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    Posted by mogatogs (U14178925) on Monday, 9th August 2010


    has anyone tried these firms that send you 7 days meals, cost approz £250 per month, I know you have to supply your own fresh fruit and veg, but just wondered how good/bad they were. My biggest downfall when trying to lose weight is having 'food' in the house and freezer, OH will be incapacitated for a while probably two weeks minimum in hospital and thought it might be the time to try the plan and it might give me the incentive to keep to a diet when he comes home.

    Thanks for your ideas


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    Posted by Dee (U3082905) on Tuesday, 10th August 2010

    Do you mean something like DietChef? I have no personal experience but they are meant to be a good example of teh genre - ie the meals themselves are OK BUT with veg & fruit you will be spending around £300 per month of food for one person smiley - yikes I wouldn't like not to have a chouce & besides, I love to cook so it's not for me.

    Unless you bin everything currently in your cupboards & freezer, there will still be the temptation to eat what's there too.

    If you intend to visit your OH daily, you could go out with a little cash & buy enough for your meal & the next morning & no more - ie, a chicken portion & a pack of stir fry veg, a yoghurt & banana for the morning & a couple of bits of fruit for snacks. If you stick to just the cash & don't use plastic you will have to make wise choices.

    Some hospital canteens are pretty good (some aren't ) so might be worth checking out too.

    For the days when you may not visit - make/buy some soup & treat yourself to a small choc bar or cake or crisps (whatever your "thing" is)- that way you won't feel deprived but only ever buy single portions - no 12 pack of kitkats or crisps even if it works out cheaper.

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    Posted by Catherine (U3509820) on Tuesday, 10th August 2010

    They looked at these on Market Kitchen a while back and samples each diet (I think they tried about 5 companies) Anyway, the general consensus was that the food was a bit bland and they were a total rip off. Only plus point was that the food was measured out so those more likely to help themselves to more have it all done for them. That is provided you don't go out and buy more food which is quite easy to do, so not sure it actually helps. I would avoid and take the advise of the nurse or dietitian connected to a GP surgery

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    Posted by sharond101 (U8032685) on Tuesday, 10th August 2010

    £250 is alot of money for one person one month. What about trying the diet plates that help portion out your meals?

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    Posted by Stokey Sue (U14258170) on Wednesday, 11th August 2010

    If you just want something easy while you are visiting your OH, and also to retrain your sense of portion size, I'd suggest that just for the two weeks you might want to hit M&S and get their Count on Us meals - I have found them helpful in terms of portion control.

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    Posted by sweettweet (U14258914) on Thursday, 12th August 2010

    M&S - good idea! Their 'Fuller for Longer' range is very good, £4ish per meal. The meals are nice, there's choice and if you ate one per day -£28 per week. Just have cereal and a mid day 'salad'. It might be quite a nice mission to go to M&S and choose seven main meals!

    Another thing that is useful is Rosemary Conley's website ... lots of recipes/ideas. Good luck.

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