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The Grand Move!

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    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    Good Morning Everyone! Well, today's the day, the day when we all go and say 'howdy' to the guys over at Bitesize and get to know them, as they get to know us.

    By now I may have already had my name changed - over there I'll be known as 'English Host', to fit in with the way they work, but I'll still be Sandra, (honest!) and you can still use your normal logins just like before - theoretically nothing should change for you, except where you post. If you have any issues at all do get in contact with the Bitesize team (or, for now, the Blast guys...)

    So from today:

    1) if you're going to start a new discussion or story/poem, do it over at Bitesize (hopefully we'll have an even bigger community to mull over issues and give constructive criticism on our work.)

    2) If you'd like to add to an old discussion, do it here, and I'll see if I can get it moved to Bitesize (though it will usually be best to just begin it again over there, as it will take tedious time to move stuff). At some point the Blast boards will become 'legacy boards' which will mean you can still read them but you can't add to them, so do try to get used to using the new boards. I will continue to read here for a couple of weeks, but mainly I'll be at Bitesize from now on.

    3) If you are writing a longterm novel, the very best thing to do will be to write us a 'story so far' post on Bitesize, with a URL (or URLs, if it's really long!) back to Blast so people can read what you wrote before if they've got the time, or they can pick up from where you are now on Bitesize. As I've said, your posts on Blast will still be available for people to read, they just won't be able to be replied to unless people go to Bitesize.

    One thing to bear in mind, folks. We are a very strong community here at Blast and we are all going en-masse to another place where they already have a community of their own. We are far more likely to fit in well if we introduce ourselves and get to know the Bitesizers as we go along rather than 'invading' them!

    I know it's sad, leaving somewhere where we've been so happy together - and thank you for all your amazing tributes - it's lovely to see them. But the main thing is that we ARE all staying together - we're just moving in elsewhere - and it could be even better with new, exciting people who love the English language as much as us and who love to write too.

    Personally, I can't wait. In time, I think we'll be an amazing, much larger, stronger community.

    So - the all-important URL...

    I'll see you over at:


    Happy Bitesizing folks!

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    I have to say I've been looking at some of the replies posted over there and I was rather impressed, I think you might get more out of your writing there if you post it up guys. It almost reminds me of Blast when it first began, when people just posted stories on the film board on in the lounge before we were given our own board and I guess that can only be a good thing. It's like a new undeveloped world! ha.

    It's a lot less busy than I imagined, in fact it's not even as busy as this page, but I'm not going to start with the grumbles, if you combine both you create a stronger product I guess.

    I hope the move goes well and that people will continue posting their stories. I really do think that it is invaluable, but Bitesize isn't for me. I wouldn't know how to reply to GCSE English questions, my advice would be inappropriate over there.

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    Sorry I retract that comment about Bitesize being a new world, that's disrespectful to the people over there.

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    Posted by Hina...x['The World Isn't Just Split Up Into Good People And Death Eaters.'] (U14332787) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    Oh gosh I'm nervous. I don't really like change, but since I'm still with all of you I think I'll have to get used to this. I think I'm in denial right now and I'll probably just sob when it actually gets closed. I'm going to flick between Bitesize and Blast now. I hope you come with us, Kim.


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    Posted by Comet (U7734547) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    I've only just been able to log on and see the news about the move and all, been busy catching up with work

    I'd be utterly useless with GCSE questions too, Kim. I can't belive I'm finding myself a little intimidated by all these youngsters, haha!

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    Posted by jetguy2 (U13862190) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    t'is my main issue all these GCSE questions inbetween work, i wonder how many will actually want to read stories instead of ask quesitons. the worst thing is when people ask totally easy questions and you just get the idea they're too lazy to look up

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    Yeah I kind of had those thoughts Jetguy when I went to look, some of the questions do seem pretty lazy, but then the posters are pretty young too, so I guess you have to give them a bit of slack and I dunno encourage them to look up things. I guess...They probably haven't been told to do that before, but lol...I can imagine Sandra drilling that into them at some point. Like the way she dropped hints on here about 'gotten' and stuff!! smiley - winkeye

    And Hina please don't sob, I was thinking about your work while out on a walk earlier. I think that you have so much potential and have got such a great attitude, you simply must start using Bitesize, keep posting your writing, keep putting a smile on your reader's faces and believe me there's so much to smile about with your writing. But don't be sad, bitesize is essentially blast, just in a funny orange colour. Sandra is still there and there are even a few other hosts, I mean that is good.

    Go and show everyone on that board, just how much of a ray of sunshine you are. And always believe in yourself.


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    Posted by Ben the Zombie Guy (U14579720) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    Eugh, i'd be dissapointed if you didn't move Kim, you've always been brilliant at commenting and giving advice on my writing, but I can't understand why you would want to leave.

    (This goes for any of you Blastites thinking of jumping ship before we've arrived at our new home)

    If its a question of age, then phhh, forget the age limit, if you're getting older, then good, we can get a larger variety of advice.

    If its simply because of the new website, then that's just stranger, as everyone else is going to be there, and whether the new people we meet there are too young or too silly, we will still have us Blastites, and so I beg anyone who's thinking of leaving, give it a second thought alright?

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    Posted by Hina...x['The World Isn't Just Split Up Into Good People And Death Eaters.'] (U14332787) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    I really am going to miss this board. About the GCSE questions, I'm almost starting some of mine so I won't be a big help except joining someone with the panicing that is yet to come. I guess some of the Bitesizers (?) already know about the big move so they will be prepered with older people.

    Oh and is it possible if we have a final Blast adventure?


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    Posted by jetguy2 (U13862190) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    I'm with ben, don't leave, at least stay with us for a while smiley - smiley help us settle in and see what it's like, give it a go. remember, once, most of you were strangers to.
    And please Kim don't leave us, what would we do without our big sister helping us with our work.
    I know the rest of you may be reluctant, so am i. where's life without adventure eh? think of it as the final blast adventure
    'The blasties move to a new message boards' like the old times smiley - smiley

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    Into Harry Potter Hina????

    I think that would be a good place to go don't you????

    Kim steps back and on the spot that she only seconds ago vacated, a big oak wardrobe falls. She throws the door open almost breaking the mirror on the front.

    "Whoever is the last in, remember don't shut the door, one must never shut the door if you are inside a wardrobe," she says in a snobby know it all voice.

    "Hang on Kim," Hina says, isn't this the way into Narnia? I thought we were off to Hogwarts?"

    Kim turns around and with light from the spare room on her face, she says, "Well yes, but seeing as this is the last blast adventure, I thought it would be good if we make a little detour through narnia and took the scenic route. Mr Tumnus said he'd hook us up with a centaur travel operator, who'll take us right past the white witch's palace and then on to the burrow and then on to Hogsmede, where we'll walk into the school."

    "But how?" Hina asks, pushing a fur coat away from her, "You're not expecting us to walk all that way through the snow are you? We'll freeze to death."

    "Of course not," Kim grins in that mad way of hers, "We'll be travelling on the backs of centaurs and then once we've reached the Stone table, we'll take a port key to the burrow and hey presto we're there..."


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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    'And completely forget our grammar while we're at it !' oh well, apologies.

    That should be.. made a little detour and took the scenic route.

    What a tit. lol...

    And Jetguy, I don't think anyone needs help settling in. I think you'll all do fine. But thank you for wanting me to come on bitesize, it is lovely of you and everyone else.

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    Posted by Caitii xox (U11073231) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    I think this is a good idea Sandra. smiley - smiley


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    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Tuesday, 16th November 2010

    I know it's all a bit weird - belive me I've finding it a bit strange myself - but we will (nearly) all be together - and I'm really hoping that people who don't move over will just pop in from time to time and say hello - a bit like when you come back to school to say hello to people after you leave for uni! I'd love to see odd postings or updates on stories (hint, hint).

    You don't need to 'register' for the new board - your Blast login should work just fine.

    As for the GCSE questions, If you think someone just wants you to do their homework for them, then don't! But sometimes people aren't very articulate at asking questions. Perhaps you can get them to ask their question in a different way to find out what bit of the problem they're not getting. It's what I shall be doing - getting people to work out ways of answering their own questions - and it's a good skill for you to learn too, helping people to help themselves by bouncing back questions, asking questions around a subject to see if they can lead themselves to the answer. Encouraging people to think around a concept helps us to address things we find hard ourselves - I recommend it. If you can get someone to work out their language issue with Julius Caeser, then you may well be able to ask yourself questions about your own novel that will clear the way for you. Or at least that's what I've found!

    I am so proud of you all, the way every single one of you has grown -both in your writing and as a group. I know you will be amazing together over at Bitesize, helping each other - and new people too.

    Let's go for it!

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    Posted by Hina...x['The World Isn't Just Split Up Into Good People And Death Eaters.'] (U14332787) on Tuesday, 16th November 2010

    Haha, this is brilliant, Kim. Should we all continue it on this thread or a different one?

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Tuesday, 16th November 2010

    On here I think Hina, everything is dead space, we can use any of it now I think...

    I hope you're going to start using bitesize too. Don't be scared of any one on there. I have posted a few things, I can't say I won over yet, but it's still early, but don't be scared. Everyone will love you.

    And I'll still be commenting on your writing.

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    Posted by violetPixie (U14348064) on Tuesday, 16th November 2010

    Blast feels like a house we're in the process of moving out of, with boxes and stuff everywhere but stuff still going on as normal.

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Tuesday, 16th November 2010

    It's a nice house...the colours are much better. Although I do feel a bit like that scary kid in the Shining riding around on a tricycle...

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    Posted by Hina...x['The World Isn't Just Split Up Into Good People And Death Eaters.'] (U14332787) on Tuesday, 16th November 2010

    Okay Kim, I'll post afterschool tommorow because I'm quite tired now after writing that summary on Bitesize and watching my grandma sew. xD Yeah, it's just a new board, but I feel out of place there since I've been on here for so long. xD I'm starting to feel like the Grinch at Christmas. xD Thank you.


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    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    I know what you mean about moving house, and I think we all feel a bit odd, leaving the nice comfy house we all grew up in - but we're moving together, hopefully to an even better house!

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    Posted by Hina...x['The World Isn't Just Split Up Into Good People And Death Eaters.'] (U14332787) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    "Yay, is sounds like an adventure! I'm calling dibs on Mr Tumnus, I don't think the other centaurs would like us riding on their backs," Hina says.

    "Ah, yes. Well it's just the two of us at the moment, anyone else joining in?" Kim says

    "Hopefully, I'm up for a snowball fight!" Hina grins rushing in front and holds out a hand full of snow.


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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    Kim throws a snow ball back. It misses, whizzing inches away from Hina's ear.

    "I say, I do hope old Mr Tumnus hasn't forgotten that he's supposed to be meeting us." Kim says, bending down to roll another ball and wincing when her knees crack. "He did say 5.00 oclock sharp. I hope the White Witch hasn't got to him."

    Hina chooses this moment to throw the snow ball, it hits Kim square in the middle of the forehead as she looks up.

    "Perhaps he's gone shopping." she says, " Which reminds me. Have you ever wondered where he got his parcels from in the start of Lion the witch and the wardrobe, when there doesn't seem to be any shops any where in narnia?" Hina asks. "I was rather hoping to take a little souvenir back for my Grandma. she has after all done such a great job sewing the badge on my red shirt."

    Kim isn't allowed the chance to answer, because through the trees, with his tail tucked over his arm and his red umbrella held up in the air, Mr Tumnus appears.

    "My, oh my," he says. " Two daughters of Eve, is this the Blast party? Is this everyone?"

    "I am afraid so at the moment," Kim says, curtseying to the faun (for she realises that she is in the company of literary royalty) "But hopefully a few others might join in."

    Mr Tumnus steps from one hoof to the other and then looks down at a beautiful modern watch on his arm. (It's a Rolex)

    "I was given this by the last group I took through Narnia. Lovely bunch. Oh well I suppose there's still time. Any how, what say you to the idea of joining me for a spot of lunch. Sardines on toast anyone?

    Hina pulls a face, which is mirrored by Kim. "Maybe just the toast," Hina says.

    "Yes, maybe just the toast," Kim says.

    As they walk off Kim whispers an apology about being in Narnia. "I'll buy you a butterbeer when we get to Hogsmede" she says. "And a slice of pumpkin pasty."


    ps: Hina, if I use the wrong harry Potter food at any point i do apologise!

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    Posted by violetPixie (U14348064) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    As they walk through the pine trees, another snowball whizzes past them and lands with a muffled crunch in the snow.

    "Enemy fire! It's the White Witch!" yells Mr Tumnus.

    Kim and Hina throw themselves into a snowdrift. More snowballs hurtle towards them from all directions.

    "Haha, fooled you both!" somebody shouts. Something falls out of a tree and lands in a heap in the snowdrift. VioletPixie sticks her head up from under the snow. "Yuck, it's all gone down my neck", she grumbles. She jumps up and heaves both Kim and Hina out of the snowpile. "I'm coming on this Blast adventure with you!"

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    "Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah." Kim gives Violet a hug.

    "Oh," Mr Tumnus says brushing a clump of snow off his scarf, "That was a very naughty thing you did,"

    "Says the faun who was going to kidnap little lucy pevensie," Kim whispers.

    "But I suppose," his expression softens, "but I suppose no one was hurt and it is rather funny I think of it...what do you say to joining us for sardines on toast?"

    (So glad some are still posting on here. I feel like such an alien over that place)

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    Posted by jetguy2 (U13862190) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    Jetguy stumbles forward through the tree's covered in snow
    'get hit?' Kim chuchles
    'A tree decided it was tired of holding up the snow, so decided to innocently drop it on the ground, i happened to be on the ground at that time, though we all are, so i had the bad luck to be on the tree's bit of ground trying to find my way, THEN snowball hit me, and i guessed...' He mutters, still trying to get all the snow from his hair.
    'Don't worry, we'll be out of here soon' Hina smiles
    'good, though, when we get to hogsmead, don't let me talk to any of the locals, last time i went there i ended up with three hufflepuffs, a ravenclaw girl, two butter beers and some shertbert lemons later and i'm running away from a dragon and a blugon (or whatever the nasty quidich balls are)'
    the blasties look at him oddly
    'fred and george...' he mutters
    'aaaaaaaaah' Hina laughs

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    Posted by Hina...x['The World Isn't Just Split Up Into Good People And Death Eaters.'] (U14332787) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    Don't worry about it, Kim. =]

    "Ooh yay!" Hina says

    "You're just in time for sardines on toast," Kim says grinning at Mr Tumnus who looks quite relieved now that the White Witch isn't in sight.

    "Yum," VioletPixie says turning her grimace into a smile.

    "Ah, don't worry Kim's going to get us some Butterbeer and Pumpkin Pasties when we get to Ho-" Hina is inturrupted by Kim who starts to cough violently glancing at Mr Tumnus.

    "Oh, right!" Hina says clamping her mouth.

    "Why don't you walk on ahead, Mr Tumnus? We'll catch up," VioletPixie says.

    "Okay...keep an eye out for the White Witch!" Mr Tumnus says trotting forwards.

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    Posted by Hina...x['The World Isn't Just Split Up Into Good People And Death Eaters.'] (U14332787) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    Ignore my post when it comes up.

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    Posted by Captainmeme (U14641020) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    'MUAHAHAHA!' comes a shout from behind a tree, 'You really thought you could open a window into Bitesize without anyone being able to come the other way?'
    CaptainMeme jumped out.
    'You're little Blast adventure won't be a Blast-only one, as adopted father of anyone who has come over to Bitesize I demand I come with you!'
    Jetguy hit him in the face with a snowball and the Blasties ran for it.
    'You can't get away from me that easily!' shouted and enraged CaptainMeme, his voice growing fainter as the Blasties got further away, 'I have Mr Tumnus captured here, and you're not getting him back!'

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    lol...brilliant CaptainM...That made me laugh!

    The gate way works both ways. You're more than welcome to join in on our quest through Narnia and then onto Hogsmede. Hope you picked up your fur coat up on the way through the wardrobe.


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    Posted by jetguy2 (U13862190) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    'BOOM! HEADSHOT! I do love these blast adventures!' jetguy cheered 'First i have an awesome jacket (can't remmber which), then i get a sword which i'm skilled with (preivous time we arrived here), then i get a cool sunglasses, i never have cool sunglasses (the famous five style one) and NOW i can HIT someone with a snowball!'
    'Well it is fiction' violet laughed

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    Posted by Ben the Zombie Guy (U14579720) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    "Wait wait wait!" Comes an exhausted cry from behind?
    "Who now?" The Blasties all chorus at one.
    "I'm not late am I?" Ben gasps, bent over with his hands around his waist.
    "I was hoping we were going to be able to escape before you figured out we were going," Hina replies, straight faced.
    "Oh," Ben frowns, "but I brought turkish delight and everything..."
    "Oh well in that case you can come!" Hina suddenly grins like a maniac.
    "So, ah, where are we going?"
    "Well Mr Tumnus has just been kidnapped by a Bitesizer..." Kim suddenly remembers.
    "Ah. what a bother, never mind, may as well carry on," Ben smiles.
    "No," Pixie answers, "We must go save Mr Tumnus!"
    "Yes!" Kim and Hina cry.
    "Eugh, fine then.." Ben moans, "But this better not end up with me in a ditch surrounded by carnivorous lemons like last time!"
    "Hopefully not," Pixie mutters, but the three of them can't help but chuckle at the thought of the inevitable torment that Ben was going to suffer.
    "Off we go then!" Kim smiles, and they all set off in the general direction of Mr Tumnus' captor, with absolutely no idea that they were being followed, very, very closely.

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    Posted by Captainmeme (U14641020) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    oops... I knew I'd forgotten something. It's back through the wardrobe. Wait, I'll go get it.... Ah-ha! There it is.
    Oops again, I just lost Mr tumnus. Should we go find him?

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    Posted by Hina...x['The World Isn't Just Split Up Into Good People And Death Eaters.'] (U14332787) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    "Nooo," Hina says as we stop to catch our breath, "I wanted to ride on Mr Tumnus..."

    "Ah, well...we'll go to the Three Broomsticks later on," Kim says.

    "We have to rescue Mr Tumnus first!" VioletPixe says

    "Of course, can't we just throw snowballs at CaptainMeme until he gives in?" Jetguy asks.

    "Let's just bring him along." Kim says turning back.

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    Posted by Captainmeme (U14641020) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    "Grrr Jetguy" Said CaptainMeme, but accepted their invite to come along thankfully anyhow. "It was annoying having to introduce myself as the bad guy. Sorry for losing Mr Tum.... Hey what's that statue over there? It looks slightly like him..."

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    Posted by Ben the Zombie Guy (U14579720) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    God I'm not gonna have to introduce myself to the story again am I? :L

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    Posted by Captainmeme (U14641020) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    Dont worry, Ill introduce you!

    "It's not Tumnus, it's Ben the Zombie Guy!" said Hina.

    "How do we turn him back?" asked CaptainMeme.

    "We need to find Aslan!" stated Kim.

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    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Thursday, 18th November 2010

    "I'm sure I had a wand here somewhere," said Ben, searching around in his pockets. "Oh no, stupid me - I left it in that tunnel in Harry Potter Land."

    "Thought I saw Seamus waving a new wand around," said Bexy. " Still managed to blow himself up with it though."

    "Well - that'll be a blackened stick of charcol now," said CaptainMeme, gloomily. "That kid gets through wands like I get through Terry Pratchett books."

    "Does anyone know where we can get a new wand from?" asked Kim. "I don't really want to trudge all the way over to Diagon Alley..."

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    Posted by jetguy2 (U13862190) on Thursday, 18th November 2010

    Jetguy looks through his story bag
    'sword, gun, gun, sword, spooks staff, silver bullet, magic cooky...ok...bow and arrow, clothes, clothes, ooh gps that'll come in handy, staff, ahh! would a magic staff do?'
    'you've got alot in there...' Kim mutters eyeing the bag
    'too much' jetguy laughs
    'a staff will do just fine' Sandra says and takes it
    'Who knows the magic words?'
    'abra cadabra?' captainmeme jokes?
    'don't be silly' Kim mutters 'it'll be in some old language, elfish or something'
    'Undo statuey frozeness!' Ben joked
    Suddenly a burst of light flew from the staff and hit the statue, with a gasp he came back to life
    '...i was joking' ben mutters

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    Posted by Nara (U14592002) on Thursday, 18th November 2010

    A chuckle is heard from behind the newly-resurrected statue, and out jumps.....Nara!

    'I'm sorry everyone? Am I late?' Nara asks, shamefully fingering her little pack from the wardrobe. Hina laughs, shaking her head.

    'It's not whether or not you're late that matters; what are you doing behind that statue?' she asks.

    'Well, I followed you here, but there were some very strange, big footsteps behind yours. Actually they looked more like drag marks. Anyway, I wanted to have a little laugh, and so I picked up this strange looking staff' Nara shows everyone a big glass wand '....And so, I froze Ben. Sorry.' She looks apologetically in his direction.

    'It's ok, but where did you see those marks?' Ben asks.

    Nara beckons for everyone to follow, and points beyond a copse of snow-laden trees. But, there is no time for anyone to go to investigate who had been following them, because from the gloom ahead comes a dark, dark figure, followed by some bells tinkling. Kim gasps, and points over to the approaching mass.

    'The White Witch! Hide everyone!'

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    Hurrah for Jetguy.

    The yellow colour over there reminds me of sick. Just to say, I wonder who came up with that.

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    Posted by Captainmeme (U14641020) on Thursday, 18th November 2010

    "Run for it!" shouted Captainmeme. Jetguy, Ben, Kim, Nara, Hina, VioletPixie and Captainmeme did so. When all was clear, they noticed that something was missing.
    "English_Host's gone!" exclaimed CaptainMeme.
    "Wow, how did you manage to ponounce an underscore?" asked Nara.
    "It doesn't matter, we need to go find Sandra!"

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    Posted by Hina...x['The World Isn't Just Split Up Into Good People And Death Eaters.'] (U14332787) on Thursday, 18th November 2010

    "What if she's been tempted with Turkish Delight?" Hina asks.

    "No, no, I brought that," Ben says

    "Oh yeah..." Hina says

    "How are we going to save Sandra, then?" VioletPixie asks

    "Let's pelt her with snowballs!" Captainmeme says

    "No, we'll all turn into statues sooner or later, we need Jetguy's stuff," Kim says

    "Yes, we need to be well prepared," Nara says taking a gun

    "Fine, but I'm taking the staff!" Jetguy says

    "Wait! You guys, it isn't the White Witch, it's Santa!" Sandra exclaims

    "Sandra!" The Blastites say in unison.

    "Yes, it is I! Hurry up if you want presents!"

    "It isn't Christmas yet though," Hina says

    "Well, they've started to show the coca-cola advert on television," Nara says

    "Ah, yes."

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  • Message 43

    , in reply to message 41.

    Posted by violetPixie (U14348064) on Thursday, 18th November 2010

    "Hey guys, I can see footsteps going away from the group heading that way!" exclaims Violetpixie. She sprints after them through the worsening blizzard. The rest of the group run after her.

    "VP, I don't think we should go after them. What if it's a trap?" yells Captainmeme. Violetpixie pretends not to hear him, and follows the footsteps on through the forest. Suddeny she stops.

    "I think they're wearing an Invisibility Cloak!" she shouts, pointing. "I can see more tracks being made!"
    At this, the group run after the tracks, Hina in front, keen to see Harry Potters' Cloak with her own eyes. Kim finally catches up with the mystery walker. The foot prints try to turn around to throw her off, but she pounces on the air and wrestles it to the ground. Flurries of snow fly and the snow on the ground becomes dirty and marked. The rest of the group are also on the floor, their side aching with laughter watching Kim attack the air. Hina finally manages to get up and gropes around in the air to grab the Cloak. She finally finds a corner of it. She starts an invisible tug-of-war with a not so invisible person. A foot, wearing some very practical hiking boots, emerges from under the cloak. Then, they catch a glimpse of a furry trapper hat with earflaps. With a last tug, Hina pulls the Cloak off the wearer to reveal a familiar looking face..

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  • Message 44

    , in reply to message 43.

    Posted by Captainmeme (U14641020) on Thursday, 18th November 2010

    Which was not, as the group had guessed, Santa, but was CaptainMeme!
    "Wait a second!" said CaptainMeme, "That's me!"
    "No, he's me!" said CaptainMeme.
    It seemed the group had forgotton which one had come out from the cloak! There was only one way to find the imposter...

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  • Message 45

    , in reply to message 42.

    Posted by jetguy2 (U13862190) on Thursday, 18th November 2010

    'they have?' Jetguy said surprised
    'yup' Nara confirms
    'i thought i'd got myself out of that timey whimy mess up' jetguy growls 'hey! santa, you've got more things in your bag than me!'
    'Hohoho yes i do' Santra smiles 'Long ago i went to the shops to buy some milk and some baked beans, you know how it is, came out with a everest sized mountain of things, and now i got to give it all away!'
    'Shops and their sales will end us all' Kim sighs

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  • Message 46

    , in reply to message 44.

    Posted by Ben the Zombie Guy (U14579720) on Thursday, 18th November 2010

    "Oh how convoluted this plotline is coming!" Ben rolled his eyes.
    "Yeah, I'm not even entirely sure what's happening anymore!" Hina replied, massaging her forehead.
    "Well which one's the real meme?" Kim frowned.
    "Give me that sword jetguy," Pixie interrupted.
    "Ummmm but, I..." Jetguy stuttered.
    "Just give it to me!"
    Jetguy reluctantly hander her the sword.
    "What are you going to..." but before he could finish, Hina skewered the CaptainM under the invisible cloak!
    "What was that for! How did you know he was the fake?" Kim screamed.
    "I didn't," Hina replied, "I'm just trying to move the story along..."
    "Fair enough," Ben grinned.

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  • Message 47

    , in reply to message 46.

    Posted by Ben the Zombie Guy (U14579720) on Thursday, 18th November 2010

    Oh dear... some serious character changes there.

    I'm an idiot, just do with that what you will.

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  • Message 48

    , in reply to message 46.

    Posted by Hina...x['The World Isn't Just Split Up Into Good People And Death Eaters.'] (U14332787) on Thursday, 18th November 2010


    Haha, lol! That made me laugh out loud. =D


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  • Message 49

    , in reply to message 46.

    Posted by Captainmeme (U14641020) on Thursday, 18th November 2010

    Ow, that looked painful. As you can see from that statement, you got the faker!

    "Right, let's go to Hogsmede... ah wait, we still haven't found Mr tumnus!"

    "I know where he is!" shouted Santa, "He fell in my present sack and I can't find him!"

    So the group all jumped in the present sack (Which was a lot bigger on the inside) to find Mr Tumnus.

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  • Message 50

    , in reply to message 49.

    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Friday, 19th November 2010

    "Ouch! That was my foot, said Nara.

    "Sorry," said a giant teddy apologetically. It's so dark in here and I'm a bit on the cuddly side. People are always moaning about my clumsiness."

    "You bet," said a dolly. "I'm black and blue after Big Ted's been around bumping into things."

    "Oh - go on, you love me really, said Big Ted, nudging Dolly flying into Jetguy's arms.

    "See what I mean," sighed Dolly.

    "How do you lot find your way around in this sack?" asked Captainmeme.

    "Yes," said Kim. "You see, we need to find Mr Tumnus, we think he might have fallen in here and-"

    "Short chap, goaty-legs?" interrupted Dolly. "Yeah, he came in here about ten minutes ago. But he was immediately grabbed by the Plastic Power Rangers and hauled off to the toy fort."

    "They don't like strange toys," said Teddy.

    "But he's not a toy," began Kim.

    "This doesn't sound good," said Ben. "Guys, we have to rescue him."

    "Which brings me back to the darkness issue," said Captainmeme.

    "Here," said Dolly handing everyone a string of fariy lights. "Wrap these around you. and these," she gave out candy cane walking sticks, "will help you get around. It gets quite squashy underfoot in this sack."


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