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Rogue tea bags

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    Posted by NICKY-TAMS (U14477897) on Sunday, 23rd May 2010

    I wonder if anyone out there, has had the same experience as me and my good lady wife, that no matter which brand of tea bags you buy, there always seems to be one or two, which do not taste quite right. Could this be away for manufacturers, using up less quality tea or is there some other simple explanation !

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    Posted by lusciouslush (U3917132) on Monday, 24th May 2010

    Dust and floor sweepings seem to be the norm. in most brands - and it's the whole pack I'm talking about!

    Buying decent teabags has become almost impossible - I'm more than ever glad I mostly use loose tea even though it's hugely water dependent.

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    Posted by OldRover_KE (U10528653) on Monday, 24th May 2010

    You surprise me.

    I'll admit that at 72 my sense of taste might not be what it was, but I've never yet been disappointed by a teabag from a big-name supplier, and I've been enjoying six or seven cups a day for more than half a century.

    Furthermore, I never pay full price for them. Local pound stores and economy outlets always have plenty of bargains on offer.


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    Posted by Stokey Sue (U14258170) on Tuesday, 25th May 2010

    no matter which brand of tea bags you buy, there always seems to be one or two, which do not taste quite right. Could this be away for manufacturers, using up less quality tea or is there some other simple explanation !

    Most likely it's a variation in the water temperature, the water quality, the brew time or the milk and usgar added (if you do)

    I think tea bags are remarkably uniform

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    Posted by meto (U14090385) on Tuesday, 25th May 2010

    If it only seems to be an odd teabag in a pack, I wonder if it might be something you are eating at the same time. Maybe strong marmalade or perhaps with biscuits that have a lot of bicarb in. I can taste bicarb in things and at one time I thought it must be the dishwasher not rinsing the powder off the cups properly, which it could also be. I haven't found a variation in a box - or maybe I have and didn't know it...

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    Posted by Calendula (U2331338) on Thursday, 27th May 2010

    Do people who refer condesdendingly to their equal partner as their "good lady wife" make their own tea?

    Isn't that what the servants are for?

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    Posted by Calendula (U2331338) on Thursday, 27th May 2010

    condesdendingly  or even condescendingly

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    Posted by RAB HA (U14477665) on Sunday, 30th May 2010

    I see nothing patronising, or condescending about using the words my good lady wife.
    the gentleman is obviously being courteous towards his wife.
    an attribute which seems to have escaped you.
    With your repugnant remarks about people you don't even know.
    If you have nothing constructive to say about the post. You should keep quiet and let people think you are a fool.
    Rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt

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    Posted by Her outdoors (U1450108) on Tuesday, 22nd June 2010

    We prefer Earl Grey tea and the variation between brands is enormous. We had one box of Twinings that had no taste at all. They didn't even taste like regular tea. I sent them back and in return received a technical laboratory analysis that confirmed they had missed the flavouring!

    Yet the box of Twinings we are going through at the moment is delicious.

    Waitrose are good, but Sainsbury's taste strange. Not very Earl Greyish at all. Maybe we just got the box of rogue tea bags!

    I guess various things can make one tea bag taste different to another out of the same box. One might have copped for a load of dust on packaging or picked it up in transit; the last few in a box sometimes taste a bit "old"; in the winter your tea cup/mug is cold so once the boiling water hits the cup the temperature is reduced. This does not happen to such an extent when the ambient temperature is hiher.

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    Posted by Denadar (U8017493) on Wednesday, 30th June 2010

    I prefer Lady Grey and then Earl Grey. In fact they are the only teas I drink and I much prefer Twinings. Other brands seem to have less flavour to me.

    They both make great iced tea too - just right for this weather smiley - ok

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