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    Posted by Cyrillia (U14259128) on Saturday, 31st July 2010

    Hey all,

    Just after advice re: tofu really, as all of my prior attempts to use it have been miserably unsuccessful! I don't know whether I'm just not using it correctly though, so tips on that point would be appreciated too! smiley - smiley

    What are your favourite brands? I've only ever used the plain Cauldron block that's in the supermarket, but don't mind suggestions that I'd have to order (have just discovered Goodness Direct!). How do you prepare and cook it?

    I'm easing myself into veganism, and have gotten rid of milk and eggs. Cheese and yoghurt will be the next, as will getting used to ingredients list checking. I love to feel the love for tofu, as I think it could be a really nice source of calcium, etc... but I'm just not getting it right now... Help! smiley - laugh


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    Posted by Saravisiae (U2247962) on Saturday, 31st July 2010

    I have a good recipe which involves marinading tofu in a mix with a bit of soy sauce, chopped garlic, ground coriander and water to make up the volume. I marinade slices of it overnight in the fridge then grill them for a few minutes either side.

    I've not found a brand of tofu that I really like though and just tend to buy the ones available in my local HFS or chinese supermarket, neither of which are quite as firm as I'd like.

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    Posted by ninjajane (U14277174) on Sunday, 1st August 2010

    I use the blocks of cauldron, and freeze it. I no longer cook it from chilled as it breaks up to easy. Freezing it, then letting it defrost with a weight on it to remove the water, coat in a little four and fry. Gives it a much nicer texture.

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    Posted by Lady Magenta (U4596262) on Sunday, 1st August 2010

    I quite like Taifun smoked tofu with sesame seeds, it's defiantly firmer than cauldron and isn't in water. The only thing is that it sometimes puts me in mind of smoked salmon as that's all my mind links smoked flavour to!

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    Posted by Monnikka (U13753075) on Sunday, 1st August 2010

    You could try Kacey's method of preparing tofu:

    It ends up with a savoury flavour and a crunchy coating.

    Or you could just fry it until lightly coloured, remove to a baking try, sprinkle with soy sauce and bake until crisp at the edges.

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    Posted by bcj (U2242464) on Monday, 2nd August 2010

    hello smiley - biggrin I make my own now. I dunno...I'll be knitting my own muesli next smiley - winkeye smiley - laugh

    I never got tofu until I started pressing it prior to using it. Now its a mainstay in our diet. I use it loads in desserts too

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    Posted by Cyrillia (U14259128) on Monday, 2nd August 2010

    ! smiley - biggrin Is your own better than any that you've bought? If so, don't keep the recipe to yourself... smiley - winkeye smiley - laugh

    I will definitely have to try it again. I think that I've been overcooking it in the past as it's always had a bit of a runny texture - yuk!!!

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    Posted by Monnikka (U13753075) on Tuesday, 3rd August 2010

    Cyrillia, try this method of preparing tofu:

    I then put it in the oven to crisp at the edges.

    The last pack of Cauldron tofu was a lot firmer than normal and it was a bigger pack.

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    Posted by Bryn_Friallen (U14401160) on Wednesday, 4th August 2010

    Bryn too smiley - biggrin

    I've been using Babycakes-Jack's tofu instructions (on the recent tempeh thread)

    the method is is awesome, last batch I made chilli tofu by sprinkling chilli flakes in between the curds with a little bit of salt after draining but before pressing IYSWIM.

    I am tending to do 2 litres of soya milk at once and freezing half.

    Next stop : chilli SMOKED tofu !
    smiley - cool


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    Posted by Lady Magenta (U4596262) on Wednesday, 4th August 2010

    Wow- definately going to try and make my own tofu! And what a shame I'll have to eat 2 tubs of ice cream first!

    Do you reckon it'd work to boil something in with the milk- to like add flavour or would there not be time for anything to infuse?

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    Posted by Bryn_Friallen (U14401160) on Thursday, 5th August 2010

    Hi Lady M
    smiley - biggrin
    If you want to try flavouring the tofu by boiling "something" in with the milk, you will have to take account of how much the "something" will dissolve in the liquid 'whey' proportion that is discarded when you are draining it. If I were you I would stick to mixing the "something" with the curds before hard pressing.

    Just my two pennorth.
    smiley - ok

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