmes, but I rather prefer earnest & preachy to slapdash & jokey - that's probably because I'm ancient & creaky! Cheers! Ma

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    I feel people are being a bit unfair about Monty, without seeing the first programme we have no idea what he will do or how he will present it.
    People change in their manner and views so there may be some surprises.
    AT, did have a knock on affect I was told by a local nursery man and as it has already been said there will be themes and set projects should we not wait and see.
    I will be the first on here getting stuck in if it does not come up to expectations, lets give the man a chance and not prejudge.

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    Posted by Trillium (U2170869) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    Funny, I said that GW needs a Delia or Jamie on my blog on Tuesday when the news first broke. I want GW to have a weekly audience of 4 million plus, who tune into an enjoyable, accessible and informative programme that gets people into their gardens the very next day. From the success of a core, mass-appeal programme, spin-off's like Carol on plant familes and Alys on edibles on small gardens and perhaps Joe on fine design can open up wider subjects .

    That's what I think GW should be, anyway. I'm happy to sit and enjoy it and not expect it to inform me personally, though it sometimes does. As I've said elsewhere, I like and admire Monty and he can be a great presenter. Can he be a populist though? History would suggest not, but let's see, eh Frank?

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    Posted by Sparky (U6716422) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    I agree Frank, but I do think that because it is coming from Monty's own garden, he might just have a bit more say about the content. Hopefully there will be more follow-up too.

    Can't wait!!

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    History, one of my loves, does teach us about changes in peoples perceptions.
    Winston C. was in the wilderness for many years and then became the most popular Britain ever because he was in the right place at the right time.
    I can truly say we worshipped him at that time probably because we all knew he had his faults, we do not like perfect people.
    That is what some are asking for on here perfection, well I am not perfect nor are most I would presume
    Monty in his own garden trying to recover from a flood disaster may just be in the right place at the right time, we will see.

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    Posted by Miss-polly (U14402803) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    I agree that we should wait and see before we judge Monty’s return to GW, but we can have a bit a fun discussing it before hand.

    For my part when they announced that it was coming from Monty’s own garden, I feel that this is going to be the Monty Show from now on, would you let anyone come into your garden and tell you what to do or talk about – I know I wouldn’t.

    There’s nothing wrong with that but I would like to see other spin off programmes, with other points of views and techniques – that’s why I like to view Beechgrove too.

    I’m looking forward to it and the discussion which I’m sure will follow.

    PS. Incidentally Trillium - I like your writing and reasoning where do you post your blog, is it for all to read or just for yourself.

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    Posted by Obelixx (U2157162) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    As Trillium says we've been there, done that and know what to expect of Monty so, unless he's had an epiphany, I can't see him being populist and having a broad appeal either. I just don't see him galvanising people and making them itch to get out there and do something as GH and AT did.

    As for getting stuck in if they get it wrong, I'd far rather they got the drawing board stage right and planned a decent series of programmes we can praise than have to come back on here and bemoan poor production, editing, camera work, topic selection and so on. I really do hope that all concerned have taken note of all the constructive comments aired on these boards and in the gardening media about what GW can and should be.

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    We had a saying in the army, "the best laid plans always end at the start line" and it was the same in civvy street, months of planning would hit the buffers on the first day.
    You can plan your cap off then the gremlins appear.
    With the AT series we have just seen, which definitely made me lose the sleep I usually had with the last GW programmes, I was glued to the set for the full hour on each one, afraid Toby Alys and Co never did that, I did wake up for Carol.
    As the comments on the board vary to such an extent I would doubt anyone could note everything and get it right for all.
    I still say wait and see.

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    Posted by Trillium (U2170869) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    Thank you Miss Polly.

    Try this if the hosts allow. www.lodgelanenursery...

    If not search for lodge lane blog and I think you'll find it.

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    Posted by Country Boy (U2497477) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    I'm now in a quandary. Of the 4 presenters two of them I quite like, but I can't stand the other two.
    I guess I'll just have to focus on the plants - if the director and the camera angles allow.


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    Posted by Obelixx (U2157162) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    Frank - neither the army nor civvy street have a monopoly on good sense and planning. Being female and therefore used to juggling time and metaphorical spinning plates I do feel that anything can be well planned in advance and that being flexible and having contingencies means any situation can be coped with.

    A professional production team that believes in what it's doing and is committed to making a quality programme should be capable of no less.

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    Posted by suzanne (U14719048) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    I am delighted that Gardener's World will be back hosted by Monty Don.
    I did not watch the programme after the new presenter took over, l just didnot get on with his style.

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    I do feel that anything can be well planned in advance and that being flexible and having contingencies means any situation can be coped with.  
    Having been in the hands of a first class professional BBC crew I have seen the improbabilities that can go wrong in the best planned area's.
    I was taught to think on my feet running and having seen not one but many well planned shutdowns at ICI go down the drain it was my job to keep things on track and schedule no matter what had gone wrong, losing a million pounds a day if you go over schedule is quite a buttock tensioner.
    The crews are professional without doubt but what looks good on paper can be thrown by the light, a slope going the wrong, way hitting a water pipe with your spade no one knew was there, if it can go wrong it will was the engineers motto.
    I have sympathy for those crews working often in adverse weather and to a very tight program, get it done in a day two days will cost the earth.
    I do not know what female has to do with anything, we had female engineers as capable as any and my Granddaughter is a Chemical engineer now promoted to plant manager, to me they were there to do a job and that is what was expected men or women.

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    Posted by Ariadne Knickerbocker (U4534559) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    The Scores on the Doors so far

    Not including multiple contributions

    10 about life in days of yore from Palaisglide
    7 regarding GW related stuff from Trillium

    17 votes for Monty
    12 votes against

    15 who didn't seem to know what they wanted or indeed even where they were in some cases.

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    Posted by Trillium (U2170869) on Friday, 10th December 2010

    So I'm verbose, but on topic. I can live with that.

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    Posted by garyhobson (U11055016) on Saturday, 11th December 2010

    I'll be happy to see The Return of The Monty.

    I'm very pleased about Rachel De Thame too. At least Rachel knows what a hairdressers is, and treats the viewing public with some respect. She doesn't turn up for filming looking as though she's just rolled out of bed.

    Monty's own garden, the one featured in his books, is transparent - we can see it.

    I sometimes wondered whether Toby, Joe, and Alice really have gardens, and what those gardens look like. I haven't been watching GW asiduously, it's been so lightweight and gimmicky, so they may well have been featured.

    Monty's background is not horticulture. In my view, that's actually a big advantage. Monty's broader perspective came to the fore in 80 Gardens.

    Gardening is not just about growing sweet peas.

    On the issue of whether the presenter and the show should be 'populist': it's always possible for an 'elitist' presenter to 'talk down' and present something simple.

    But it is not possible for the likes of Toby or Joe, or even the likes of Chris Beardshaw, to present something that digs much deeper.

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Saturday, 11th December 2010

    Message 80.

    "Err" and your point is ????

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Saturday, 11th December 2010

    So I'm verbose, but on topic. I can live with that.  

    You are anything but Verbose in the true meaning of the word.
    I would say "to the point" and always readable which word in its true meaning means "enjoyable" to read.
    There will always be some who wish to "podsolise" a thread and you as a gardener will know the meaning of that word.
    At least we do care about what is presented as a gardening programme.

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    Posted by Ariadne Knickerbocker (U4534559) on Saturday, 11th December 2010

    I wasn't having a go at you Trillium - as you say on topic and adding to the general GW debate. I was more interested in which way general opinion was swaying with regard to Monty's return. Often the threads on this board are dominated by a small group of people with strong opinions posting the same thing repeatedly which might give a casual reader the impression that they were representative of wider public opinion.

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    Posted by Trillium (U2170869) on Saturday, 11th December 2010

    I didn't think you were have a go, Dolores. Just not sure what point you were making, as Frank said. So I played a straight bat.

    How about you contribute by venturing an opinion on the topic too, rather than posting what may have incorrectly been perceived as a slightly sarky bit of adding up?

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    Posted by Ariadne Knickerbocker (U4534559) on Saturday, 11th December 2010

    No - your first perception was correct it was a pointed piece of adding up and my point was, should that not be clear, that it would simply be a lot easier to gauge public opinion on this board if it wasn't for multiple posts from the same people.

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    Posted by welshcol (U2301689) on Saturday, 11th December 2010

    The conclusion from many was that it was the backroom team who were at fault rather than front of camera people , are they being shuffled as well and falling on their swords?  

    ....and find it interesting that so few people lay the blame for the dismal programmes of the past year or so at the feet of the producers/editors and so on.

    Made the above point on a previous post believing that the behind the camera team are as much to blame as the front of camera presenters. If the same team are there see little chance of improvement except for the "chinks" of light that were evident at the end of Toby's season-T do hope so rather than having to do this all over again and I hate to think at what cost.smiley - sadface

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    Posted by honestGreengrass (U11104227) on Saturday, 11th December 2010

    I do think it's very sad that we'll be going back to the old days when we have a presenter who's so stuck in his ways we won't likely get to hear or learn about the developments that have and are occuring in the home garden market. For example, I'm aware of a company that's striving to bring British bumblebees to the amateur gardener and others that are developing new, safe control strategies for carrot root fly and other problematic pests. However, I bet we never get to see or hear about this on the programme.

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    , in reply to message 89.

    Posted by punpun (U14553477) on Saturday, 11th December 2010

    Ive read the thread on here about the producers being to blame for "who should we have as the GW presenter,

    i agree and i wonder how many people know how Monty got the job in the first place and without any gardening qualifications?

    When allan titchmarsh decided he'd had enough and the bbc couldnt get him to sign on for another year it was the producer who asked allan who he thought should take his place and it was allan who said Monty.

    I was shocked having read a few of allan books and understanding his work record from working for his local council "parks dept" and ending up a kew gardens,
    I would have thought that allan titch, would have thought a lot more people who'd worked their way up the ladder ref gardeing and on very poor pay in the first 3 years would have been more thought of to take such a possition as on offer in the G.WORLD job at the time of his leaving.

    As has already been said in the past few weeks of this subject coming up,
    there is a mass of very good fully trained gardeners who have the skills to pass of their trade, "many of them are teaching now in verious colledges around the country,

    So i dont see why we should have a person who left the job once through ill health but has never stopped working and writing books on the subject since leaving when we do have the trained gardeners just waiting for the offer,

    It goes to show that the producer who should be asking and then taking on the likes on monty has not shown any forward thinking ref gardeners world as a top tv show.

    Whats going to happen if Monty decides to leave for a second time??
    Any of the fully qualified tv gardeners who'd be offered the job then would "and rightly so" feel second best to Monty, inspite of them being fully qualified in the first place.

    It takes 7 years of training to get the full gardening qualifications, (longer than a vets training) and so i dont think it's something to be sniffed at or over looked when selection for such a post comes along.

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Sunday, 12th December 2010

    No - your first perception was correct it was a pointed piece of adding up and my point was, should that not be clear, that it would simply be a lot easier to gauge public opinion on this board if it wasn't for multiple posts from the same people. 
    Thank you for your reply to my query and the other replies which one could assume puts you into the realm of multi posting although I would never think that.
    There are a group of posters who do post on a weekly basis if not daily as in some cases. What we post are "well" in my case purely my own opinions as I would never even consider I was speaking for others, also I am sure those people are quite capable of speaking for themselves if they need to.
    I post as you did often in answer to other questions or even other posts that have me puzzled purely to get the point being made firmly in my "olde nut" which at times needs a hammer to access. Sometimes some of us old posters ping a message or post on it purely to keep it at the top for more discussion, sadly it does not always work.
    There have been 89 messages posted on here since the 7th December a year or so back there would have been that many in a couple of days and it was often on some threads a thousand a month, not all on subject.
    If we group of regulars cease to post then they would die and we also run all over the questions threads answering the queries on them, is that so bad?
    Pun Pun,
    Trillium and I have been on camera and we both know you can lead a person to a microphone but you cannot make them speak. People with a string of qualifications as long as your arm will clam up, look awkward or for some reason the brain goes into meltdown.
    A top class presenter is a godsend in that they know the ropes and can get on with it without wasting time.
    Yes indeed there will be people out there who could quite possibly learn to do the job although in this age of cutbacks who is going to take the time or money to do that.

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    Posted by poshHebeJeebie (U9319867) on Sunday, 12th December 2010

    I wonder, Frank, if "days of yore" is not dissimilar from "don't mention the war"????

    Your opinions are as valid as any other.

    For my money - I am not a fan of Monty, But I will wait to see the cut of his jib before passing judgement.


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    Posted by Gareth Wyn Jones (U8031467) on Sunday, 12th December 2010

    I was a big fan of Monty Don. I was dissapointed when he left Gardeners World due to ill health, however I feel rather uncomfortable about his return,due to the fact that Toby has been dropped from the programme. He has in my opinion worked hard to develop Greenacre, and does not deserve to be treated in this way.

    Would it not be possible to return to the days of Percy Thrower and Arthur Billitt,when the programme was broadcast alternately between the Magnolias and Clacks Farm.

    Toby could continue to develop the garden at Greenacre and Monty could make his contribution from his home garden.

    Surely this would cater for all tastes in garden viewing.

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  • Message 94

    , in reply to message 91.

    Posted by punpun (U14553477) on Sunday, 12th December 2010

    It' very simple to understand, there is no free meals,
    If you want real good well trained anything "trade wise or military parade wise?

    (Yes frank i also spent a lot of my life in the military) and ive also been infront both of the tv, and royal family and all my experience came from fully trained instructors, and later on during my military career i also attended the verious military course's to enable myself to be able to pass on the skills,
    Without full training you just wouldnt get through the door no matter who said they thought you we're right for the job,

    If you want the best you have to pay for the best, and anyone who is going to learn will not get the top pay etc until they can do the job,and know all aspecks of the job from start to finish.

    Is'nt this what the Bankers are holding the "world" never mind the BBC to ransom? about?????
    My point is you and a few other's seem to think we only have the likes of Monty to do the job!

    I dont, and I'll prove you wrong when once again he cocks it all up as he did once before,
    We have one or two of the ladies who also are well in line with all the needed
    paper work who could do the job "But this particular job is for a team of gardeners not just one person,"
    and as ive said it must be very hard working under anyone who's less qualified than you but they are seen tobe the boss.

    I say without any worry of saying this, give the job to the person who's fully qualified As they've earned it.

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  • Message 95

    , in reply to message 92.

    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Sunday, 12th December 2010

    True, we have been there before have we not and look what happened then.
    I did say in an earlier post why do we not wait and see.

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  • Message 96

    , in reply to message 95.

    Posted by Gianttrowel2 (U14260213) on Monday, 13th December 2010

    Now having had some time to reflect I would offer the following

    1. Whether you like Monty or not bringing him back is retrograde not progressive
    2. Moving the series to a presenters real garden is progressive
    3. The treatment of the current team whether you like them or not is shabby
    4. It is clear to me that this has been driven by the desire to trim costs at the BEEB rather than a desire to improve the programme.
    5. Remember whatever you think the programme should be it is only viewed as a light entertainment programme by the BEEB
    6. For the avoidance of doubt all programmes are driven by the executive producers
    7. FRANK keep up the posting ...therrrrrre grrrreat


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  • Message 97

    , in reply to message 80.

    Posted by tony285 (U14720181) on Saturday, 11th December 2010

    Well you can put me in the against camp please

    Mmm the king of cord is back then. What a backwards step, how the bbc could reinstate such a dull dour condescending and myopic gardener as MD is truly mindblowing.
    He could hardly contain his disdain for the exotic style garden the viewers voted for at Berryfields and no doubt will be hellbent on imposing his native plant agenda on the audience.
    The way TB ( not a fan either ) has been discarded is disgusting - especially after this much improved series. I suppose this proves its who you know not what you know.

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  • Message 98

    , in reply to message 97.

    Posted by Paul N (U6451125) on Monday, 13th December 2010

    "dull dour condescending and myopic gardener".

    Well Tony, if you fail to convince people with reason, why not resort to insults? Like or not, and clearly not, Monty is being welcomed back by many after two very poor years of Gardeners World. Do something else with your Friday evenings please.

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  • Message 99

    , in reply to message 97.

    Posted by Gianttrowel2 (U14260213) on Monday, 13th December 2010

    Just to be absolutely clear bringing back Monty or ANY OTHER previous main presenter is retrograde in my opinion. A fresh outlook is needed to maintain interest.

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  • Message 100

    , in reply to message 99.

    Posted by Trillium (U2170869) on Monday, 13th December 2010

    You and I would have given it a good shot, wouldn't we GT? Would that have been fresh enough for you?

    I've got the garden and the infastructure - and the place's initials are B.B.C. smiley - laugh And we've got a clutch of the much vaunted bits of paper between us.

    Dunno how we both missed the job vacancy announcement - can't have been a closed coronation, not with the BBC's all-powerful HR dept, surely? smiley - devil

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