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I've been following comments on the Wildfood board for a few ...


slowfood Aug 16, 2010

Veggie picnic ideas?

Trying to get a post in before this board closes :(Anyway, I ...


Sunray Aug 16, 2010

Bye bye veggies

Do come over to the main board when this one shuts.We won't ...


Organoleptic Icon Aug 16, 2010

What are you eating veggie today?

Hi folksWhenever Im asked what I eat if I dont eat meat and ...


Paulthebread Aug 13, 2010

Marinated tofu pieces

If anyone remembers the discussion about these a while back, I got ...


bababoom Aug 12, 2010

FAO EFCLiz Seitan sausages ...

Hi LizRemember you challenged me to make my own sausages some ...


Paulthebread Aug 12, 2010

Chicken eater name? Avarians?

Having been assured that "pescatarians" are a part of ...


Organoleptic Icon Aug 12, 2010

Veggie Haggis

I'm sure this will have come up before but I don't know how to ...


tayporttony Aug 11, 2010

Leak mash

In 2008, I went to a dinner party and tried for the first time had ...


Alexia Aug 11, 2010

leftover vegetarian haggis

I was lucky enough to get 4 McSweens vegetarian haggis at a ...


jaybird Aug 11, 2010

What is everyones favourite ...

I am not a veggie but we do eat more veggie food than meat or ...


FlopsyTops Aug 11, 2010

Vegan dilemma

Well you did say to ask questions!!A good friend has ...


mogatogs Aug 10, 2010

where to go for anniversary ...

its my 9th anniversary on Monday and we will be in Manchester for ...


molthedoll Aug 10, 2010

Goodbye Veggie Chat!

I'm really sorry to see that this board is closing.It got a bit ...


Saravisiae Aug 9, 2010

this is certainly one I ...

I keep finding myself craving fish. It happens sometimes. I'm ...


ahopefulagai n Aug 7, 2010


Hey all,Just after advice re: tofu really, as all of my prior ...


Cyrillia Aug 5, 2010

The" Pop in Cafe" AKA Veggie ...

Where is WFB to start this off? Just staggered in from work, ...


wildfruitbat Aug 4, 2010

farewell picnic anyone?

it will be sad to see the veggie board go.i know we are ...


TheHappyHams ter Aug 3, 2010

forgotten tofu

cauldron brand tofu - I put a box in the freezer around 6 months ...


TheHappyHams ter Aug 3, 2010

courgettes, courgettes everywhere

I have a grand total of 6 courgettes! We're in glut season ...


ahopefulagai n Aug 3, 2010

Organic Food?

Hey All,Just wondering... Are there any particular food items ...


Cyrillia Aug 3, 2010


Hey all,I just made a lovely recipe for tabbouleh from the ...


Cyrillia Aug 2, 2010

Changes to the Food message ...

Hi there,I've just posted a message up on the Food Chat ...


BBC Food Host Aug 2, 2010

sundried tomatoes

Hello all. My son has given me a load of sundried tomatoes and ...


Jayne Aug 2, 2010

'top 5' of classic veggie ...

I'm a bit new to vegetarian cooking, and my attempts are ...


elderberry Jul 29, 2010

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