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10th July 2014
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Give Tim credit....

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Message 1 - posted by Hornet4ever (U1648593) , Jun 21, 2005

Yes he was very very poor in the first two sets but at least Henman showed he has some bottle to make a great comeback.

Quite clearly thought there needs to be a vast improvement.
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Message 2 - posted by col-kundalini (U1649363) , Jun 21, 2005

Yes Tim did well considering how poorly he was playing at the beginning. I thought he was doomed when he wasted a great chance to win the 2nd set towards the end, then lost the tie-break but his standard of play was fairly good in the final 3 sets.

His serve does not look good though. He gets so few cheap points, that you have to wonder about his tactics.

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Message 3 - posted by Kenzo (U1650852) , Jun 22, 2005

It really isn't a reflection of Tim Henman on the first match whether you like him or not. First rounders do not tell the whole story, and he cannot be judged on that.

However, I will say that, judging by past Wimbledon performances when he has got very far, he is a player whom you never know what to expect, and he can be on form or just not on it.

But I will say overall, in the whole Tennis season, he's dropped quite dramatically, and that 2004 was his high, and probably will be his high, and now he's starting to decline a little. Yes, Niemenen was a good player, but he was edgy with his serving and returning, and Henman will not get any luxuries with Hewitt, Roddick or Federer - they are on peak form physically and mentally, and Henman won't get away with it the way he did with Niemenen. He will beat lesser players, because they don't have big match experience, but the big boys will finish what the lesser ones started.

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Message 4 - posted by malcatwork (U1650884) , Jun 22, 2005

Henman has always shown he has 'bottle' - that's what has set him apart from most Brits in recent years (remember the Kafelnikov match?). No doubting the quality of his game, either.

What he doesn't have, however, is that extra ingredient (hunger, charisma etc.) that makes a champion. I predict he will go out before week 2 (more than happy to be proved wrong, however)

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Message 5 - posted by MATTWHITE (U1651249) , Jun 22, 2005

The whole Henman situation drives me up the wall. Why does the whole nation have to get gripped into mass hysteria for a week where we all convince ourselves that 'It's going to be Tim's year'. Then he loses and the whole of centre court sits there crying. Why? It's not like we didn't know what was going to happen. He will never win this title. He's just not good enough.

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Message 6 - posted by TopTiggerToo (U835516) , Jun 22, 2005

Do we not all think the same thing every time there's a World Cup?! Everyone from the man on the street to the pundits to the Manager says we're going to win it and we've not got into a final since 1966.

Yet we still believe and we all cry when it doesn't happen.

Why should tennis and Tim be any different?

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Message 7 - posted by bigmooseb (U1648634) , Jun 22, 2005

There are a few realistic, sensible people out there who can have a good laugh at the morons who think 'its the year for the Brits' every goddam year.

It won't be Henman's year because the balls are bouncing too high or too low or whatever the poor fool is moaning about this time.

And he'll never win it by the way, and neither will Murray I'm pretty sure. But let them all dream on (in their silly hats)

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