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A word of thanks....

Before the boards shut, just wanted to thank everyone for ...


zoomer44 Apr 26, 2012

Changes to the BBC Gardening ...

Many of the BBC's factual websites will be changing over the next ...


BBCGardening Apr 26, 2012

Brian Harvey's Chelsea Garden....

Will show case his new range of curcurbitaceae cultivars and how ...


Mycowaz Apr 25, 2012

Asparagus planting

I have bought some asparagus and want to know when is the best ...


quarryroad Apr 25, 2012

peas in toilet rolls

Hi all, firstly I must say how sad that the message board is ...


also Apr 23, 2012

Can you identify this?

I've got this growing on my allotment, any ideas what it is? ...


kalbir Apr 23, 2012

Giant Plant Labels

Does anyone know where I can buy the giant plant labels I've seen ...


nelliespence r Apr 23, 2012

chitting potatoes

Too late for me this year as I have planted all my potatoes, ...


also Apr 22, 2012

interlopers on my allotment!!

I have some plants growing which look like young onions , they ...


Betty Boop Apr 22, 2012

Unable to find previous thread;

Hi all;I thought I would get another word in on the "Not fit ...


Tee Gee Apr 22, 2012

Brown Tips of Leaves of House ...

Hi,Can anyone tell me what is causing the leaves to go brown ...


benarty Apr 20, 2012

Cabbage white butterfly

When I was given some cabbages in pots last year, they came from a ...


earlybirdie Apr 20, 2012

First time growers

We would like to grow baking potatoes - can anyone suggest ...


Suefowler07 Apr 20, 2012

Compost experiment

I have been reading all the comments people are making about ...


londonplantm ad Apr 20, 2012

Screening advise please

Hi all,We want to plant a row of ornamental trees to screen an ...


Lazza Apr 19, 2012


Just to close my topic on the sprouts and club root - I had to ...


lillian7 Apr 19, 2012

Tomato plants...

Hi there....I grow my tom plants from seed every year, I start ...


BigDave Apr 19, 2012

How much to grow...

I, (and when I say 'I', of course I mean my husband) have created ...


MrsBeginner Apr 19, 2012


hi,my potatoes i put in back in early march have come on well i ...


hawk1987 Apr 19, 2012

Water/drought on allotment

Someone on our allotment has just told me that water to allotments ...


whatalottie Apr 17, 2012

Planting out

Hi got a lot of seedling in unheated greenhouse doing very ...


shaun_lincol n Apr 17, 2012

Jerusalem Artichokes

I'm having a go at growing Jerusalem artichokes for the ...


Solwaymagpie Apr 17, 2012


I planted asparagus last year and got several spikes which I let ...


kim63 Apr 16, 2012

Chicken manure pellets

Hello allAm new to this site although have been an avid ...


newgreenkit Apr 16, 2012


This is probably a stupid question but how much do you need to trim ...


ivyhouse Apr 16, 2012

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