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What do you think about the food programmes the BBC broadcasts? Which chefs inspire you to get into the kitchen and cook? And which have you reaching for the remote? This is the place to discuss the pros and cons with fellow food-lovers.

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Ainsley Harriet

This morning on Saturday Kitchen we saw Ainsley talking on his ...


Maidenhead1 Oct 23, 2005

today food

can anyone tell,from ainsley's prawns recipe,i missed that ...


prettyAnurag a Oct 22, 2005

Does anyone have recipe to ...

I really was impressed by that and am about to do shopping and want ...


cryptikcat25 Oct 22, 2005

no subject

hello there could anybody tell me how to find out the recipes from ...


parislorrain e Oct 22, 2005

Dietary needs

There must be a large audience to cookery shows who suffer from ...


anakkechil Oct 22, 2005

naan bread

hi all can anyone help with the recipe for the naan bread ...


sirhugo Oct 22, 2005

Madhur Jaffrey - Chicken ...

Madhur Jaffrey was on Saturday Kitchen a few weeks back. She ...


Rachhnz Oct 22, 2005

no subject

its ok ive found it thanks for all your help!


parislorrain e Oct 22, 2005

Food Food Food

Yesterday was quite a busy night for cooking.we had Come Dine ...


S@B Oct 22, 2005

pomegranate molasses

Does anybody know how to convert the juice into molasses. Chefs ...


fishinginspa in Oct 22, 2005

Tinned mussels and tinned oysters

I have some tinned mussels and tinned oysters...any ideas of ...


jessbehan Oct 22, 2005

This week on Saturday Kitchen

AWT will be joined by Lesley Waters who bakes a delicious ...


Food_Host Oct 21, 2005


Why does AWT always say "these are available at your supermarket" ...


loftya Oct 20, 2005

Nut Allergy and Orange ...

The cake Antony made this morning was very mouth watering. ...


yrianodrog Oct 19, 2005

rick stein's "haek" recipe

Repeat request for the recipe from Saturday. I didn't catch the ...


ellietal Oct 18, 2005

Ready Steady Cook in School

We are currently trying to encourage the children at our ...


chickierock Oct 18, 2005

This week on Saturday Kitchen

AWT is joined by Ready Steady Cook favourite Lesley Waters and chef ...


Food_Host Oct 18, 2005

Something odd about the ...

On the first page under 'TV & Radio' it lists 50 discussions. ...


ian craig Oct 17, 2005

Bill's Blender

I really liked the look the Blender Bill used on the show ...


Dennisraelee n Oct 16, 2005

Bill Granger

Will Bill be doing any book signings as he has a new book ...


richcookieca z Oct 16, 2005

Scaleyfish-to strip or not to ...

Is it normal to strip the scales from sardines before ...


mommakate Oct 16, 2005

seeing bill

is it possible to see Bill anywhere? or is he cookib=ng ...


caroleg Oct 15, 2005

This week's Saturday Kitchen

This week on Saturday Kitchen we’ve got Sydney cafe guru Bill ...


foodlouisa Oct 12, 2005

Welcome to the new Food ...

If you need help at any point you can access the help pages via ...


Food_Host Oct 12, 2005

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