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A plea to the BBC

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    Posted by DEVILISH40 (U13897230) on ,

    We all now know that Gardeners World is not aimed at or meant for us gardeners. We have just got to get over it and face the fact that real Gardeners World ended when Monty had to leave. So it's all over and we must let the mourning process run its course. The emotional wound will heal in time and some occupational therapy in our real gardens will help us mend.

    While the real gardening brigade, you know, the sort of people who for months on end get thoroughly immersed in tending their plot, are going through this process, and here is the plea....

    Can we have a new garden program? One in which the focus is on supporting the enormous community of people who garden already, who want to build on their knowledge, who want to have their horizons expanded and who want to feel that their enjoyment of gardening will be enhanced by watching a garden program.

    We don't care when you screen it; we will watch it on iPlayer if necessary. It would need to start in February when real gardeners start making tentative forays to prepare their plot for the coming gardening season. We don't even want a TV garden. We will be happy with real experts filmed commenting, interpreting and informing in Private / NGS / RHS gardens. We will be more than happy with Mathew Wilson from Harlow Carr and he should not cost you as much as some of your so called key talent though Chris Beardshaw would also make us happy if you could run to his celebrity fees. Oh and one more thing, could it be inspiring and attempt to raise what is supposed to be a source of national pride, our gardens, to new heights? Please, Please........

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    Posted by Obelixx (U2157162) on ,

    Yes please.

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    Posted by Stormy_Pink (U13912310) on ,

    You have my support.

    Please someone at the BBC take note of what we are all saying.

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    Posted by Hillsideheather (U13923913) on ,

    Friday night discussion in the pub has become dominated by the changes to GW. I have watched since Geoff Hamilton days, and each change has brought rewards as you adapt to a new style. But this time I'm moved, after decades, to join a blog for the first time, to protest. I want real knowledge and tips, not gnomes, elimination competitions for propagation, games on who can plant a tree fastest.
    In the latest edition various plants and their attributes and needs were skimmed over. Since this series began I agree we need a proper gardening programme again. I cannot work out who it is aimed at - surely even excited newcomers to gardening will be turned off by this rubbish? I also feel sorry for some of the presenters as they seem to have been forced to change into something they are not by misguided producers.

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    Posted by flumpetstrumpet (U2598678) on ,

    I agree wholeheartedly. Please listen to us - there's really nothing for us gardeners anymore :(

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    Posted by thevodkarose (U13048111) on ,

    Even as a gardener who still has a lot to learn, I'm getting weary of this new series too.

    What on earth is a 6 year old planting tomato seed meant to show us? Do they even know what audience they are looking for? This was 8pm on a Friday night, not 3pm on Cbeebies.

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    Posted by Seacarrot (U3012141) on ,

    I agree, and I rarely post these days.

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    Posted by Lottie (U2331125) on ,

    Me too - GW as it is neither informs or entertains.

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    Posted by wetaquagirl (U13924285) on ,


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    Posted by ladyrosemarie (U13815936) on ,

    Couldnt agree more guys,GW isnt aimed for gardeners anymore it would seem, In its attempt to be trendy with it's dizzy camera shots, and blue peter makes of cardboard and tinfoil,and gnomes, it has alienated those of us who would like a proper gardening programme.Where is the advice on new plant varieties?propergation and growing techniques and chance to see other peoples gardens? Thank goodness for sky TV at least BBC Scotlands Beechgrove garden on Tuesdays is about proper gardening! So to sum up in the new GW phrase "what's Hot" - GW is certainly NOT!:-(

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    Posted by mommydoos (U2592301) on ,

    I so agree with all the above - but is anyone listening? Appears not, unless next Friday's offering does a smart turn about! Oh, isn't it live anymore?? <erm>

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    Posted by the cycling gardener (U2350416) on ,

    Develish40, I feel completely let down by the new GW and hope someone with authority on the programme will listen to us.

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    Posted by Paul N (U6451125) on ,

    I know, let's have yet another thread on what's wrong with Gardener's World. That would be novel.
    Can't we PLEASE put comments like this on one thread only!

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    Posted by hotsunlover (U5664870) on ,

    Unless you are a complete beginner GW is not intended for you. I tend to tune to GW out of hope an habit rather than the 'fix' I used to get. It has its place, but so would a programme for non-beginners.

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    Posted by invisiblePlantastic (U13924981) on ,

    Just joined the group because I COULDN'T AGREE MORE to see a presenter- Carol - with so much knowledge to share and yet not doing so in a 'gardeners' programme breaks my heart and patience... Is it for total total beginners? Please make another programme for the ones that have been watching it for a long time payed attention tried your tips and now are trying to keep going!:-(

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    Posted by rainbowpansyqueen (U12059093) on ,

    Could not agree more. I don't generally bother with the programme any more, but thought I'd look on Friday. What utter tripe it was!

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    Posted by janerowena (U10782401) on ,

    I agree. One programme for more specialist items, another for beginners perhaps. The present format reminded me of Blue Peter. I expected Biddy Baxter to pop out at any moment.

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    Posted by TallyHo (U2364821) on ,

    Hi there JaneRo... your dahlias survived in the greenhouse :)

    I totally agree with everyone on this thread, even a series of old strung together GW clips would be good so long as they're matched to the season. Gosh we'd probably have to go on a quick OU course to appreciate them, so inured have we become to the dumbed down offerings over the past year or so.

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    Posted by born2mulch (U13925526) on ,

    I completely agree with the comments made about the new series of GW. As others have mentioned, I have welcomed changes the BBC has made to the programme throughout the years, but now I'm not sure whether I'm watching CBeebies, Blue Peter or Loose Women. Carol's vast knowledge is undeniably being wasted, and it is not the same without seeing her working around the main GW garden.
    I'm now preferring to watch older repeats on other channels.

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    Posted by jungle_jane (U1807090) on ,

    I so agree with all the above - but is anyone listening? Appears not, unless next Friday's offering does a smart turn about! Oh, isn't it live anymore??<erm>  

    There no point hoping that they are going to change a program just because a few people on a messageboard don't like it. Anyway most episodes are recorded weeks in advance.

    I'm fed up with people complaining about the show on here. If you really want to make your voice heard by the bbc then email Points Of View. Ive been watching points of view for the last three weeks (since the GW returned) and not a single mention on there programme yet.

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