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Discuss your drinks dilemmas, wine wisdom and Pisco prowess. This is the place to pop in and share your favourite cocktail recipe, talk about coffees from around the world or chat about the glory (or otherwise) of British ales.

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Anyone grow vines at home?

Possibly one for the allotment boards, but I fancy growing some ...


cheshire-che ese Jan 2, 2010

Happy New Year


james__A Jan 1, 2010

Which sherry?

I have guests coming for Christmas dinner and i have a feeling a ...


kath Dec 31, 2009

festive alcohol free drink

Has anyone got any good idears for a festive non alcoholic drink to ...


lo51use Dec 29, 2009

Homemade 'Baileys'

I used to make my own 'Baileys' at Christmas time but it's so long ...


CakeFairy Dec 29, 2009

How do you serve it.

When I was young, I used to drink Martini Bianco, and thought I ...


merrylatesta rter Dec 24, 2009

Found my wine for Christmas

It must be Christmas - I've just found 10 bottles of good red ...


sueturnersmi th Dec 23, 2009

Dolce Gusto

Hi Everyone, Just popped over for the first time - I usually ...


placitasgirl Dec 23, 2009


This post has been removed.


gin_lover1 Dec 22, 2009

Yet another Nanny State ...

Once again we have the Nanny state police, telling us what to do, ...


George Dec 19, 2009


Thinking with my stomach as usual, but I am organising Christmas ...


james__A Dec 18, 2009

Where to go to try dessert ...

Following on from the other sweet wine thread, I thought that I ...


Aero280 Dec 17, 2009

Savoury drinks

Hi folks,I don't drink alcohol, don't have a sweet tooth, so am ...


chools Dec 17, 2009

Wine to match Brill/Turbot/Sole

OK this is my first post to the Beverage board, so please bear ...


May-Onnaise Dec 15, 2009


my father-in-law introduced me to kumil a few years ago and the ...


cheekyb2 Dec 15, 2009

Let's talk about... COFFEE!!!!

I wanted to talk about coffee, but there was'nt a discussion so I ...


DØggy™ Dec 14, 2009

Information German wine.

Good morningI wonder if anyone can help me please ?. We have been ...


karinamaria Dec 14, 2009

Red or white with goose?

We're apparently having goose for Christmas dinner, and I'm not ...


swedemanc Dec 11, 2009

Mulled cider

Can i use a mulled wine bouquet garni for a mulled cider? Sorry ...


shineynorsta r Dec 11, 2009

Bols Cherry Brandy

I find Bols cherry brandy very difficult to buy and was alerted ...


frenchcheese queen Dec 9, 2009

Amazing Hot Chocolate

I need help please! My hubby has said that he would like 'amazing ...


Supergirl198 0 Dec 8, 2009

Homemade Baileys recipe please

Hi, i am new to this fabulous forum, and was wondering if any ...


youngpeediel ass Dec 7, 2009

Coffee Shops

There are some really nice coffee shops, but not many Fair Trade ...


advfreestyle r Dec 5, 2009

green chicken curry

Hi,what are your proven & tested best drink with this dish?From ...


onlytaste Dec 3, 2009

Brewdog at it again.

Yup, those crazy guys from Fraserburgh have created another ...


A-Don Dec 1, 2009

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