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    Posted by lily_host (U7627099) on Sunday, 9th November 1997

    Has your garden suffered from the recent floods? What have you been doing to increase drainage and salvage plants?

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    Posted by wildMeadowgirl (U9266374) on Thursday, 13th November 1997

    My allotment has been standing in flood water for two weeks now. The potatoes and beans are lost but other things survive. However, I have been warned to get the soil analysed before eating anything. Anyone know how to go about this? The local garden centre has advised growing green manure, scything it down and burning it to make the ground good for next year. Also the 'cress test' - sow some cress and if it comes up the soil's OK for sowing late crops this year. Any other ideas?

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    Posted by marinelilium (U8293024) on Thursday, 13th November 1997

    wildMeadowgirl you have my heartfelt sympathy. I was upset by the soaking my garden got - you have taken this full on and are ready to rebuild and renew. RESPECT!

    I posted this during the deluge:

    "The three rivers may have have washed all sorts into your garden/allotments and the Environment Agency will sample against the Soil Guideline Values in this area. Your local authority is bound by Environment Protection Act 1990 to ensure no major contamination has occured but that doesn't mean they'll check each allotment unless you specifically request testing. We all live with 'fallout' from industry,crematoriums and landfills but floods often wash as much nasty stuff away as they deposit. Once the sun (UV), insects, fungi and rain lend a hand in breaking down the nasties you'll be growing in river silt which is good stuff - but I bet that's not what your calling it today"

    Once again my comiserations but you make us all proud with your resolve to 'get on with it'.

    ML x

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