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Swap recipes and tips, discuss the issues behind going veggie or vegan or simply ask advice from the vegetarian community. Also open to non-veggies!

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chow chow vegetable

I recently picked up one of these and was wondering if it can be ...


BronwynV Jun 5, 2010


I've bought a bumper bargain bag of avocados (the purple skinned ...


jaybird Jun 3, 2010

Chef Mel's Blog- Nice Veggie ...

Hey guys. So the BBC Host suggested that i just have one ...


ChefMelanie Jun 2, 2010

Special veggie dish for a buffet

Morning ALl,We are having a Summmer party at a local club to ...


mogatogs May 31, 2010

Millet recipes

I would be grateful for any t&t recipes for a savoury millet ...


Rosie May 30, 2010

using dried soup mix

I want to try using Morrison's "Country Style Mix " ( beans, ...


Bernard May 28, 2010

sunshine must mean veggie BBQ ...

Please can you share with me your ideas for veggie food to put on ...


BornVeggie May 23, 2010

Good veggie books

I have decided to start cooking at least one vegetarian meal a week ...


Elstar May 21, 2010


Please can somebody explain why my message asking for help about ...


Sue May 20, 2010

Spinach pate recipe please? ...

I've used a brickette in soya milk to make a fairly decent sauce, ...


meto May 20, 2010


This post has been removed.


shuit May 20, 2010


This post has been removed.


Sue May 19, 2010

cardiff recommendations

hi we are off to cardiff for a mini break this week and i was ...


molthedoll May 18, 2010

Feedback to restaurants

I ate out at quite a posh place on Monday night and was ...


dbgbatgirl May 17, 2010


I bought some samphire yesterday for the first time. I didn't ...


jaybird May 17, 2010

What are you eating veggie today?

Hi folksWhenever I’m asked what I eat if I don’t eat meat and ...


Paulthebread May 17, 2010

Vegetarian traybake?

To cater for a group of about 50 people, I need to make a ...


cellarina May 17, 2010

Wrong sort of soya milk

I'm in the dog house My usual brand of soya milk was out of ...


chools May 16, 2010

Veggie meal ideas

Okay, I feel a bit of a fraud posting this on the veggie forum ...


Sunray May 10, 2010

What's your favourite lasagne?

What's your favourite lasagne filling?I'm planning on making ...


ahopefulagai n May 5, 2010

Veggie airline food

A couple of current threads set me thinking about airline food and ...


devonsongbir d Apr 30, 2010

Veggie jelly

I've not been able to eat jelly for a few years since ...


ivyhouse Apr 27, 2010

Raymond Blanc's Kitchen ...

Did you see the above program last week where Raymond Blanc was ...


Monnikka Apr 26, 2010

Battery cows cle-1254467/Battery-farm-cows-8-0...


meto Apr 20, 2010

FAO EFCLiz & Ackee Lovers

Just seen 280g tins Ackee on special purchase at local Tesco ...


Bryn_Frialle n Apr 19, 2010

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