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New presenters: Alex and Cerrie

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    Posted by AnthonyJ (U203374) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    I was a little suprised to be honest that cerrie was missing her right lower part of the arm.But besides this they seem ok.  Unbelievable.

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    Posted by ampsmum (U13801583) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    What happened to Chris and Pui?? I was not impressed to be subjected to Jelly and Sky, and then to two new presenters without any warning!

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    Posted by Gilly (U13800062) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    Very eloquently put, Kath. I think that says it all.

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    Posted by sarah83jane (U13801685) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    i am not impressed with the new presenters, they seem so false. i did not even know chris and pui were leaving. they will be missed so much in my house. best of luck to the new pair but somehow i just dont see it working.

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    Posted by heleninspain (U13794382) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    Just to say, I was as sad as anyone about Chris and Pui leaving (or rather, suddenly disappearing...). My son didn't take to jelly and Skye at all, but he knew Alex and Cerrie's names within minutes of them coming on, and seemed really excited when daddy came home and he told him who they were!

    I think they're doing a great job, and of course, they will become less nervous and more confident as time goes by- isn't that natural in any job??? Especially with such huuuuge boots to fill!

    As for the discussion on whether Cbeebies are being PC or not, I definitely think it's a case of the best person for the job, who just happens to have a disability. I for one, think it's a great opportunity for children to learn that everyone is different, and my son has not been "freaked out" at all (as appears to be the case with some of the other people on here).

    In fact, after a long time of watching Something Special, he doesn't even notice disabilities, and regards each person as an individual, which I think is a great attitude to have at 2 years old.

    Thanks to Cbeebies for helping me to teach my little boy about such important issues, and good luck to Alex and Cerrie- I think you're doing a great job!

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    Posted by Emma (U13798738) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    It's wierd that people are saying that they weren't aware, I rarely use this website and I became aware of the fact Chris and Pui were leaving well in advance of xmas!!!! Someone posted about it on another parenting site I use!

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    Posted by wic2007 (U9517418) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    That was my thought exactly - perhaps if children see her when they are still very young, they won't think of her "disability" as anything different or out of the ordinary.

    Obviously she is bursting with self-confidence, and that can only be a good thing for our kids to see.

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    Posted by sweetHeidiHi (U13801788) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    I agree with some of the other viewers. Yes, Alex & Cerrie seem nice enough but, my 2 year old son & I miss Chris & Pui. They had a really great chemistry! I had no idea they were going off the show. We were away for the holidays & when we came back I saw Skye & Jelly which I thought maybe the others were on a break for the New Year. Then the next thing you know Alex & Cerrie are on! I thought consistency is important to a child. I'm sorry to admit but my son also does seem a bit disturbed by Cerrie's missing arm & I must admit I find it quite distracting to watch as well. I say bring back Chris & Pui!

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    Posted by katie1969 (U13801813) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    oh dear... two of the best presenters gone. yes, it's early days for cerrie and alex, but my three year old is definintely NOT impressed - she misses chris's bedtime song and trolley polly! what a shame. i hope where ever they have gone they will be a great success.

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    Posted by kellielucas (U13801956) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    I too am very disappointed that Chris and Pui have been replaced and my daughters are extremely upset.

    I understand that in todays society we have to be politically correct. But how do you explain to a three year old child why the one of the presenters has half an arm. She was extremely upset and confused by this and continues to ask questions.

    I am not questioning the ability of the lady who seems very good, but I don't feel that a channel which targets toddlers and young children is the right place.

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    Posted by struthnozzy (U13801966) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    Well said Kath. My daughter was also born with an arm very similar to Cerrie's, and at 4 she's loving life, and all the challenges it presents (the same as all 4 year olds).

    Seeing Cerrie as a presenter illustrates to my daugther and all her friends, that you can achieve what you want in life just the way you are, and I wish Cerrie and Alex the best as they settle into their new roles.

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    Posted by EdandEmsMum (U13802125) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    I cannot believe that someone can be so blatently disabilist. I am shocked and appauled at your attitude.
    You would not make such comments if one of the new presenters was black or Asian.
    The fact that Cerrie has a disability is irrelevant, she is good at her job, and I hope she does well.
    I am a disabled parent, and I work too as does my husband who also has a disability. I personally am very pleased the BBC have employed a presenter with a disability, it's about time.
    I don't think my able bodied daughter who is two has noticed Cerrie's disability, she just enjoys the programmes. She knows people with disabilities and isn't frightened by them.
    I am sorry your child was frightened by her but perhaps it's up to you to talk to them about these issues or are you happy for them to grow up to be an ignorant person who stares?

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    Posted by MrYiggy (U13802178) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    I really find this reaction hard to fathom.

    Both presenters are new and will take time to settle in. To say that you disagree with someone with a physical disability such as Cerrie presenting a children's show is very strange. She has as much right to present a channel such as Cbeebies as anybody else. There is no physical reason why she cant do the job and its reactions like this which create attitudes of non acceptance for seemingly delightful people.

    I have a 2 and a half year old boy who watched it this morning for the first time and he didn't even notice that anything was different. Children react to things like this if the parents react. If the child does react then its the parents job to try and explain that such a thing is perfectly normal. You mention political correctness but this really doesn't apply in such a situation. If Cerrie auditioned the best then thats all there is to it. And its purely a bonus if having a person with a disability on such a prime time program, encourages children to accept peoples differences at an early age. Its brilliant that these attitudes might then progress into their adult lives.

    I personally think they were both good. Especially as it must be very nerve racking for the first few weeks, settling in and creating the right atmosphere.

    I wish the pair of them the best of luck and I look forward to seeing how the channel develops.

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    Posted by mskarena (U10063804) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    We too will miss Chris and Pui, best of luck to them both whatever they are doing and I hope we see them back soon. However some of the comments about Cerrie on here defy belief. Is it any wonder that some children get the wrong idea about people with disabilities? In our family I have an uncle who lost both legs in an accident and my mum (Nanna) is in a wheelchair due to MS. I find it isn't the children's attitudes which are sad, it's the adults. Two year olds tend not to be quite so judgmental.

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    Posted by MrYiggy (U13802178) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    Why is it not right for a toddler to see someone with a limb deficiency? If your child had a deficiency do you think you would feel any different?

    With regards to your question 'How do you explain to a 3 year old why someone has half an arm?'...

    Surely by simply saying that everyone is born differently. Some of us are tall, some are short. Some are big, some are small. Some can see and some are blind. Some can hear and some are deaf. etc. It's all about acceptance and if every child were taught it early on, then its something that could really change our nations attitudes in years to come.

    I also wanted to give my opinion on the lack of a proper goodbye as it has clearly an important thing.

    As as has been mentioned it seems that us parents are the ones who have been most upset at this. Again, perhaps our reaction to Chris and Pui leaving rub off on our kids. I noticed the new presenters, checked out the website and my wife screamed when I told her they had left! (She calmed down when I told her it was to do a show for the channel!)

    My 2 and half year old son didn't really notice, maybe because we didn't make a big deal of it at the time and maybe because thats just his nature. Had they of announced it with a bigger farewell its possible that more kids could have gotten upset as parents would point out that they were leaving. This combined with the fact that the show is very much focussed on presenting and not about the personal details of the presenters do make a case for making a direct transition.

    However, saying that I can see that some children, particularly the older ones might get upset either way so I am sure it was a well considered decision.

    Once the new guys are settled in the kids wont notice the difference and lets face it, its the kids who are the most important here right? smiley - smiley

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    Posted by KirstenCricketFan (U12365883) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    Very strange to have new presenters. Just relax a bit - it's quite stilted at the moment. And be a bit more fun and smiley - Alex and Cerrie definitely do not have Sid and Andy's energy.

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    Posted by mummyto2girls (U12005349) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    Like many of the others on here our family is mourning the loss of Chris and Pui with no warning. I agree that cbeebies really should have given the children (and some of us adults) an explanation and a proper goodbye.
    Having said that my 2 year old was more than happy to have Skye and Jelly presenting and isn't really bothered by Alex and Cerrie.
    I had a split second of shock when I noticed Cerrie's arm but I think that was merely because I wasn't expecting it.
    They do seem a tad bit stiff at the moment but I think once they hve settled in properly they will be fine.
    Good luck to them both.

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    Posted by eandfsmum (U13802402) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    chris and pui are not the 1st presenters to leave my son is 4 and in that time there was the blond haired lady with the bob and the pregnant lady he really liked her songs and they were on for a while after she left.(cannot rememer their names). Both my boys have responded well to the new presenters and just accepted that the others have left my eldest told me he could still see them on step inside and polly phonics. His preschool teacher just left and their policy is not to make a big deal but on their last day just to tell the pupils that they are leaving.

    As to the arm my son did not notice and when I asked him he was not in the least bit bothered by it. Just like he has poorly bones (his discription of brittle bone disease)she does not have a hand no big deal to him. Everyone is different.

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    Posted by Nell (U13800271) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    A channel that targets toddlers is perfect to introduce the fact that many people (including toddlers) live with disabilities. Children are naturally loving and accepting and, if they learn at this young age that they can achieve their potential in life, they won't grow up with prejudices.

    It's just a shame that some adults aren't as accepting as children.

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    Posted by rainbowrighton (U13802413) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    Hi there,

    Has it ever ocurred to you that Cerrie was employed because she was the best person for the job, and not an attempt by the BBC to exercise political correctness.
    I think that your daughter's reaction to Cerrie just illustrates the need for more disabled people to be represented in society. If we accept disability more then it won't be such a big deal, and wouldn't be shrouded in fear and mystery. Disability is a fact of life, and the sooner she is aware about this the better.
    Remember, health is a lottery, and any of us can suddenly become disabled at any time. I don't think that physical differences should stop people doing what they want to do.

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    Posted by Lucys mummy (U13524475) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    I think they're both really lovely, and my little girl (aged 3) is absolutely fascinated by Cerrie. We have never come across any 'disabled' person in our wanderings so far, and it has given me the perfect opportunity to answer all her questions without her pointing at a complete stranger in the street.
    Anyway, isn't 'disabled' a bit of a harsh description of Cerrie, she is very very pretty, and has a lovely figure, and is obviously very in tune with the children. Dosn't look to me as though she thinks she has a disability at all!
    Good on the both of you!

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    Posted by hatcher56076 (U13802481) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    I cannot believe someone spoke of Cerrie as quiet. Myself and my childen find her extremely manic, and my 4 year old thinks she is quite simply scary. non of this is down to her missing limb but her awful manner. Three days in is not a long time I know, but it is three days too long, and we have switched off as of tonight. No warning of the departure of two very much loved presenters was never going to be a good idea, but no explanation or coverage, and then two frankly unprepared replacements has proved horrendous.
    Thank you very much BBC.

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    Posted by geminiCornucopia (U13775238) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    [Edited by Hosts]

    You think all this is about being politically correct?? What, we'd better give the poor disabled girl a job?? I know i clearly overestimate people, but I still find it hard to accept such ignorant attitudes exist at this time, in this country.

    newsflash - the world is made up of all sorts of people. People can still be just right for a job is their body is less than perfect.

    Do you want your children to only see supposed flawless people on telly? How long are you intending to shield them from real life?? Do you truly think this attitude is healthy??

    How do you explain to a 3 year old why she has half an arm? Well, how about how I did it - I said 'no one's bodies grow the same when they are in their mummy's tummy and some people's don't grow properly or grow all the right bits. [Edited by Hosts] She certainly isn't disturbed in the slightest.

    I think that a channel that targets toddlers and young children is perfect for continuing to expose them to real life.

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    Posted by Nell (U13800271) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    Here, here!

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    Posted by Nell (U13800271) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    I meant, Hear, hear! LOL.

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    Posted by rachel (U13795197) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    have you not watched something special with justin who specifically works with kids who have special needs i find that it is the attitude of parents that rub off on kids so if you are freaked so are your kids ( by the way i work with people who have special needs and see this attitude all the time in a proffessional way)

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    Posted by MrsTumble (U13760160) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    [Edited by Hosts]
    I do also think she and alex both are a little quiet to be honest, just while they get over the nerves. I do think they have the potential to be fantastic replacements for Chris and Pui.

    You're right, three days is not long enough, and until they settle in, I think that the motto should be 'if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all'. Something which I was always taught, and possible why I am 'a lover not a fighter', as my old (hippy) mate always says. Once they are settled in and know the whole idea of it, then make your mind up.

    I did a presentation today. I stood up in front of SIX people and I was shaking from head to toe. I wanted to run and cry. I was stuttering, losing my flow, and screwing things up. Cerrie, and Alex too, are standing in front of the nation next to a complete stranger trying to reach the kids on their level and impress their parents. I really don't think you can do better. Until you can, give them a chance.

    As of no warning - what was the Chris and Pui message from Beebie on here? A hallucination?!! I'm sorry, but I'm really disgusted that everyone is reacting the way they are.

    For example, you wouldn't have had to state 'not because of her missing limb' if others weren't being rude about it.

    Completely agree with the lady above you. We may not have disabilities around us other than my deaf grandma, and I think this opportunity is great for my daughter to naturally accept 'each as their own'.

    I really think you should give her chance.

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    Posted by gorrestfrump (U13242198) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    I am amazed at these comments, in particular that people are surprised at the departure of Chris and Pui. This was on the message board before Christmas!
    Things in life change a lot. Kids are very adaptable, it's us who aren't. I'm actually more concerned about the amount of repeats on Cebeebies.
    I also loved the song, 'goodbye sun, hello moon', and that's gone, but hey ho life goes on. And whatever happened to Bebe and Bracken?!

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    Posted by MrsTumble (U13760160) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    Nell, you were spelt right the first time round. Don't agree with your attitudes though in the slightest.

    Agree a million percent with tinyleosmum. There was a campaign the other year - does anyone remember the posters


    You really need t show your kids openmindedness. I also worked with special needs kids, and even a little 7 yr old dyspraxic had been made aware by society that he never fitted in. It's such a shame for them. The grins he used to give me, from ear to ear because I was someone who he could see as a friend, and who would come and play football with him and the others, without being paid or anything. I tell ya, there's nothing that can compare to that sector of work, as tinyleosmum can probably back up.

    It's just a shame some people are made to feel as though they are different by the rest of society.

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    Posted by MrsTumble (U13760160) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    nell, your spelling was right first time round with 'here here', not that I agree in the slightest with what you are agreeing with.

    As tinyleosmum says, it is wrong that certain people are made to feel like outcasts. At the age our kids are, it's because of the parents. I'm sorry if that's offensive but it's true!

    There was a poster campaign a few years ago, entitled


    Spot on. (Also, the behavioural approach to psychology, think it's operant conditioning? if not, then classical conditioning. was a bit bored that lesson!)

    Whatever you think, don't let it rub off on your kids! I'm not keen on Our Planet, but I will pretend to like it for my daughters' sake. And Suzie Sweet (Balamory) terrifies me! But I wont let my daughter see that! Don't pass your judgements onto your kids. XXXXXXX

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    Posted by tiasmom (U13802887) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    what happend 2 pui and chris?

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    Posted by Lisamummy1 (U13802900) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    I thought I was the only parent who was sad to see Chris and Pui missing on CBeebies, however, looking on this discussion board for the first time I can see my husband and I are not the only ones to notice their sudden departure. As highlighted by another parent, the children probably won't notice but we do! Seeing new presenters is quite strange and we really miss Chris singing the bedtime song. The two new presenters seem very nice but still have a little settling in to do. Please can cbeebies let us know what Chris and Pui are doing and when we are next seeing them? PS Very pleased to see that Sid and Andy are still around - good to see familar faces smiley - smiley

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    Posted by NaomisMum (U13802939) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    Like so many others, my little 'un and I are both very disappointed that Chris + Pui just disappeared, unceremoniously! CBeebies will not be the same without them smiley - sadface

    I think that if we had been better prepared for the change, then the new presenters would've been accepted a lot better, e.g. if the new presenters had appeared WITH Chris + Pui over the space of a few days, then this would've helped us + our children to 'go with the flow' of the transition. BBC defo went about this the wrong way IMO, and it has clearly not gone down well at all with the viewers, which in turn has not helped the new presenters' confidence, assuming they have read some of these comments!!

    Personally I think the move is a bad one which will result in a loss of viewers - me (oops, I mean my daughter) for one. We do switch over to another channel now, as soon as Sid waves us goodbye. This is because (a) we miss Chris + Pui and (b) we don't really like the new presenters and (c) both of us CAN'T STAND In the Night Garden.

    Sorry CBeebies, but you will be seeing a lot less of us, or rather we will be seeing a lot less of you. Bring back Chris + Pui and we will come back too smiley - winkeye

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    Posted by MrsTumble (U13760160) on Wednesday, 28th January 2009

    Oh My Gosh! I have just read in my spare time, p1, p3 and the previous pages messages, and I CANNOT believe the mods have allowed them!! Why is it that my daughter who is 2y 2m, and a guys kid on here at 2 and half y do not particularly care that she has half an arm missing, but others can say their kids were freaked out? It is utterly appauling!

    I'm sorry, parents, but you will get kids asking you awkward questions about everything! [Edited by Hosts]

    Do you teach your kids right and wrong? Do you teach your kids about road awareness? Do you teach you kids about animals? Do you teach your kids not to eat wax crayons?

    I do. I kneel to her level or sit her on my knee, and we speak about them. If ever a question arises about why my daughter has two hands and the nice lady on tele doesn't, I will simply kneel to her level or sit her on my knee, and make an explanation for her. [Edited by Hosts]

    It is awful that a disability has taken over a thread that is supposed to be about acting credentials.

    Think they're both doing fantastic. We love em, and I adore Alex's little accent!! smiley - biggrin Nature Chris may have competition as my number two haha!!

    Can people please look past her disability? The girl has a beautiful smile, is bouncy and I really think she has potential to be fantastic!

    Makes me laugh people are upset about losing 'Poi'!! If you liked her that much, learn to spell her name!!! It's Pui!!

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    Posted by PinkCbeebiesMummy (U13803185) on Thursday, 29th January 2009

    Hi All. I agree that we should of been given a bit of notice of Chris & Pui's departure. My daughter loved them so much, even me and my partner miss them too. Cerrie & Alex have got big shoes to try and fill, but I reckon over time they will.

    The issue with Cerrie's arm, I personally think some people are overreacting, at the end of the day, it gives us parents a opportunity to teach our children that no one is the same and things like this happen, plus with her now becoming a regular face in our children's life, it will
    make it easier for them to accept and make it easier on them if a child in their school/playgroup have a missing limb/body part.

    I would like to know what actually happened to Chris & Pui, can anyone tell me ?

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    Posted by lilandtedsmum (U13773661) on Thursday, 29th January 2009

    Please can we all be aware that people aren't necessarily commenting on the message above theirs. At the bottom of every message on the right hand side you can click to see which message the person is responding to.

    Poor Nell seems to have been given a hard time but when you check she was actually responding to a very positive message.

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    Posted by wonderfulmummyof2 (U13774450) on Thursday, 29th January 2009

    Do you know reading this it sounds like no one has ever seen a person with a missing limb before. We are all meant to be grown ups on this,but reading some messages I'm not so sure??

    I couldn't care less if she was green with feet on her head, as long as my son likes her that is all that matters as and lets not forget (like I sometimes do) this channel is for the children not us.

    And if your children are a little confussed about her arm then it gives the parents the perfect opportunity to sit them down and explain smiley - winkeye xx

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    Posted by Gilly (U13800062) on Thursday, 29th January 2009

    Regarding the comments questionning 'the logic' of hiring Cerrie, I posted a reply a couple of days ago, but was informed that I could only post it if I didn't mention the nickname of the person I was responding to in case I caused offence. So here's a slightly amended version as requested, although, because the moderation process took so long, I'm sure it's mostly been said much better since!

    I was quite taken aback by the attitudes expressed. Do people really believe that there's something inappropriate or somehow distasteful in having a person with a disability presenting children's TV? Surely this is the perfect age group to accept people's differences as run of the mill, and not something to be pigeonholed in disabled programme timeslots.

    Maybe if parents who feel this way can overcome their own discomfort they could then help their children understand that there is nothing to be 'freaked out' about, instead of reinforcing the idea that a person with a disability should be feared or avoided.

    My two year old and four year old haven't even noticed (or if they have, don't find anything worth mentioning), so it may be more to do with the parent's reactions rather than the child.

    Hopefully, Cerrie and Alex will become cbeebies-household names on their own merits, and will end up just as beloved as Chris, Pui, Sid and Andy continue to be.

    That last bit originally started out as 'I'll bet' rather than 'Hopefully', but after another couple of days watching them, I'm not as confident as I'd like to be. Come on you two, loosen up a bit and try to look like you're enjoying yourselves! (Nearly) everyone out here wishes you well and wants to see you succeed!

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    Posted by wic2007 (U9517418) on Thursday, 29th January 2009

    If anything I think they're trying too hard. I'm sure they will relax and settle in over time.

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    Posted by AllyMcB71 (U13803533) on Thursday, 29th January 2009

    Hi, I realise that people change, presenters come and go and it's probably a little unfair to criticise new people but, my girls have asked to change channel already! Maybe it'll take some time to get used to them and of course I wish them all the best but sometimes new people can make you, well, not want to watch? Having been so used to Chris & Pui and their natural ability to connect with children it's a tall order to follow. I wait with baited breath...

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    Posted by Rachels30 (U13803548) on Thursday, 29th January 2009

    I also am gutted Chris and Pui hav left.I grew up with Chris as the anorak 'I know!' and now my kids, aged 10 and 2 have also grown to love him as well. It's a shame they didn't have a proper farewell.

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    Posted by Nell (U13800271) on Thursday, 29th January 2009

    Skyes-mum. My 'hear, hear was as a reply to 'MrYiggy'. Read his comments, they are my views too. You and I agree. The way messages are posted didn't make that clear. x

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    Posted by Nell (U13800271) on Thursday, 29th January 2009

    Thank you lilandtedsmum! xx

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    Posted by lilandtedsmum (U13773661) on Thursday, 29th January 2009

    You're welcome! ;0)

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    Posted by Paul G (U6480444) on Thursday, 29th January 2009

    I remember when Andy first joined Cbeebies. There were countless complaints about his hair, voice and ability. I don't hear many complaints now though.

    Good luck to the newbies. I'm sure they'll be fine.

    Anyway, when ITNG is moved again it'll give people something else to complain about smiley - biggrin

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