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What do you think about the food programmes the BBC broadcasts? Which chefs inspire you to get into the kitchen and cook? And which have you reaching for the remote? This is the place to discuss the pros and cons with fellow food-lovers.

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Alan Murchison's official blog

Hi!If anyone's a fan of Alan Murchison- from BBC2’s Great ...


Carly Jul 1, 2010

Presenters/chefs eating on TV

does it get on your nerves?I was watching on iplayer the piece ...


Annie ™ Jun 23, 2010

Raymond Blanc and chocolate too

I can't wait for next Monday, the amazing Raymond Blanc is back on ...


Denadar Jun 21, 2010

Chicken in pitta ideas

I have four cooked chicken breasts and my intention was to make ...


mum-at-the-o ven Jun 21, 2010

Miss Dahl - delicious!

I would like to say that I feel the criticism of "The Delicious ...


SophieDahlFa n Jun 20, 2010

Glorified TV cooks

Just what is it about TV companies that makes them elevate nobodies ...


Rob Boler Jun 20, 2010

Is it just me

or do you think Something for the Weekend would be so much better ...


mol1e Jun 17, 2010

Mary Queen of Shops

Anybody watch last night's programme? I was so cross with ...


Dee Jun 16, 2010

Reza Mahammad

If anyone is interested - he has a small cooking item on This ...


Denadar Jun 15, 2010


Is there anyone out there who has taken part in any of the CDWM ...


cotebastide Jun 14, 2010

Marco Piere White - now we know

How does he get his food to taste nice - he rubs it with stock ...


doggiebore Jun 13, 2010

More Hairy Bikers coming up.... bikers-serve-up-a-new-treat-for-t...


bignugly Jun 10, 2010

Hairy Bikers want YOU!

Morning all,The TV team for a new Hairy Bikers show have asked me ...


BBC Food Host Jun 10, 2010

luther, best thing on tv

luther is by far the best thing ever on bbc congratulations for ...


jools Jun 8, 2010

GBM - Audi ??

Anybody think HRH's arrival in a rather shabby Audi just a bit ...


pml370 Jun 7, 2010

Great british menu - serving ...

does anyone know where you can get those fab boards the duck was ...


ninjacooks Jun 7, 2010

Aida's lemon fudge cake

This lemon fudge cake looked so yummy and my mouth was watering ...


sam heke Jun 7, 2010

Rick Stein's Food of the ...

Not sure when it is on yet. BBC (BBC2 & 4, Radio 2 & 3) start an ...


LaConchita Jun 5, 2010

FAO Friar Tuck - TV BBQs

Hi Friar Tuck,I don't know whether you have been following this ...


Denadar Jun 4, 2010

Greay British Menu 2010 judging

I cannot beleive the arrogance of the judging this year. The ...


sampass Jun 3, 2010

Great British Menu Judges

Now, let me start by saying that I fully understand that it is the ...


CurryQueen Jun 3, 2010

Back to Basics

I am an avid Saturday Kitchen viewer and thought that maybe a ...


Caz Jun 2, 2010

Jimmy's food factory - who knew?

Just noticed this is on tonight at 7:30 BBC1 about breakfast food ...


Organoleptic Icon Jun 2, 2010


Although all the cooking programs are first class, there is not ...


Eatalot Jun 2, 2010

"Under the Counter" SK

For all the Saturday Kitchen fans (or maybe not) there is an ...


agalover Jun 1, 2010

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