Marzipan without eggs

  • wombat1 on Thursday, 19th November 2009

    Has anyone a recipe for marzipan that does not use eggs?

    After getting food poisoning from uncooked eggs (I scraped out the mixing bowl) some years ago I have avoided all recipes with eggs that are not fully cooked not wishing others to endure the same fate.

    I really miss homemade marzipan and homemade icecream for that matter.

  • Message 2. Posted by respectedponydriver on Thursday, 19th November 2009 permalink

    I have scraped out any mixing bowl since I was a tot and have never been ill,I wonder if it was a bad egg?have you tried any partially cooked eggs since as these horrid experiences stay with you for a long time maybe you could try a little marzipan again just to see how you feel about it.Good luck,(I had the same thing with cornflakes,eating a bowl made me ill and it was years before I tried them again and this time they didnt make me ill and I enjoyed them)

  • Message 3. Posted by Mrs Vee on Thursday, 19th November 2009 permalink

    I can't vouch for what this would be like but I found it after a quick search. Might be worth a try?


  • Message 4. Posted by wombat1 on Thursday, 19th November 2009 permalink

    Thanks for the recipe link. I might give it a try.

    I too had scraped out mixing bowls for years as a little treat. I always use organic egss and as we are vegetarians it is difficult to get food poisoning. Although it has not deterred me from scraping out bowls as I think it was an isolated incidentI am more careful with food such as Christmas cake that I am going to give other people. For some years recipes containing raw eggs would carry a warning not to serve them to children or the elderly. These warnings seemed to have ceased but I do not know if there is still a risk

  • Message 5. Posted by barnsleycook on Friday, 20th November 2009 permalink

    as we are vegetarians it is difficult to get food poisoning

    Food poisoning isn't confined to meat and fish only. One of the worst foods to get poisoning from is left over cooked rice that hasn't been cooled quickly.

    Organic eggs carry a lower risk of salmonella, but the only commercially available eggs that are guaranteed not to contain salmonella come from hens that have been innoculated against it. (The eggs have the Lion Brand stamp on them)

    Incidentally all recipes containing raw eggs that are published in magazines still carry the risk warning. Perhaps we read different magazines?

  • Message 6. Posted by ampleaphrodite on Monday, 23rd November 2009 permalink

    Hi Onewom

    If you want to buy it, Regalice White Marzipan is made without eggs. It tastes good and is particularly easy to mould over a cake in one piece, ready to be topped with roll-out fondant icing.

    They use liquid glucose as the 'binding agent' for the almonds and sugar and I know that there are recipes for doing this in many of the 'Sugarcraft' cake decorating books.


    Deb in Cyprus

  • Message 7. Posted by wombat1 on Thursday, 26th November 2009 permalink

    barnsleycook interesting to read your comments. I did not know about the Lion Brand eggs as I have always bought organic - perhaps it is time for a change.

    I was aware about the rice (actually a food hygiene course I attended the lecturer said that at home they always threw away any leftover rice or pasta - bit extreme I thought).

    A well known magazine for woman does not have any warnings although I think that it did many years ago perhaps the food magazines are more rigorous Maybe eggs are safer now with reference to your remark about the innoculation

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