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    Posted by saima_host (U13967342) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    Hello all

    Next year Monty Don is returning to Gardeners’ World after a break of almost three years. The green-fingered gardening great, who took the reins in 2003 but stepped down in May 2008, will be back when the new series starts next year.

    He will present the programme from his own garden, which he has spent 20 years developing and which spans around two acres of Herefordshire countryside. It will be the first time in more than a decade that it has been featured on screen and viewers will be able to watch it evolve at the same time as their own gardens.

    Monty says, “Returning to Gardeners’ World is a fantastic opportunity. I’ve really missed the programme so I can’t wait to get stuck in and get my hands dirty again.”

    The new series will be on BBC Two next spring and will feature all the usual topical tips, jobs for the week and advice on the best places to visit at different times of year.

    Monty will be joined by series regulars Carol Klein and Joe Swift, plus former Gardeners’ World presenter Rachel De Thame.


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    Posted by Amazing (U7102651) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    Can't believe it. Someone has seen sense at last. Roll on next spring.
    Three cheers for Monty.

    Not going to ask about Toby, will leave that up to other folks.

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    I cannot wait, A gardener in his own garden is a different person, Monty was struggling to keep the last series he did going, it will not be a struggle for him at home.
    Another pat on the shoulder for bringing Rachael back and hanging on to Carol, not sure about Joe though.

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    Posted by pjgolf (U2469936) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    Fantastic !
    I`m really pleased about this although I`m sure some people wont be.
    I think it`s nice that the programme is returning to it`s original format coming from the lead presenters own garden.
    Knowing Monty, there will be lots of veg gardening (again, not pleasing for some people)
    Feel for Toby. I met him a couple of months ago. A Thoroughly nice bloke !


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    Posted by Lowena (U14575314) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    I don't belieeeeeeeeeve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Posted by Trillium (U2170869) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    I hope Monty enjoys it as much as he expects to.

    I know he loves gardening, I know he loves making televisions about gardening and his own garden will make a wonderful setting for it, I'm sure.

    But all those media appearances, the grind of GW Live, the publicity wheel of writing stuff you don't really want to have to write. Of course, he knows what's involved - he's done it before....

    I just hope he doesn't find that the oxygen of fame is exhausted too quickly by the toxic methane of public expectation.

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    Posted by Trillium (U2170869) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    **television programmes** that should have read of course.

    Last I heard he hadn't resorted to electronics to earn a living....

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    Posted by scottbostwick (U14715767) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    I don't see Alys name mentioned will she be returning?

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    Posted by Trillium (U2170869) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    It would appear not. Her name is not in the press releases and her most recent twitter post, rather enigmatically says 'Leap'....

    I'm personally sorry about that, and somewhat surprised as she gives the programme a modern, quirky twist. Monty, Carol, Joe and Rachel have all been on the show for many years. Alys's departure means no new faces since 2003?

    One can only interpret what one reads, but her writing suggested that she liked and admired Monty. Certainly she shares his gardening ethics and she is an outstanding writer. So her departure is a little perplexing.

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    Posted by Ariadne Knickerbocker (U4534559) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    "Last I heard he hadn't resorted to electronics to earn a living..."

    Why not? He's tried everything else!

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    Posted by mcspanna (U7544489) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    Hello everyone OMG it's been SO long since i've been on the boards but just had to sign in when I saw the news! LOL @ trillium and the electronics! It doesn't look like Alys is returning which I do think is a shame but I have to say I'm looking forward to seeing Monty back - Toby never did do it for me...

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    Posted by toonia (U4760062) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    Two people cast off into the desert...

    Not a big Monty fan but hope that presenting from his own garden will make a difference (even though he's done a complete about turn there)

    What will happen to the present site? ( can't call it a garden and can't remember what it's called as the last incarnation of GW saw me off!)

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    Posted by physalis (U14221327) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    perhaps the bbc has decided to target the older generation for its gardening programme? I too shall be very disappointed not to see Alys who brings a breathe of fresh air to GW

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    Posted by Ken Smart (U1158196) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    I give the news a cautious welcome. As always, we're left wondering what has been going on in the background. Who sounded out who - what were the underlying reasons for the change - are the bods who made the monumental misjudgements still in place? I like Monty Don, but thought TB had improved a whole lot. I like the idea of a return to a 'personal' garden, and hope that the co-presenters won't be cluttering up the place. I'm pleased that we don't have to suffer Alys's strange voice any more, but no doubt her reward will be another new series. Rachel de Thame is a strange choice. I've never really 'got' Rachel, and have always thought of her as more style than substance. However, it'll be a wonderful opportunity for the Director to give us those hellish facial close-ups that seem to be part of the Rachel thing. Let us hope that the recent improvement relative to camerawork is continued, and all the silliness of the recent past is being left behind. If I ever run into Joe Swift, I'll be sure to touch him, because this is the luckiest man on TV. Curiosity alone makes me look forward to this new beginning.

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    Posted by moonchime (U14715910) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    Wonderful news.
    So looking forward to the return of Monty and think it's great that he'll be presenting from his own garden.

    I was very definitely against Toby Buckland taking over as main presenter, but wish him well in future projects.He just wasn't suited to the role but it's a rotten time of year to be told of a change like this and it can't be an easy time for him.

    As for Alys. Maybe she'll be making more programmes of her own? These have been very enjoyable. She was always a good contributor as Head Gardener under Monty and it was only the silly new format and script, which made her the sidekick for Toby's jokes that made her part less watchable on GW.

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    Posted by Paul N (U6451125) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    Absolutely wonderful news and the best Christmas present I could have asked for.

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

    Can we take it then you are not enamoured by the idea of a revamped GW?
    Can we take this as a definite Agh?
    Just curious.

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    Posted by everhopeful (U11289037) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    WELCOME BACK MONTY It will be good to see how Monty works his garden, but what happens to all the hard work put into the other garden by Toby and team. I am sorry to learn that Alys wont be part of the team and hope we can see her in other roles.

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    Posted by Miss-polly (U14402803) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Hi Trillium

    I'm personally sorry about that, and somewhat surprised as she gives the programme a modern, quirky twist. Monty, Carol, Joe and Rachel have all been on the show for many years. Alys's departure means no new faces since 2003? 

    I agree whole heartily with your post, you have said exactly what I would have said (probably a bit more eloquent)

    I’m looking forward to the new GW but I too think there should be a place for Alys – I loved her own programme and was a big supporter and I could not understand how people could be so rude about her – Alys first couple of GW programmes where she supported Monty was quite refreshing and I thought they had good chemistry.

    I hope the powers to be haven’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

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    Posted by Trillium (U2170869) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    'Baby with the bathwater' is precisely my take on it, Miss Polly.

    I'd have kept Alys instead of Rachel. Rachel is a highly professional presenter (having seen her in action) and knows much more about gardening than she is given credit for. But I can't see what is gained by bringing her back, when Alys would have widened the audience much more effectively.

    Joe has had a very long stint in the design role and good though he is, I think it's time for a fresh face. I have considered James Alexander Sinclair for the role who also brings an edgier element to his presenting style.

    Carol of course remains queen of plants and propagation until she hangs up her secateurs.

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    And all the above posts show how diverse we all are.
    Some love X, some love Y, and some hate the whole set up.
    I now see why the programme producers have such a hard time of it although saying that I do think GW hit new lows this year.
    I am willing to wait, then sit in judgement when it starts up next year and will probably be just as outspoken about it as usual.
    At least we will be watching someone who knows how to treat his tools which to some of us are not chuck away items but well loved implements.
    Trillium has a point, too much information on packaging throws people into turmoil, should I buy it or not? am I poisoning the kids? or the dog and cat?
    It would not take long to explain each week a particular set of packaging for weed killing bug killing or even keeping next doors cat sitting on the fence instead of fertilising your garden.
    We enter a new year making in part a new start, remember some of the presenters are still there and I for one do prefer Rachael over Alys but then that is just me.

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    Posted by drwalter (U1365507) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Excellent news. Welcome home, Mr. Don. You have been missed.

    In my humble opinion, I think that the BBC has truly accepted/listened to this "fan forum" in making "vital" changes to the programme that we all love/like a lot.

    However, the programme's fault over the last two years has been "production" not "presentation". Like a football team that has failed to perform the usual action is sack the manager not the appointed captain. Therefore, Buckland may have come out the changes as the easy scapegoat where the true fault lies with the "production team" that, I believe from news sources, has not been pointed to the compost heap as they should have been.

    Mr. Don, please, be strong in how the "production team" push you - just say no to stupid ideas.

    Perhaps, Mr. Don could be "Executive Producer"?

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    Posted by Jason Gozzett (U14716326) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    This is absolutely brilliant news, a real blessing. I cannot wait for the new series, Monty is the godfather of gardening and the team supporting him will once again make Gardeners World must see TV. Wishing you all good luck and a very long association with what will be by far the most civilised and enjoyable programme once again.

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Hello R "err" Lowena,
    Yes I always knew my L's from my RRR's the problem being over the years I did talk and still do to Rowena, always had trouble in separating my "Great Maiden's Blush" from my "Felicia", (both Roses my dear) dont panic.

    To me he is a "Bandwaggoner" not a gardener.. 
    Interesting do you know any who are not, and do you blame them for taking opportunity when it comes up?
    They all diversify in that modern way of make it whilst you can, fame can be very short lived.
    We see professional dancers as presenters on comedy shows, I think that is what it was? Gardeners presenting chat shows in a rather uncomfortable way and singers talking about dresses of all things on another evening show, it does make you wonder.
    We all do other things Lowena only some of us do not look towards the monetary reward although I do not blame those that do.
    We all have opinions too and on here we berate those who do not agree, we to others probably also come across as smug and patronising to those who do not share our views, but "hey" that's life.
    Still friends, I hope.

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    Posted by quitedutchbrit (U10671966) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    It is a great relief to hear about the return of Monty Don!
    I hope it will change the 'feel' of the programme which had been the biggest mistake about the renewed GW. It never 'felt' right and the presenters didn't 'feel right' either, with the exception of Carol
    Even after Toby's attempt to slow his speech down and behave a bit more gently with the plants - and the gardening tools! - he couldn't change his rather 'cheeky chappy' personality and 'chuck it out' talk. His personality was just plain wrong for the programme. He didn't come across as a garden and plant lover - maybe he IS, but it just didn't come accross that way.
    Joe doesn't bother me too much and I wouldn't mind if he stayed. Let's hope Carol stays - she and Monty would be a good combination. I really don't much like Alys contributions and again, it's a bit about her personality and style.
    (What to me was particularly grating was that Alys, Joe and Toby ALL have speech impediments - can't 'roll' their R's in the usual way. Maybe you need this to be a TV performer these days - it almost seems like a requirement! But Monty doesn't have it and neither do Rachel and Carol so that will be a minor relief too!!! BBC - in general! - a few impediment free presenters wouldn't go amiss!)
    But the main thing is that the presenters be genuine and knowledgable plant lovers and garden enthusiasts and that they recognise that we are that too, whether or not we have just started gardening or need to know the basics.
    Let's hope for a return to a REAL gardener's programme with less 'in jokes' and 'asides' and less self indulgent 'bantering' and chit chat and more genuine sharing of their own knowledge and experience in a communicative way with us, their viewers.

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    Posted by Lowena (U14575314) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Of course we are still friends Frank smiley - smiley
    However, as my post has been hidden, one obviously can't give one's opinions on here freely, so I'll say bye bye to these boards.smiley - sadface
    just wanted to let you know my decision has nothing to do with you - I have loved chatting to you smiley - smiley
    Happy Xmas

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    Posted by pjgolf (U2469936) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    If everyone went after one of their posts was modded, they would be very few people on here !
    Maybe you can put your point over in a different way.
    Surely it`s better than chucking your toys out of the pram !

    As for the previous poster saying that Toby, Alice and Joe have speech impediments. All I can say is WOW !
    Very few of us speak with a perfect English accent and I dont believe that it`s a pre-requisite for a TV presenter.

    Get a grip (in a northern accent)


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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Join the clan, if I had a pound for each time I have been modded, often in mysterious circumstances I would be writing this from some South Sea Island.
    You shrug your shoulders and re-word your comments in more ornate prose, it is surprising what you can get away with by not being direct in your speech. I think it is called Diplomacy and I certainly do get some cutting remarks in whilst being diplomatic.
    Hang on in there as you would be missed, I love someone with strong views it makes for good verbal fencing and also love chatting "err" fencing with you too.

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    Posted by Blondeswede (U13394586) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    How right you are Onopordum (Onopordon?). It is frankly scarcely credible that Joe Swift has been retained and he is indeed unbelievably lucky. It prompts one to wonder just how much the producers do know about horticulture. Personally I am very pleased to see a real garden is to be used but deeply saddened that the main presenter of the flagship programme is once again to be an individual with no qualifications or credibility and is seen as a joke among professional horticulturists. Has the BBC no imagination whatsoever to go out and find someone new and fresh who is both professionally knowledgeable and a good presenter? Never go back, go forward is a good maxim that the BBC seems not to have learned. And yes, what was wrong with Alys Fowler – she knocks spots off Rachel de Thame in knowledge and presenting skills.

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    Posted by Ian Robinson (U1632848) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    So the BBC Production Team take the show in a direction that's dumbed-down and unpopular, so decide to hit the reset button? Shabby treatment of Toby and Alys, who are largely blameless for the whole mess.

    I'm not much of a gardener, so would prefer those two (where I might actually learn something) to the pretty vapidity of Rachel De Thame or the naval gazing messing of Joe.

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    Posted by pjgolf (U2469936) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Not sure if Mr Don has any horticultural qualifications or not but I do know this :
    All the old boys at our allotments have no qualifications, but all us young uns are always quizzing them because we realise one thing.
    There is no substitute for experience.
    I see it all the time at work. We have apprentices and graduates coming into our department who have lots of qualifications but are sadly lacking in practical skills. I think experience is sadly undervalued in our society and we are currently obsessed with letters after peoples names. One thing Monty Don has in his favour is that he has been doing this for a long time.
    Just my opinion !


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    Posted by Daffs4Feb (U14708944) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    I wonder what will happen to Berryfields? I can't help thinking of the thousands of pounds that must have been spent on it over the last couple of years, all coming out of the licence fee. And I don't expect Monty will be lending out his garden free of charge for filming.

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    Posted by Margaret (U14716561) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Very disappointed that Toby is leaving.
    It did not start well but, since the first series with him, he has been a good presenter and feel that he has been doing a great job.
    The last series was quite good and I thought that Toby got the balance about right between new gardeners and more experienced ones. Shame he's going.

    Monty is sooooo boring!

    Of course what would be best would be for Tich to come back but I suppose he makes more money elsewhere these days.

    Good luck Toby.

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    Posted by Colin (U2252951) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    It was obvious in the last 5 or 6 programmes that the GW production team were bereft of ideas and they (and Toby) were just treading water to fill the 30 minutes with scraps.

    AT's four gardening programmes just past only highlighted how little content and thought was in GW, even after the Beeb pulled it back from "CBeebies" production.

    The major challenge will by that MDs garden is already mature (he wrote The Jewel Garden years ago about the gardens creation). I wonder if they'll be doing twidly bits around the edges or will MD let rip on major projects. At least with Green Acre they had a blank canvas. I assume that'll be bulldozed for housing, writing off the £££ spent by the BBC.

    TS being retained is bizarre, but he has 'luvvie' connections via family to ensure words get into ears. Should have brought in one of the successful Chelsea designers - too costly maybe?

    RdT - always pleasing on the eye.

    CK - well, she does know the topic I suppose, but I'd have preferred one of the GQT ladies to be given a go.

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    Posted by Matster (U1045348) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    It would be nice for them to revisit Monty's old GW tv show garden just to see how it has progressed. I.e. that massive natural pond that had him up to his waste in water!

    I'm sorry to see Toby and Alys leave but it did feel like watching playschool sometimes. Alys was a bit too quirky I think for the show, much preferred Raven, De Thame, etc. Good luck to them though.

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    once again to be an individual with no qualifications or credibility and is seen as a joke among professional horticulturists.  

    "Oh" now I see.
    Monty's 14 years of producing gardening programmes including six years of presenting GW plus "Round the world in 80 gardens, several books and many years of being a gardening correspondent stand for nothing.
    No point in serving your time then is there, they can bring anyone in to do it??
    People may think this a throw away world where ten minutes on Google gives you the knowledge required for any skill but I am afraid it is not so.
    Skills have to be learned and taught by people who have grafted at it and done the dirty jobs too, Monty has and although I at times thought him a bit wooden on GW his 80 gardens were a joy to see, I even bought the book and enjoyed it.
    I have a feeling people look at Rachael and think "eye candy" then do not listen, she is a very knowledgeable gardener and presenter, Alys lovely girl that she is was just a mite too brittle for me. Having watched some of her eating from the garden programmes I could not bring myself to watch them all.
    Each to his or her own and I for one am sure Monty will bring some sense backed by follow up on projects to GW, we certainly got no follow up this year or last, I always wanted to know what happened to the garden hut roof garden that fell apart as they made it and those poor frightened rabbits in the hutch with the plot on the roof of the run.
    Where did those features we saw just off camera come from I used to ask and we never got an explanation did we.
    Let us see how it goes then comment on the actual show, that seems more sensible than guessing or demeaning the programme before it is even shown.

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    Posted by judimac (U2467704) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Well that's my Christmas present! Pity Alys went instead of Joe.

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    Posted by Gaynor Witchard (U11583299) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    I so agree with you! Just because someone hasn't been to college/university doesn't make them less able. Passing an exam does, however, demonstrate an understanding of a given subject, and horticultural qualifications are no different.

    I've been gardening for over thirty years now, and four years ago passed my RHS exams - because I wanted to become professional and felt formal qualifications would give me more confidence. I'm now a successful garden designer with RHS medal awards to my name, have had the opportunity to sit alongside other 'celeb' gardeners during question & answer sessions at RHS shows, and write a garden design column for a newspaper.

    There's room for amateurs and professionals in horticulture - and it doesn't matter if you're professionally qualifed or not...if you can get your message across and engage an audience, then you've suceeded.

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    Posted by Trillium (U2170869) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Wonder what will happen to Toby's new book - the one he tweeted on Monday that he had just sent to the publishers....

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    Posted by the cycling gardener (U2350416) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Excellent, excellent news! Sadly, despite sticking by the programme through the last 2 years of mediocrity, I have been unable to warm to Green Acre or Toby Buckland. With a glass of wine in my left hand, controller in my right, my finger hovers over the fast forward button which has been engaged with tedious regularity during every episode. I’m sure Toby is a very nice bloke but his style on GW has been a bit ‘planting by numbers’ and flippant for me. I look forward to weekly visits to a hard working purposeful garden that is owned and loved by its presenter who has the ability to convey good garden practice intelligently, pragmatically and sensitively.

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    Posted by brownmouse (U14716672) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Yes this is great news. Welcome back to Monty and please bring Carol back into the fold and not isolate her away in Devon and her weekly 3 minute stint .

    I think they could have managed the whole show between them and kept us totally entranced.

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    Posted by moonchime (U14715910) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Woke up happy today when I remembered yesterdays news.
    Having Monty back at the helm from his own garden will be a delight.

    I agree with those who are saying we should have more of Carol again, her enthusiasm is infectious and she really knows her stuff.

    Sarah Raven is a busy woman but any time she could spare for more airtime would also be very welcome.

    I have no problem with Joe Swift, but found it most useful when he filmed on his allotment...if he still has it perhaps we could see more of this?

    Shame that Alys is to leave as I said in my previous post 15. The episode where she met Joy Larkcom was evidence enough for me that here was a real and passionate gardener.

    Rachel De Thame seems too immaculately groomed to be taken seriously. I like a gardener with dirty fingernails and comfortable clothes. Not much of a fan of the soft focus, lipsticky, husky voiced approach in a gardening programme.
    She comes into her own when talking about roses, which she clearly adores...but this is not enough to sustain a regular slot on the programme....

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    This posting has been hidden during moderation because it broke the House Rules in some way.

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    Posted by hypercharleyfarley (U7444019) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Hello Moonchime - as regards that Allotment, apparently it was just a stunt for the television programme & was abandoned very quickly. Says it all really ............... Ma.

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    Posted by cazsudz (U7061972) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    I'm a Monty fan and have not watched GW since he left. But I am aware he has a large and rather grand garden so I hope he remembers to scale things down a bit for us less fortunate souls with less time and space. We'd like timely practical advice and would like to see things growing through the year rather than shown in one programme, then never heard of again.

    And most of us gardeners are adults with an attention span of at least half an hour and interested in GARDENING or we wouldn't be watching. We don't like being treated like children, being talked down to or patronised or quick fix gimmicks. Lets get back to basics with a good mix of inspiration and perspiration.


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    Posted by welshcol (U2301689) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Smacks of indecision and "headless chickens" to me, as is so typical of management these days..
    Monty too has/had his critics and although an obvious knowledgeable gardener with a strong personality, who unfortunately had to relinquish the spot due to ill health, does not mean a return to a status quo will solve GW's problems.
    I think there was a general consensus on the "boards" that GW was improving under Toby's tenure and one hopes this was in some way an eventual response to all the frustrations, combined with constructive comments, via these columns.
    Are we now to go back to square one? and start the reformulation exercise all over again?
    The conclusion from many was that it was the backroom team who were at fault rather than front of camera people , are they being shuffled as well and falling on their swords? smiley - erm
    Take care Toby and thank you for the constant optimism and smile.<ok?
    (copied from "Grow your Own " Board)

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    Posted by Plantsman (U14716893) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    In reply to Message 1 et al

    Great news that Monty Don is to return to Gardeners' World next year. The programme needs a presenter who has the knowledge gained from gardening for many years and can put the message across to all levels of gardeners, from the beginner to the experienced. It does not necessarily matter whether or not one has paper qualifications! Monty, like Alan and Geoff before him, has this ability. Sadly Toby, although highly qualified, did not. I met him last year and he came across as quite a sensible, intelligent person, so I have no idea why he made such a mess of presenting our well loved programme.

    Great news also that Carol and Joe are remaining and it will be good to see Rachel again.

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  • Message 49

    , in reply to message 48.

    Posted by Obelixx (U2157162) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    I think Toby made a hash of it because of the production team although I have to say I did worry about his personal style when he marched into Berryfields as a guest presenter and did that woodland galde bed which I found to be absoutely awful. Since then he has confirmed his slapdash approach time and time again.

    However, things did improve slightly this last season but too little too late. No doubt he'll bounce back somewhere else on TV and I hope he has learned that quality beats quantity any day.

    It was under the tenure of AT that Chris B, Rachel and Joe came to the fore and they stayed on with Monty. I gather Chris left to present a series on Channel 4 and Rachel left occasionally to have babies. In between times she did some good stuff and who can blame her for protecting her hands form soil organisms when pregnant and nursing. Personally I prefer to her to SR any day.

    Joe is fine when he's doing design based features but please no gimmicks such as that allotment where he clearly hadn't a clue. I'd far rather have had James A-S or Cleve West though.

    As for Mony's own garden, it was mature till he got flooded a couple of years ago so I expect it will have been redesigned. It should be interesting and he's a capable and knowledgeable gardener. He may even lighten up on his own turf.

    Let's hope the production team is changed or at least gets its socks well and truly hoisted higher. The ones who did GH's and AT's versions of GW were an external specialist company. It's this lot of in-house BBC "I'd rather be doing something sexier than gardening" who have let the show down to its present state of falling audiences and lack of respect from the gardening world be they growers, designers, landscapers or journalists.

    We all know that gardening is fun, satisfying on many levels and an elementary life enhancing skill. No matter our level of experience there's always something new to learn or another way of doing things. Let's hope the new GW communicates that to one and all.

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  • Message 50

    , in reply to message 45.

    Posted by moonchime (U14715910) on Wednesday, 8th December 2010

    Hi Hypercharleyfarley...thanks for the info about the explains a lot. Just did a bit of rooting around and find he didnt even get past March last year with it.
    Thats the magical world of telly for you I guess!
    Hope they can find something interesting for him to do next time then...I do get a bit bleary when out comes yet another piece of graph paper with a garden design on it...

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