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    Posted by Lindsay (U13813477) on Thursday, 22nd April 2010

    I am joining slimming world tonight in a bid to lose quite a lot of weight. (Probably about 5 stone to be honest).

    Any advice on from anyone about it? I don't really like attending these meetings, the people who host it tend to annoy me!

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    Posted by blondiebombshell00 (U11024184) on Thursday, 22nd April 2010

    write down everything you eat and drink, plan your meals in advance so you are less likely to make bad decisions and make sure at least half of your plate is veg/salad

    If i were you, i would go to the first few meetings until you've really gotten to grips with the plan and then go it alone - otherwise you may miss out on some really good hints and tips

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    Posted by mrs miggins (U1159127) on Friday, 23rd April 2010

    Do slimming world do an online version?
    My flatmate did very well with weightwatchers online - she didn't want to go to meetings either.

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    Posted by Sloe-Gin (U9887997) on Friday, 23rd April 2010

    I like the slimming world methods, but not the local group, which tended to be very cliquey and the 'leader' reminded me of Marjorie Dawes - she was exceedingly plump and with a host of reasons why she couldn't lose weight - hardly inspiring!
    Yes, they do an online version, with lots of 'virtual support'.
    Keeping a food diary is a very good idea - well, it is for me, as I can then look back and see my highs and lows - and how I felt at the time. Also, having small targets is better, for me, than one huge one (and that's where groups do work, as they cheer every loss!). Though I'd prefer to eat the 'green' menus, I find they don't work for me as well as the reds.
    Can you excercise, too? I put on weight after having a new knee last year, then it was a downward spiral. The low point came when hub and friends were setting off on a longish walk with the dogs, after easter. They said they'd shorten it to accommodate me, but I felt too unfit. I have now been on the treadmill (bought some time ago for this purpose, but virtually unused till now!) every weekday and have built up my speed and stamina considerably in 2 weeks! I have even gone out and bought walking poles, to do a short walk round the lake this weekend!
    Keep going, historicallass - I hope that, with support from family and friends, plus everyone here, I can too! Ann

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    Posted by Ralphstarbreaker (U2176371) on Friday, 23rd April 2010

    Do you have any Health Trainers in your area? They can support you 1 to 1 with lifestyle changes that may improve your health, such as healthy eating and activity.

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    Posted by Rustyblue (U4229427) on Saturday, 24th April 2010

    I have been going to Slimming World for almost 8 years. I didn't need to lose a lot of weight but have lost almost a stone on and off and have decided that if I didn't go it would all go on again. We also have such fun!

    Our Consultant is in the top 5 of the whole country and is absolutely brilliant! She runs 3 groups and gets almost 100 people at our early group plus about an extra 120 more at the other two combined.

    We have many long stayers - there is always lots of advice passed around and we have tasting nights whereby people bring in syn free or low syn food - it is normally a theme based meeting.

    Please persevere for at least 2 months - you will get a lot of advice and hopefully have a tasting night - ask your consultant for advice or ask fellow group members

    SW is also online You need to register and to access the members pages you need to get the group password which is changed each week.

    Good luck - we have many members who have lost over 4 stone - one member lost almost 7 stone in about 15 months.

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    Posted by foodymaryjay (U8214475) on Sunday, 25th April 2010


    Have you tried the Llandudno Group? I hear very good things about it. One of my friends attends and has managed her weight very well. I'm thinking of attending myself, especially as it takes place in the hall opposite an old lady I visit.

    Mary J

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    Posted by Lindsay (U13813477) on Sunday, 25th April 2010

    Hi All,
    Thanks for the advice. The group session was not that bad to be honest but at two hours it was very long! I felt like a lot of people use it as a therapy (and as someone with therapy once a week I don't really need that!).

    The group leader seems lovely and it turns out we have the same start weight at 18s8lbs. Not been set a targer weight only a 10% which will take me to 16s10lb.

    So far I have done reasonably well I think.

    Friday I had

    Muller light

    Jacket Potato
    Cottage cheese
    Muller light

    Jacket Potato
    with creamy mushrooms and leeks (in quark)
    Coleslaw (with ELF Mayo and yogurt

    Yesterday was hard
    Quorn Sausage

    Went to a friends for what I thought was drinks and a bbq.
    Turned into a bit of a booze up and they all wanted takeway and there was no food in the house!
    I had 3 gin and slimline tonics (bought it in a can to limit the ammount I drank as I know I binge and the calories I drink can be immense).
    I ate:
    Snack a jacks
    Carrot sticks
    Fresh Salsa
    2 light babybels as my Healthy extra
    Small box of veggie sushi

    When they ordered curry I had a chicken tikka with a couple of spoons of boiled rice and as spoonful of someones madras sauce to make it a bit less dry!
    So annoyed with myself for falling off the wagon a bit.

    Today so far I have had:

    Lunch will be cous cous and chicken salad

    Dinner either quorn chilli or quorn bolognase.

    Really hope this works!
    Thanks again

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    Posted by Ralphstarbreaker (U2176371) on Monday, 3rd May 2010

    Given the circumstances you showed good restraint. The time to get back on the horse is as soon as possible. The important thing is to learn from any lapses and put strategies in place to make them less likely to occur again.

    There are a number of high glycaemic foods that you've had (bran flakes, jacket potatoes, Ryvita) that may provide vitamins and fibre making them healthier options than some foods, however they need to be eaten in small amounts with proteins, healthy fats, and low Gi foods to deter blood sugar fluctuations.

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    Posted by Lindsay (U13813477) on Monday, 3rd May 2010

    I am getting better at managing situations foodwise.
    I lost 7lb in my first week which I am very pleased with.

    Went to the races on saturday and had a fair few drinks, but been virtuous ever since!!

    I am hoping to lose 3 lbs this week but we will see...

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    Posted by Sloe-Gin (U9887997) on Wednesday, 5th May 2010

    So you should be pleased with your result - it's a great incentive, isn't it? Good luck with it this week, too!
    I didn't lose any this week, but we've been away and I haven't put any on, so that's a bonus! It was our wedding anniversary, so we went out for lunch as well as having a bbq and salads. I am still exercising and feel fitter.

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    Posted by Lindsay (U13813477) on Friday, 7th May 2010

    Hiya, lost another 3 this week. Really chuffed with myself. Feeling really good. My work trousers are now too big, really want to lose 4lb for next Thurs to make it a stone in 3 weeks x

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    Posted by Sarah (U14349154) on Friday, 7th May 2010

    Well done smiley - smiley keep it going you will probably find that the first stone or so comes off quite quickly just be prepared for it to slow down. Its natural to plateau but stick with it. If you combine it with walking or swimming at first then you will keep going down.
    I lost 3.5 stone last year not through any diet club but just healthy eating and lots of exercise dropped from a 14 to a 8 and I've still kept it off but I changed my lifestyle doing that instead of a diet I think means you will keep it off. I still have the occassional takeawy but only once a month and I cant remember the last time I ate pizza!

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    Posted by Sloe-Gin (U9887997) on Monday, 10th May 2010

    That's very impressive, Sarah. Good for you! I haven't done any significant exercise for years, as I've had 5 operations over the last ten years. Before that, I was quite fit. Now, I'm trying to regain some fitness and am walking every weekday on the treadmill and gradually building up my stamina. It's showing in my lifestyle, too, as I can now bend easier and not get out of breath doing ordinary chores. I'm up to 30 mins @3mph and aiming for 45 mins. I've even bought some Nordic walking poles, which help on 'proper' walks!
    I know that if I stop now, I will not only seize up, but the weight will pile on, too.

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    Posted by Her outdoors (U1450108) on Monday, 10th May 2010

    A friend of mine really found the Slimming World regime helpful - red days when you eat meat - green days when you don't - but the thing that would put me off is the phraseology of being allowed a number if sins a day. So on a red day (I believe I'm right) a portion of salad or some potato would be a sin. On a green day you can eat jacket potato, baked beans and salad ad hoc, but have a sausage with it and that is a sin.

    Negative feelings, guilt, naughtiness.

    Food is NEVER a sin. I think this is quite the wrong philosophy.

    But back to the slimming club ethos, whichever you decide on the idea is to go each week (you pay even if you don't go, so you might as well) and the group therapy is what gets you through the bad weeks when there is lots of temptation to deviate from your good intentions.

    After all, everyone else is there to lose weight and the support of a group can be very encouraging. You don't feel awfully guilty when you don't lose weight one week because inevitably someone else has done the same, but you feel very proud when you lose weight or even better when you are slimmer of the week.

    So if you fancy Slimming World they go along, give it a few weeks and make some new friends, and stick with it.

    Doing it all on your own, as you have no doubt done already, doesn't maintain your focus week to week but going to the group sessions really does achieve this.

    I speak as someone who ALSO needs to lose 5 stone!!

    Best of luck - don't be put off but DO Please post on the message board to let us know how you get on and what you think to Slimming World.

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    Posted by Lindsay (U13813477) on Monday, 10th May 2010

    Hi All,
    I am genuinely surprised to be quite enjoying slimming world. I am eating really well and having a day off per week so I can have drinks and do out for dinner. For example on Saturday I am off to the races and having lunch out. I will drink as much G and T as I jolly well like.

    My philosophy is that if I apply the principles 90% of the time, then I am still eating substantially better than before. I am on target to lose 4lb this week which will take me to a stone in 3 weeks. I am just hoping that I maintian the enthusiasm when the weight loss plateaus.

    Slimming World has modernised itself slightly, you can still do the green or red days but they now do 'Extra Easy'. Essentially 1/3 of your meal must be 'superfree' fruit and veg. All lean meat, v.low fat dairy, potatoes, rice, pulses, pasta etc. are 'free'. Everything else has to be 'synned'. I am currently saving most of my 'syns' for the weekend 'blowout'.

    I know what you mean about the language that is used. I see a psychotherapist about an unconnected issue, and he said that he is very anti some of the language used to imply that eating the food you want is terrible. He thinks he has seen many people with eating disorders made worse by such groups.

    Thanks HL x

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    Posted by Lindsay (U13813477) on Thursday, 13th May 2010

    Another 4lbs off, that's a stone in 3 weeks. I love Slimming World it really works. Hope I keep it up xx

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    Posted by Amazing (U7102651) on Thursday, 13th May 2010

    Good for you girl.

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    Posted by Lindsay (U13813477) on Sunday, 30th May 2010

    Just a quick update for anyone who is interested. Have now lost 1st 3.5lbs in five weeks and am on target to lose at least another two lbs this week.

    Really enjoying it at the moment, eating loads and loads of fruit and veg.

    I am losing my taste for the foods I used to eat, such as Cadbury's chocolate and takeaways. I ordered a pizza last night as a treat ate a slice and binned it! I am not sure if it was because it didn't taste nice or because it was psychological.

    The main changes I am making are making ALL my own food and drinking a little bit less, and swapping most of my drinks to dry white wine and soda or gin and slimline tonic.

    All further hints and tips gratefully recived
    HL x

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    Posted by Lindsay (U13813477) on Friday, 4th June 2010

    Only half a pound off this week, completely my fault as I ate out a few times with it being the holidays. A bit disappointed but not surprised.

    It does not help that I have not been to the loo in 5 days :-o x

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    Posted by mostly99 (U14399899) on Monday, 7th June 2010

    Hi HL

    Well done for how you are doing so far, that is brilliant! I started SW last Weds & want to lose about 5 stone in all. Would like to lose a stone by beginning of August when I am going to France for a week, and then another 2 by Christmas when I am going to Florida, I think that should be acheivable.

    I did SW quite a few years ago & managed to lose about 3 stone in 6 months, I must say I am finding it a lot easier this time now you can do 'extra-easy', I always used to find it really hard to decide at the beginning of the day whether it was going to be a red or green day.

    I actually like going to the class as I find the weekly weigh-in a huge incentive not to stray too much, I have done a couple of diets online & find I don't have the same willpower as when I have to explain myself to others. Fortunately my class only lasts about an hour.

    Anyway keep up the good work & I'll let you know how I get on!

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    Posted by Lady B (U14468251) on Monday, 7th June 2010

    Any loss is better than staying the same or gaining - Congrats.

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    Posted by mostly99 (U14399899) on Thursday, 10th June 2010

    Well I have lost 4.5lbs in my first week which I was really pleased with, hope to lose 2.5 this week to get my 1/2 stone!

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    Posted by Lindsay (U13813477) on Thursday, 10th June 2010

    Well done Mostly, that is fab news.
    I lost 3lb this week which was a nice suprise as last Thursday after weigh in I had a McDonalds (don't ask!) and some Ben and Jerry's at the cinema.I ate a lot of fruit and veg every other day though and only had two pints of lager the whole week.

    So that;s me offically a stone and a half lighter than I was 7 weeks ago so I cannot complain. Target is 2lb this week, although I am on the beer on S|aturday for the football. x

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    Posted by mostly99 (U14399899) on Thursday, 17th June 2010

    Well I managed to lose 2lbs this week which was OK but shame I didn't get to my 1/2 stone. A friend from work has started coming with me so hopefully we will be able to spur each other on. We are off out for a curry tonight but I have checked which one is the lowest number of syns & will have that with some boiled rice so that won't be too bad.

    Aiming for another 2 for next week then....

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    Posted by Lindsay (U13813477) on Thursday, 17th June 2010

    That is good weight loss mostly, well done you!
    I lost 2lbs this week, making 23lbs overall in 8 weeks.

    I wasn't very good this week, drank heavily twice, one KFC, a takeaway curry (only had chicken tikka and rice), fajitas at a mexican and a meal out last night. Was surprised to have lost weight, but bar the KFC I chose one of the healthier options at every opportunity and don't feel like I am missing our.

    I guess in a perverse way I am 'lucky' I have so much to lose. I currently am 16st 13lb so still have 5-6 stone to lose.It'll be a long slog. smiley - sadface

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    , in reply to message 26.

    Posted by mostly99 (U14399899) on Wednesday, 30th June 2010

    Only lost 1/2 lb last week which I was very disappointed with as I hadn't been out at all & had only had a small glass of wine each night so not had all my syns.

    Still aiming for 2 for this week..........

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    Posted by Lindsay (U13813477) on Wednesday, 30th June 2010

    Oh no Mostly, that is a shame, but don't be disheartened. It will pick up, you might get a big loss next week.I don't think I will have lost any and it has been a fortnight since my last weigh in. That said I have lost inches in the last fortnight. Fingers crossed for a better week next week.
    HL x

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    Posted by murphbridge (U2032303) on Saturday, 3rd July 2010

    Hi Guys

    I joined SW 3 wks ago, just lost 2.5lbs in the first wk, none in 2nd (no gain).. Can't go to the classes due to kids, not sure what I'm doing wrong. Constantly hungry, and eating fruit +++

    Any ideas or hints??

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    Posted by Bryn_Friallen (U14401160) on Saturday, 3rd July 2010

    Hi Murphs

    If I were you I would try cutting down on any high sugar fruits that you may be eating (there can be lots of sugar in them), go for berries (I think) instead as far as poss and substitute vegetables for some of the fruits if that makes sense.

    Good luck

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    Posted by mostly99 (U14399899) on Tuesday, 6th July 2010

    Think you might need to fill up on some other things other than fruit, depending on whether you are a sweet or savoury person (I am definately savoury) and so tend to fill up on salads with quite a lot of protein, Mug Shot soups (some of which are free, you need to check), also things like baked beans (I make my own & add lean bacon), also Muller Light yoghurts with berries. You also need to make sure you are drinking enough as it might be that you are actually thirsty & not hungry, especially in this hot weather.

    Lost another 2 this week so that makes 9lbs in 4 weeks!

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    Posted by mostly99 (U14399899) on Thursday, 8th July 2010

    And 2.5 this week which I was well pleased with. Only aiming for 1.5 next week as going to stay with friends on Sat night who I haven't seen for about 3 years so know I will have a few glasses of wine, but have saved my syns for them!

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    Posted by akaMissPiggy (U9744233) on Sunday, 11th July 2010

    Hello all
    I've rejoined SW for the umpteenth time, this time I really need to stick at it to lose 5-6 stone for health reasons.(and my son and his lovely GF have got engaged so that's a major incentive too!) It's really interesting reading you comments and seeing your successes! My main problem is that I like a drink and drink too much, have you any tips to help with the cravings?
    Also despite all the fruit and veg I get "bunged up" and one or two others have the same problem, I see HL also had a problem, I wonder why that is.
    Please keep posting with your successes(and not so good weeks) it will keep me motivated.

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    Posted by mostly99 (U14399899) on Monday, 12th July 2010

    Hi akaMissPiggy, good luck with SW & please keep us posted with how you get on!

    I too like a drink & was having a glass of wine every night, which is fine & within the syn range, but with the recent hot weather I have found that I have been wanting longer drinks & so have switched to martini & either lemonade or tonic, and you can have 2 of them to one glass of wine!

    With regard to getting 'bunged up', one of the new healthy extra B choices is Bear Granola nibbles, at the moment you can only get them in Waitrose or online but one bag counts as one of your three portions of fibre a day, so don't know if that will help.

    Anyway good luck for this week!

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    Posted by akaMissPiggy (U9744233) on Monday, 12th July 2010

    Thanks Mostly-by coincidence I am travelling past my nearest W'rose tomorrow, its 40 miles away so will stock up on the nibbles-do you mean they are a "b" choice?
    One glass of wine a night-I wish!...nearer a whole bottle for me or an embarrasing amount of gin smiley - sadface
    Would love to hear from others doing SW-keep in touch
    Miss Piggy

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    Posted by akaMissPiggy (U9744233) on Wednesday, 14th July 2010

    Had my first weigh in-lost 4.5lbs. Am really pleased and found the new extra easy plan easy! As for the word "Syn" I found it more of a "watch out do you really need to eat/drink that hmmmm" thing, it did help when I fancied a drink, counting up syns made me think twice. (failed 2 evenings buy hey ho 4.5lbs off smiley - biggrin )
    As for the bear granola-absolutely scrummy, have had to lock them in my car boot to stop me eating all 4 bags I bought. Shame it's so far to my nearest W'rose, will be making excuses to travel up more often smiley - devil
    Let us know how you all got on this week
    Miss Piggy

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    , in reply to message 30.

    Posted by murphbridge (U2032303) on Wednesday, 14th July 2010


    I actually lost 3lbs this week, I don't feel as hungry which I'm pleased about.

    I have a question, however,,,

    If you cook with alcohol, where does that sit as far as 'syns' are concerned??

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  • Message 38

    , in reply to message 36.

    Posted by mostly99 (U14399899) on Thursday, 15th July 2010

    Well done Miss Piggy, that is fantastic!

    You can get the Bear granola from their website, they come in boxes of 12 & work out at 69p each, which looks about the same as in Waitrose, and they do free delivery! I like it sprinkled on some fruit & yoghurt & find that really fills me up.

    Only lost 1lb this week so that is 12.5lbs in 6 weeks, just so want to get to that stone!

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  • Message 39

    , in reply to message 37.

    Posted by mostly99 (U14399899) on Thursday, 15th July 2010

    Have just asked my SW advisor & unfortunately cooking with alcohol contains the same no of syns as if you drink it smiley - sadface

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    , in reply to message 20.

    Posted by mogatogs (U14178925) on Thursday, 15th July 2010

    Evening All,

    Have read this thread with interest, OH and I both need to lose weight, he for medical reasons undergoing major heart surgery at Xmas and a less invasive procedure in 6-8 weeks, me I just need to lose weight, neither can get to classes due to work commitments and geography, so plan to do it online - main problem for me is - I cannot stand nuts and grains of any sort, actually allergic to most nuts, they are good 'filler -ups' so what can anyone recommend to take there place, I want to keep my syns for an evening lge glass of wine, life is so stressful at the mo, I need it. I do feel a bit guilty as I am a nurse and should know better, my GP's have said when OH has op's I will lose weight naturally but I would like to be supportive of his efforts


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    , in reply to message 40.

    Posted by akaMissPiggy (U9744233) on Thursday, 15th July 2010

    Hi Mostly, don't be disappointed with the loss of "only" 1lb it all adds up and better than putting on.
    Won't be long till you get your 1st stone award.
    Mogatogs-can't think what you could replace nuts with-what about roasted chick peas, don't have a recipe but Sakkarin may tell you.
    Had far too much to drink last night to celebrate my first week's result so now have to be really really good for the rest of the weeksmiley - sadface

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    , in reply to message 41.

    Posted by mostly99 (U14399899) on Thursday, 22nd July 2010

    Lost another 1lb this week so 1/2lb off my stone which is really annoying, but had been to Brighton for a couple of days & so wasn't quite as careful as usual, going to have a good week this week so hopefully will be there by next week.

    Roasted chickpeas are lovely, sprinkle them with a bit of paprika (or chilli powder/cayenne if you like hot things!)

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    , in reply to message 42.

    Posted by akaMissPiggy (U9744233) on Thursday, 22nd July 2010

    Well done Mostly. I had the week from hell and drank far too muchsmiley - sadface I put on half a pound and was pleased as I felt I had put all 4.5lbs back on. I did have a drink last night but will be trying very hard to only have a drink on one more night but it's hard....
    I'm aiming for 2lbs and will be upping my exercise by commiting to a brisk walk every other day.
    Have a good week you'll get that half lb for sure.

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by beemergirl (U14280744) on Friday, 23rd July 2010

    Thanks for starting this.
    I'm back on the boards after a very busy period and read this with interest.
    I am looking to join a local group on Thursday of next week.
    Never done Slimming World before, but have done WW in the past.
    Will look forward to posting in the future.
    Good luck to you all

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    , in reply to message 44.

    Posted by restingsweetie (U14273085) on Saturday, 24th July 2010

    Hi all..

    i have done SW a couple of times before and loved it for afew weeks. then i start to crave all my fave takeaways and crisps smiley - sadface ...first time i did it i lost 1 and 1/2 stone in about 8weeks, but the last time i only lost 1lb in 4weeks smiley - grr so i gave up.
    Me and OH both need to lose about 3 stone i just dont know where to start now! we have tried SW WW and just eating better.. i would like to start SW again but am worried i will be just wasting my time again..
    because of work i wouldnt be able to go to meetings either.

    i need HELP...smiley - yikes

    RS xx

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    , in reply to message 45.

    Posted by mostly99 (U14399899) on Friday, 30th July 2010

    Hi RS

    I would say that whatever you decide to do that it really helps to attend a meeting as it helps to keep you incentivised (?) & on the right track, I know I really struggle if I try to do something on my own.

    Saying that I have heard quite good things about the Tony Ferguson diet (available at Boots)

    Finally got to my stone this week but off to France next week so want to try & stay reasonably on track!

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    , in reply to message 46.

    Posted by restingsweetie (U14273085) on Tuesday, 3rd August 2010

    Hi m99,

    I have now started SW.... yippee!! i really cannot go to meetings because of work and that is going to be a struggle i know.. my OH is happy to cheer when we lose though smiley - laugh...

    i have start it this morning and feeling positive..

    well done to you and France.. wine and cheese smiley - yikes lovely!! x

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