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SFTW - raita

Liked the tempura that Simon cooked on Sunday but was shocked ...


Dee Aug 16, 2010

Celebrity Masterchef

Celebrity MasterChefHighlightWednesday 21 ...


Friar Tuck Aug 16, 2010

Top Chef 5 starts June 21st

I know some of you have seen it already via friends abroad, but ...


LaConchita Aug 16, 2010

End of an Era - your ...

What a great bunch of people I have met on this board and what ...


LaConchita Aug 16, 2010

Changes afoot to Masterchef UK? masterchef/news/a255852/masterche...


Kate Aug 13, 2010

As sugggested by the Food Host

I have started a discussion group on Facebook ...


Friar Tuck Aug 13, 2010

Sleb Masterchef - help please

I'm quite a bit behind so I daren't google to find a list of ...


EFCliz Aug 13, 2010

Cheerful Soul To Close

Anybody remember series two of the restaurant when Michelle & ...


scorpiogran- gran Aug 13, 2010

Masterchef Australia

Starts 18th January on Watch.Anyone else going to watch ...


tezzatastebu ds Aug 12, 2010

The Boss is Coming to Dinner

Has anyone else watched this? Channel 5


U14574828 Aug 12, 2010

Changes to the Food message ...

Hi there,I've just posted a message up on the Food Chat ...


BBC Food Host Aug 12, 2010

This prog surprised me !

I nearly didn't watch this as I am rarely inspired by shows on this ...


Friar Tuck Aug 12, 2010

No more "The Restaurant" ent+arts-10631923Well, the ...


Dee Aug 12, 2010

Come Dine With Me - ...

AFter watching CDWM yesterday, I was outraged. A contestant ...


Alexia Aug 11, 2010

Britain's Best Dish

A new series starts next Monday - ITV 5-6pm.My favourite cookery ...


Alison_Wrigh t Aug 11, 2010

Great Bristish Bake Off

Fab looking new series starts 17 August, BBC2. ...


Dee Aug 11, 2010

Come Dine With Me - AUSTRALIA

CDWM Australia starts Channel 4, Thurs at 17:00. Same format as ...


Dee Aug 10, 2010

Instant Restaurant

Starts this Monday-Friday 2:15pm -3pm BBC2My memory isn't the ...


Alison_Wrigh t Aug 10, 2010


I very much like watching Master Chef, however why don't any of ...


Chrisstockle y Aug 9, 2010

"Nigella Kitchen" - new BBC2 ...

The details ...This 13-part series will show Nigella cooking food ...


LaConchita Aug 9, 2010

Ten Mile Menu

New cookery show starting on ITV at 5pm. ...


Alison_Wrigh t Aug 5, 2010

BBC Coast series

Hi,im new to this, so hoping someone might be able to ...


Mannu Aug 5, 2010

Michel Roux Jr - At Your Service your-service/Sounds excellent - ...


Dee Aug 5, 2010

Sleb Free Zone

Begins tonight on ITV...A cookery competition without the ...


bignugly Aug 2, 2010

Reza fans - A Place in France ...

The 'Indian Summer' series where Reza helps Nigel open a 'pop up' ...


LaConchita Aug 1, 2010

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