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    Posted by slowfood (U14404844) on Saturday, 7th August 2010

    I've been following comments on the Wildfood board for a few weeks and was about to join when I saw this thread

    Can only say I had thought up until this that they were a harmonious bunch and I noticed a few familiar names that used to post here

    Is it time to join a vegetarian/vegan board?

    Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?



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    Posted by Monnikka (U13753075) on Saturday, 7th August 2010

    Give it time slowfood.....I'm sure that little upset will blow over and it's certainly not typical of the board. It is really about a couple of misunderstandings between a small group with strongly held views.

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    Posted by Jasmin (U14270220) on Saturday, 7th August 2010

    Hi Slowfood,

    I agree with you. smiley - sadface

    I triggered the debate they're all discussing now - though it was accidental (as a debate) & I didn't mean it as they're taking it. But I had thought to move to Wildfood after the breakup of here & have now decided not to, precisely because of the thread you've found. I've just posted to that effect on the end of that thread.

    They do, apparently, have another board called Veg Patch which is just for veggies & vegans. I haven't checked it out yet, but it sounds a bit more promising.

    Sorry for messing your move to Wildfood.

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    Posted by slowfood (U14404844) on Sunday, 8th August 2010

    Hi Jasmin,

    Seems like its just one person on the thread causing all the problems on Wildfood, what a shame smiley - sadface

    The Veg patch section although clearly labelled as being for vegetarians and vegans seems to contain a number of general threads about growing veg!

    I wonder as to how many vegetarians/vegans post on Wildfood?

    Does anyone else from here post on there? A good place to be?



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    Posted by U14574828 (U14574828) on Sunday, 8th August 2010

    I thought about joining there, but decided not to too. It looks like the old brigade from here that stopped me joining here are now there. One look at the moderation team and I ran away and joined up here.

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    Posted by jaybird (U8071874) on Sunday, 8th August 2010

    I've just waded through all the posts on the wildfood board and it doesn't encourage me to join in. I can honestly say that I've never preached to anyone about vegetarianism, each to their own, I regularly cook meat for members of my family. As long as I don't have to eat it myself I'll do it if they want it. I've often found that meat eaters seem to feel threatened by vegetarianism, that by being vegetarian it is some sort of critism of them for eating meat. Even though I have never said anything of the sort.

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    Posted by Stokey Sue (U14258170) on Sunday, 8th August 2010

    As regular poster on Wildfood - I really can't see that it is unfriendly to vegans or vegetarians - who don't preach

    I agree that the thread linked to here is unfortunate, not lest because the first post ids so unclear

    But to say that this one thread makes Wildfood veggie unfriendly s a bit like hearing one person be impolite at a party, then saying "oh it was a horrible party, everyone was rude"

    generally speaking I find Wildfood more tolerant of any point of view than the BBC boards, not least because the making of longer and more considered posts is encouraged, and there is much more genuine debate

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    Posted by jaybird (U8071874) on Sunday, 8th August 2010

    Stokey Sue thanks for that, although it was more than one person having a bit of a go on that thread.
    But, as I can't remember having found any of your posts contentious, maybe I should go back and read a few more threads. Also there are at least a couple of people on the thread whose posts are in tune with my own, even though they were having to be defensive. I'll suspend judgement for now then.

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    Posted by slowfood (U14404844) on Monday, 9th August 2010

    I know this part of the food board went quiet for a while but over on Wildfood The Veg Patch doesn't seem to get many posts, especially if you take out the posts about vegetable growing and gardening!

    Perhaps I'm being very unfair but the main activity for the past couple of days on Wildfood seems to be general chat and games rather than talking about any food?

    Can anyone recommend any good veggie boards or is WF worth joining?



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    Posted by EFCliz (U1947399) on Monday, 9th August 2010

    I did join Wildfood and used it quite a lot but I've slowed down and probably won't use it much until it gets a lot more members who want to post about food. No problems with it, it's just that the food questions don't get enough answers yet.

    I've always used PPK parallel to using this board, and probably use those boards more than any other. It's US based but there's a growing number of UK people on there now and in the Square there is a dedicated UK thread. Anyone can join it but it does only discuss vegan food. (And a tonne of other things besides food, but the food part is vegan only).

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    Posted by U14574828 (U14574828) on Monday, 9th August 2010

    I wonder if the old UKTVFood boards would be worth a try? They don't actually have a veggie section but is so slow these days it could be a good place to congregate and expand.

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    Posted by marilina (U3878924) on Monday, 9th August 2010

    Hi Jasperus

    This board looks quite nice. I think I'll try it.

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    Posted by jaybird (U8071874) on Monday, 9th August 2010

    Well I've just joined wildfood but haven't posted as yet.
    I joined in 2008 but then went on to the bbc one instead because it was easier to use and had more posters. Ive had a look at as well and may join it at some point (the post punk kitchen). That one is a dedicated vegan one but I eat very little dairy and just the occasional free range egg so a lot of that would interest me.
    I suppose I'm just lurking around at the moment to see what is best smiley - smiley

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    Posted by slowfood (U14404844) on Monday, 16th August 2010

    I've been keeping track of postings and comments made in the Veg Patch section of Wildfood but have yet to be impressed when compared to the numerous postings on this board

    It would seem that some omnivores can't resist making remarks on Veg Patch. I don't have a problem with that but not when they are poking fun, how many times do we have to read comments on seitan being the devils food?

    I wish Wildfood luck, my only request would be for vegetarians and vegans to viewed with a little respect and not treated as items of fun. Its inevitable that such an attitude will lead to conflict

    I will continue to watch with interest in the hope that more people migrate from this board



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    Posted by scullion (U14319670) on Monday, 16th August 2010

    i think you have to take this one spat with a pinch of salt. every one has different ideas on what they eat and why. it is hardly surprising that in the anonymous world of cyberspace, people may open up and share to an extent that they may not in real life. we are surrounded by opinionated people everywhere who clam up to your face but ridicule your beliefs to others. the internet is no different but it does allow people to relax the social niceties that we have learned. i find it difficult to take all this too seriously - life's too short.
    i have been a vegetarian for over 40 years and when i get asked all the usual questions i just accept that the questioner may just have a rigid mind set and narrow outlook on life - then i ask them why they don't eat roadkill or rats etc or kill it themselves - that often shuts them up!

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