chip shop gravy

  • Darkangel on Tuesday, 2nd January 2007

    Happy New Year all!!!!

    I trust you have all recovered from various hangovers by now?!

    Just a quickie (and I'm sure this has been asked before). As with many people I have moved from the north of England to London and I miss proper chip shop gravy. Home made chips just aren't the same with diluted instant granules poured over them so I was hoping someone out there might have a half decent recipe which doesn't involve roasting a joint first?

    I know it's a new year and it's time for a bit of healthy eating but I swear this will be my only indulgence (that, and the chocolate!) smiley - winkeye

  • Message 2. Posted by Marmite on Tuesday, 2nd January 2007 permalink

    I live near Glasgow now but i'm from Durham so officially a northern lass and i'm sure the gravy was just beef granules made very thick.

    Anyhoo it was always great after a night out (although back then it could have contained anything and i wouldn't have noticed/cared)

  • Message 3. Posted by stonesg1uk on Tuesday, 2nd January 2007 permalink

    I'm a North Easterner living in London and suffer the same fate - in Peter Kay's words - 'They don't do gravy, they don't do peas'

    I have seen chip shop gravy and chip shop curry granules in sainsbury's, butmust admit have never tried it. I always mix chicken and beef granules and it seems to give an inbetweeny flavour that's not too bad.

  • Message 4. Posted by Chef-Nicko on Tuesday, 2nd January 2007 permalink

    I am up near manchester so can fortunately still enjoy that gravy!!!

    Chip shops must all buy a certain type of catering gravy because it all tastes the same but it isnt like bisto. I have never seen it for sale anywhere but interestingly enough my butchers sells chip shop curry!!!

    A friend of mine also does something interesting- she makes loads of gravy on a sunday from her roast then freezes it and then she uses it for chips/ puddings etc because she doesnt like gravy granules!!!

  • Message 5. Posted by alisonwright on Tuesday, 2nd January 2007 permalink

    I'm a northern lass mesel' but agree with Chef-Nicko- for the vast amounts chip shops sell they're not going to be roasting beef joints.

    Since Andrew Googlemeister recommended Bisto Best that what I always use now if I want a dollop of gravy on me home-made chips-IMO the best granules you can get, I wouldn't touch Bisto with a bargepole 'cos it simply has _no_ taste.

  • Message 6. Posted by Darkangel on Tuesday, 2nd January 2007 permalink

    Whenever I mix up a batch of instant gravy I always think it has a salty(?) aftertaste and it gets worse the thicker you make it.

    I'm sure that chip shop gravy wasn't like that (and if it is then I should stop complaining!)

  • Message 7. Posted by STEWANDDUMPLING on Tuesday, 2nd January 2007 permalink

    The chip shop curry granuals from bisto are just like the chip shop curry i had back in yorkshire, lovely, it was my friend in the pub who got me on to it.

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