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    Posted by Ramona Andrews BBC Food host (U14570541) on Monday, 15th August 2011

    Did any of you see this story today? I was wondering if those of you who work in kitchens or have worked in kitchens could imagine something like this happening in other restaurants. It’s almost a cliché, this idea of the fiery over-worked, short-tempered chef in restaurant kitchens - do you think it's an accurate one?

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    Posted by Joanbunting (U14658764) on Monday, 15th August 2011

    Afternoon Ramona.

    Oh yes i could!

    Some years ago we went to a local restaurant that was made famous by Peter Mayle. One end was the local bar and on that evening the patron was serving behind it and being very generous to his local mates in the measures of the pastis he was pouring.

    His son-in-law was in the kitchen on his own. First two courses went fine then some more customers arrived and ordered - we were at the dessert stage. All of a sudden there was a tremendous lot of screaming and shouting (in very exotic French) the s-i-l stormed out and vanished up the village street telling the patron, by this time well preserved in pastis, to take over in the kitchen, but instead of so doing he shot off up the street after the other man and when we left - minus pudding - they were rolling around on the ground and the local gendarme and several others were trying to part them.

    Needless to say we have never been back!

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    Posted by Global_Worming (U14532104) on Monday, 15th August 2011

    Free meal and floor show sound just up my rue JB

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    Posted by karadekoolaid (U5605528) on Monday, 15th August 2011

    Well once again a so-called food critic causes a problem.
    I gave up reading AA Gill's "critiques" because they were all about what a wonderful journalist he is and nothing about food. Supercilious, dismissive, and arrogant is how I'd describe the man; his articles were 10 paragraphs of verbosity and 1 small paragraph about the food!
    Could this happen in a restaurant? Of course it could; there's a very strict time frame to adhere to and, unfortunately, very little leeway for errors if you wish to keep your customers happy (and returning!)
    I know my brother once reduced the hotel administrator to tears after she turned off the oven pilot light "to save money".
    Took her 90 minutes to light it again!!

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