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Tribute to blast and sandra

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    Posted by jetguy2 (U13862190) on Sunday, 14th November 2010

    Never got chance till today, so do try and comment while you can
    In my year and a half on blast my writing has improved to far greater standards than it could have without it, even if it wasn't consious.
    It's down the blast that i started writing poetry and alot of my writings, And thanks to our wonderful host Sandra and all the other blasties my confidence has grown.
    I'll miss blast because i feel that part of it's spirit won't move over to bitesize, it won't be the same. I'll still take the move but still.
    I also have to thank in my mind a big sister figure Kim for alot, her constructive critisium and reading as many posts as she can i feel has helped alot of us.
    Alot of the stories on here i would have liked to have read but never found the time or will power to the read through those that got long quickly smiley - sadface if blast is archived i shall make this my quest!
    These are just my views on it...feel free to share yours before we lose this site smiley - smiley smiley - sadface

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    Posted by violetPixie (U14348064) on Sunday, 14th November 2010

    I feel the same, my writing has improved loads thanks to the criticism and comments on Blast. I've written much more than I would have otherwise, and it's all thanks to the wonderful people on here. Kim always comments on my things, she's like the boards cool big sister who's always there smiley - smiley So thanks.
    And Sandra, it must take ages reading everyones stuff, but she still does it and it never feels like it's a chore.

    I'm not sure about the move to Bitesize. I hope it goes well, but I just don't feel the same about Bitesize and Blast. I will move over though, to keep reading everyones work and posting.

    I've been looking back at the oldest threads on this site, to see who was here. It feels...odd. has anyone read 'Shades Children' by Garth Nix? Like the bits in there with videos or things of other recruits from a while ago. And then you find out they were killed. Obviously I know the old posters aren't dead, they're in their late twenties by now some of them. Just that's how it feels. Ok, that is my weird ramble over!

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Sunday, 14th November 2010

    Jetguy, it's been an absolute honour seeing your work mature over this time. It really does get better and better and you do listen to the crit given. Just think, how great it will be if you keep working at it and writing (just writing really). Maybe in 2011, you'll start entering a few competitions. I don't think you do already, do you?

    And totally agree with what you said about Sandra. I don't actually have that many heroes, but she's definitely one of mine. I think she's helped us all to improve on here and even though I am an old thing, I think I'd always want her approval. Even if I became a famous best selling author, not likely, but in theory any how...I'd still want to know what Sandra thought more than anything.

    And Jetguy, well if I am a big sister figure then I am absolutely honoured to have a younger brother like you.


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    Posted by Nara (U14592002) on Sunday, 14th November 2010

    Blast has helped so many people, and although I have only been on for a few months, I can see how much Blast has helped everyone. Many people probably think that it's impossible to have a community on the web, but through our writing and through our poems we have managed to make our emotions into words, and therefore, we have got to know each other a lot better than just chatting on a social site, for example.

    So yes, thank you, Blast and Sandra. And of course, as you said, thanks to Kim. Even after being here for some four months, it is obvious that Kim is like the big sister of the boards. Thank you for paying so much attention to everyone's work! I don't know what we'd do without either Sandra or Kim!

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    Posted by wordgal (U13663697) on Sunday, 14th November 2010

    Aw, c'mon, you just made me sad. And I was beeign happy- that takes a lot of will power you know, to be happy when Blast is moving. :'( smiley - sadface Blast is amazing, and I'm so glad it won't vanish completely. It's going to be hard to move over to Bitesize, but if whole nations can do it, surely the Blastites can. smiley - smiley

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    Posted by TJ (U2383872) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    I've been hear for a long time, well it feels like forever, and i love it here.
    Sandra, i really want to thank you for everything you've done. You are an amazing person and so helpful and inspiring. Thank you for always taking the time to help me, and give me advice.

    And Kim, well, you got my poem, and i meant every word of it. You are a true friend, and i think what you've done on the boards is amazing. I know that everyone here will be sad to see you go.

    To the rest of you, well there aren't really words. I seen a lot of blastites come and go over the years, but you guys, i think you are the closest group. I think with Blast closing we all banded together, and i'm sure you all feel like you've made friendships on here that given a different platform would last forever.

    Thank you to all of you
    For all of your support
    and help
    for everything



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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    It's the people that made Blast, not the name, although it's a pretty good name...You've just got to go on over there, start to post, make new friends, as well as continuing to chat to old ones and make bitesize a whole load of fun. A whole slice of fun, not just bitesize fun.

    'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet' to quote Shakespeare.

    Show them how great you all are. And thank you for the kind words. I was very surprised by them and feel quite undeserving, but thank you.

    So go straight from reading this and make your first bitesize post if you haven't already.

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    Posted by jetguy2 (U13862190) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    Thanks Kim smiley - smiley

    Well i guess this is so long to blast smiley - sadface I'll miss it...

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    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    Hey guys - don't be sad! Blast itself may have to close, but all the amazing videos, work and how-tos that the team have produced over the years will still be there to be read, watched and enjoyed - as will be the message boards - you will always be able to refer to them.

    And Kim's right - it's the people that make the messageboards - and we're not going away - I'm coming with you all and joining the people already on Bitesize - with any luck it's going to actually get better.

    So - no tears, eh! We are still going to be together, still going to be able to learn and help each other as before!

    And just in case you can't find us we'll be here:


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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Monday, 15th November 2010


    Don't miss it, take it with you...always take it with you...

    You'll always be a blastite, whatever, they can't take that from you. Make sure you go over to bitesize and show them how cool your stuff is. Your latest halloween story still gives me the creeps thinking about it, lol..I am anticipating a visitation from the Thin Man (or whatever he is called) I am glad there are no trees behind my house!! We just have another row of houses and no one around there is thin!!! smiley - winkeye They're blooming noisy though. Who sits out on the street and listens to music full blast? I really don't get that.

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    Posted by Hina...x['The World Isn't Just Split Up Into Good People And Death Eaters.'] (U14332787) on Monday, 15th November 2010

    I really want to say a big thank you to everyone on Blast. Every single person on here has contributed on making this community so utterly brilliant that now everyone is finding it really hard to leave. I want to thank everyone who bothered to read my work, especially Kim and Sandra who made me feel welcome on my very first day here. I also want to thank everyone for posting up their writing on here, it has been a joy to read. Thank you. *hugs*


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    Posted by kissfromarose (U14501353) on Monday, 29th November 2010

    Now you've made me feel really sad. I suppose we all knew this day was coming........woah.......just had a Toy Story flashback. *shakes head* Anyway, we always knew that th BBC weren't likely to keep this site because its only for teenagers and they want to make cuts to things they seem to think don't matter. But we can be on Bitesize........which I admit doesn't sound as good as Blast but we can still stick together.
    Argh I'm on Work Expirience so don't make me cry in the office or they're going to think I'm a total wimp. Lol.
    I love you all and thank you for all you've done. But we're still sticking together.....going strong. Don't give up on your writing....EVER!!!!


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    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Tuesday, 30th November 2010

    No - don't you dare give up on your writing - and share it with the rest of us, eh? We've been doing rather well over on Bitesize, I think (albeit with a few hiccups - but every move as some of them...)

    See you there!

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