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How cute is this?! It's lovely! My daughter loves the songs so much ...


Library Lil Nov 17, 2011

Nina and the Neurons

Does anyone know why Ollie, the neuron for smell is called ...


beautifultul ips Sep 6, 2011

Summer time song 2011

HelloDoes anyone know in which seaside town this years ...


Michaela Sep 6, 2011

New CBeebies House

I must say I do like the new CBeebies House, especially the ...


bigkiddie Sep 5, 2011

show me show me oompa music - ...

Does anyone know the name of the tune that precedes the 'frieze, ...


John Hartley Sep 5, 2011


Hello, does anybody have any idea how my 5 yr old can apply to ...


U14948358 Aug 25, 2011

Song at the end - Night Night

Has anyone else noticed over the last few days that the song has ...


MumofFlea Aug 25, 2011

summer song!

Hi, I really love the new song, think its called hooray for ...


U14940060 Aug 25, 2011

Why can't we get the CBeebies ...

Does anyone know why we can't get the games to load - or get any ...


U14968055 Aug 24, 2011

no subject



Sharron61 Aug 23, 2011

Why aren't Tweenies on iplayer?

We caught the end of Tweenies this morning and were delighted to ...


edssb4 Aug 21, 2011

Title of a story time book ...

Some time ago one of the main male presenters read a story about a ...


pattienorris Aug 19, 2011

no subject



rachel Aug 18, 2011

'What makes you smile' pics music

HiyaDoes anyone know what the music is which is played during ...


Flugel35 Aug 18, 2011

Waybuloo's "Piplings" ...

I just saw the show Waybuloo for the first time and was quite ...


simplewinter Aug 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cerrie for ...

Hoope you have a fab day, Cerrie!!!Love Mrs T and Skye-Baby!!


MrsTumble Aug 9, 2011

THANKS! i can cook!

Great programme, nice variety of recipes and my 2 and a half year ...


U14950844 Aug 4, 2011

Reggae track on the promos

Hiya, does anyone know what the reggae track is that's played in ...


curlymiche Aug 3, 2011

Show Me Show Me Toys

Hi..I'm new to the site so this question may have already been ...


gemmjhc Aug 1, 2011

Something Special

How Do I Contact The Necessary People About School Visit's? ...


Hayley Jul 30, 2011

Where has Postman Pat gone?

I hope he is coming back after the 6 weeks.. My 2 year old is ...


Rebecca Jul 25, 2011

Where has Cerrie been?

I only see her at bedtime and most of those are pre-recorded. Did ...


stacey Jul 22, 2011

Baby Jake

I don't quite get this and wondered what other people ...


Mamabear Jul 20, 2011

is little charlie bear still on?

i havnt seen him for a while and my 2 year old loves him and ...


U14919084 Jul 20, 2011

story makers and step inside

hello. could anyone tell me if there are any plans for story ...


bbmummy Jul 20, 2011

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