How to cook Topside / Top Rump?

  • Damson on Saturday, 2nd January 2010

    Can anyone recommend how to cook a bit of beef topside / top rump?

    Will it be OK to roast it in the normal way or will it be tough? Would pot roasting be better?

    It is 2.052 kg in weight.

    Any advice will be greatly apreciated as I'm not too familair with roasting beef and my other half chose it.

  • Message 2. Posted by saffiewalks on Saturday, 2nd January 2010 permalink

    Pot roast or slow cook. It will be very tough if you roast it as you would rib. Delicious pot roasted though. There have been a number of threads on this in the past, Debadar's method on the enclosed link it pretty much how I would do it.

  • Message 3. Posted by suffolksamphire on Saturday, 2nd January 2010 permalink

    I'm always amazed when I see topside and sliverside sold in supermarkets as a 'roasting joint'. People then tell me that beef nowadays is just like cardboard - well it will be if you roast topside in the way you would roast a rib!

    Pot roast them slowly, surrounded by onions and root veggies, in a lidded cast-iron pan or failing that in a foil tent in a deep roasting pan, or in a slow-cooker - you can't go wrong then. smiley - biggrin

  • Message 4. Posted by Organoleptic Icon on Saturday, 2nd January 2010 permalink

    You CAN get this to a good rare fast roast - but it requires great precision and even then depends how good a bit of meat it was, how long hung etc.

    All in all I agree to pot roast - or chop into chunks for bourguignon, daube, rendang etc.,

  • Message 5. Posted by suffolksamphire on Saturday, 2nd January 2010 permalink

    I agree with Aristologist, it can be done but to fast roast topside etc you need proper beef, with fat marbling through it, from a traditional beef breed, traditionally reared on grass, slaughtered in as stress-free environment as possible and well-hung.
    Even the very best supermarket beef joints do not compare with that. I ordered two rib joints from our local farm shop, one to roast for Christmas Day and one for New Year's Eve, but unfortunately due to a genuine misunderstanding the second joint was sold to someone else! smiley - sadface. I raced to Sainsbury's and bought 2.5k rib of Finest Scottish beef which I roasted in an identical way to the one I cooked on Christmas Day. It was acceptable and my guests enjoyed it, but it bore absolutely no comparison to the Christmas Day beef (and that is an objective judgement, nothing to do with any subjectivity due to the different day).

  • Message 6. Posted by hickybank on Saturday, 2nd January 2010 permalink

    It must be a Midlands thing.
    All butchers as far as I know in the midlands sell topside/ silverside as a roasting joint.
    All my family & freinds use this a a Sunday roasting joint & very rarely have I found it tough.
    I consider Brisket as a pot roast joint
    Does anyone agree with me or am I on my own here.

  • Message 7. Posted by suffolksamphire on Saturday, 2nd January 2010 permalink

    Hickybank, probably the important word in your post is 'butchers'. Your butchers probably supply the type of traditional beef I spoke of - not what is supplied in general in supermarkets, sadly.

  • Message 8. Posted by hickybank on Saturday, 2nd January 2010 permalink

    You would be correct in your assumption,there are some very good butchers around here selling locally produced meat.
    I would not touch supermarket meat for that reason.
    there are some exceptions, I think Morrisons rump steak is as good as any around, particularly good when on special offer, thats the time to stock up.

  • Message 9. Posted by Mogsmum on Saturday, 2nd January 2010 permalink

    I can never understand why people seem to think it impossible to roast either topside or silverside - perhaps my Grandfather (a butcher all his life) was right when he said 'God sends the meat, the devil sends the cooks'

    Put your piece of topside in a roasting tin in the oven on Gas No.4 for 20 minutes to the lb and 20 minutes over - this will give you a medium rare and extremely tender joint.

  • Message 10. Posted by saffiewalks on Saturday, 2nd January 2010 permalink

    I don't think it is impossible to roast topside and do not think anyone on here has said that it is. But I am never very impressed with the results and much prefer rib on the bone.
    These days it would be more 'God sends the butcher who knows how to age and hang meat'

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