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Eating sensibly is never easy, so how do you curb your cravings and stay away from the ice cream? Remember to take medical advice before starting a diet...

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Time for the nation's healthy ...

Most people must be aware of the low-fat, low-sugar, low-salt ...


Ralphstarbre aker Aug 15, 2010

Detox- Not A Diet!

So i have definitely been overdoing it lately. But its ...


ChefMelanie Aug 15, 2010

The dreaded "D" word (#2) ...

Last year I asked for advice when embarking on a challenge to lose ...


KaveyF Aug 14, 2010

What I'm expected to eat!!

I went to see a dietician yesterday because I have an ED ...


macgroogle Aug 12, 2010

Coping with Cravings

Having given up my job to go back to university for a year I find ...


CelSue Aug 12, 2010

coconut cream substitute

Hi,I have just been diagnosed with severe vascular disease and need ...


christine Aug 12, 2010

New Diet meals by post!

Evening,has anyone tried these firms that send you 7 days ...


mogatogs Aug 12, 2010

no subject

Dieting is fakeI spent much time watching and listening people ...


Mobefree Aug 8, 2010

Very quick lunch ideas?

Sometimes, I get so carried away with being a mum that I forget ...


Sunray Aug 6, 2010

Changes to the Food message ...

Hi there,I've just posted a message up on the Food Chat ...


BBC Food Host Aug 5, 2010

Slimming World

Hiya, I am joining slimming world tonight in a bid to lose quite a ...


Lindsay Aug 3, 2010

Watercress & mature cheddar ...

Good morning folks, I am looking for a recipe that will produce a ...


mpishiroy Aug 2, 2010

Saturated fats

Hello all,I've popped across from the main food board to ask a ...


cuckoo_123 Jul 31, 2010

IBS Triggers

I hope you don't think this is a bit crude or improper, but I am ...


Solzen Jul 30, 2010

Low-Carb for PCOS

Hello Everyone!Its been a few years since I was here,so I ...


Eva Jul 21, 2010

Gluten-free pastry recipe

Got a good T&T gluten free pastry recipe? What flour do you use?My ...


ahopefulagai n Jul 18, 2010

Egg white

Hi everyone,I haven't eaten eggs for 20+ years, through allergy. ...


Jasmin Jul 18, 2010

Missing Breakfast?

I have been looking into the idea that missing breakfast is a ...


Lady B Jul 15, 2010

Healthy nibbles to snack on....

Glad I didn't buy the snack box which was being discussed last ...


lesleylove Jul 15, 2010

Celery soup

Hi Could anyone please tell me how many calories there are in a ...


MarianThomps on Jul 15, 2010

Daily Food Diary - Low Carb

I am creating a food diary to complete daily to keep track of ...


Lady B Jul 15, 2010

Tips for motivation

Write a list of pro's and a list of con's for the behaviour you ...


Ralphstarbre aker Jul 15, 2010

Unfishy Fish

Hello Fellow Dieters!Im trying to make the effort to eat more ...


Lady B Jul 13, 2010

Aubergines - to salt or not ...

Have been told it is possible to cook aubergine in the over as ...


juliasue Jul 13, 2010

Griddle pan

HiNewbie Here!Im thinking of purchasing a Griddle Pan to cook ...


GND Jul 12, 2010

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