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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Tuesday, 16th November 2010

    That should be Sheryl Crow...(I have Cheryl Cole in my head)

    Please excuse the messages, but I am supposed to be writing my assignment and I need a distraction.

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    Posted by BlueGoblin (U8900511) on Tuesday, 16th November 2010

    Just wanted to say before every one goes, that I've enjoyed reading your stories, and as you may possibly be heading over to bitesize I thought I'd say good luck... I don't know if I will.. though I'm sure I will be tempted at some point to have a nose... I know I didn't really use blast very much... but it has been fun...

    To be fair all it would take would be for me to find the web page and add it to my favourites, and I would check it as regularly as I do blast... even though I don't comment that often...

    Maybe see you around!

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Tuesday, 16th November 2010

    How honest should I be with my crits Sandra over there?

    I don't want to upset anyone. Or like get people's backs up in the first week, although I bet I have..or will do. Doubt it helps them either...oh gah, I miss this place.

    I think it would probably be better if I just post now and then. Not sure about my writing though. How long do we have until this board is archived???

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    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    KIm - you ask a very good question, and one that I am yet to learn myself. At the moment I will be treating the ex-Blasties much as I ever did, but I will be trying to get to know the Bitesizers as I go along. I've already noticed that several people are at a much earlier stage in their writing than the average Blastie (although there are also some very advanced people) I will be doing what I do here - spending a few posts getting to know the people and making sure they get lots of praise and encouragement before tempering criticism to fit their level of experience - no point in putting someone off on their first attempt, but equally no point in not telling someone more advanced where they can improve. Of course, if it turns out to be anything like Blast, as people improve, I still have not much to say because their work is at such a high standard...

    I know that people will appreciate any thoughts you can give, Kim - they look up to you as someone who has 'been there' and although I know that you may not be able to spend much time over there, we will love to see you whenever you can make it.

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    I think it's just the shock of going from this board that's really aimed at writing, to a board that is fitting in the writing, but is primarily for GCSE discussions. Though I am pleased that I've read quite a lot of the novels they seem to be studying. Can't say I remember them in detail though. I seem to forget stuff really quickly. But I did read To Kill a Mockingbird once again this summer and Of Mice and Men quite recently too. I didn't do great in my GCSEs though to be honest so I feel like a bit of an imposter, I had like a B and a C in that for English. I think that shows the impact good teachers can have on me, in that I went from being pretty rubbish at English at GCSE to doing well at A level and now studying it at uni. (and back to being rubbish at it again)

    And any way I digress...If the board isn't closing for a bit, could I keep posting this story on here, I am not sure it's going to be their cup of tea over there. Not that I've written any, but once this assignment is out of the way, I am blasting onwards with it.

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    December 14 it closes for posting. That means if I really try I should get it done maybe...writing the end feels so daunting to this story. I mean I have to answer I suppose the reason for why Mr Faulbreath wanted to steal the trolley. The reason I have is dumb, the reason Father Christmas was riding down the hill in a trolley is also dumb. That's the trouble with my stuff, I go with stupidity and then expect an answer to present itself. So I warn you if this story ends stupidly, that's the reason.

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Wednesday, 17th November 2010

    And BG if I am over there, you've got to come on over too. I'll miss your pop in chats if not...And I don't want to be the only oldie. Not that you're old, you're younger than me, but still you know what I mean.

    btw, dunno whether TJ will post the link, but she uploaded a heart breaking audio today and sigh...it made me tear up. TJ had better start using the board too, or I'll be on her back. It's kind of not the same over there, I feel more exposed, like I am out in the wilderness without my pacamac and of course I am a newbie. Hate that word. But get this...you can quote stuff smiley - winkeye And it gets its own little box! Now there's technology for you!

    Plus moderation seems to be good. So far, fingers crossed and there's no mad closing times.

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    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Thursday, 18th November 2010

    Kim - don't rush things just so you can get it finished - you can always sneak the last few posts onto Bitesize so those of us who have been following can read them.

    So why WOULD Faultbreath steal a trolley? Because it's magic I'm guessing. What can it do? Ah - that's the question. Could it rescue those racers, perhaps? maybe Faulbreath has Grandma Belle trapped in that land and he doesn't want her rescued?

    Oh, ignore me. I just love this story so much.

  • Message 309

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    Posted by BlueGoblin (U8900511) on Friday, 19th November 2010

    Hmmm.... yes I know what you mean smiley - smiley third year of Uni, vs GCSE, it would seema little bit... strange...

    Though like I said i may take a sneak peak some point.... I do have a lot of assignments at the moment though, all requiring vast amounts of reading that I really must start! So maybe the change would be beneficial, as at the moment I am less tempted by the idea....

    I guess I could use the excuse, that as I'm training as a teacher.. and very nearly am there, that I could be of use.... but we shall see!

    Had a fantastic English lecture today actually. Have a really wonderful lecturer, and indeed the English module of my course has been the best of all the modules I am doing this year. Really fab. I may make a few occasional visits... we'll see how goes... if I don't I really would miss your posts and ideas and stories...

    As for the trolley et al. That's kind of what I love, and as a children's story it's what they will love, there doesn't HAVE to be a reason or a purpose for everything, or indeed anything.. it's just a quirky idea, and brings up wonderul imagery. It's funny because it's obscure... how it came to be a magical trolley doesn't really matter... perhaps Santa Claus just needed to escape and turned it into a magical trolley, and perhaps it allows the transversing of different realms rapidly. Santa would need to to deliver all the presents, so perhaps Faulbreath wants that so he can steal things, and the issue with him stealing the sledge and reindeers is that it relies on the reindeers and they won't listen to him?


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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Tuesday, 23rd November 2010

    (I don't expect anyone to read this on here, but I am going to finish it and then I can move on. Like a ghost this is my unfinished business.)

    “Well I’ll be...,” Grandma Belle exclaimed, peering down at the plants, which even in green light of the fireflies seemed to glow like red beacons in the dark. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much Amaryllis in one place, have you Twankey? Though it beats me how anyone’s expected to sledge down that hill now, all of those lovely plants will be ruined, won't they?"

    The course’s magnificent red bloom soon attracted a large crowd and everyone stood around at the top looking down on its splendour. It was clear that no matter how long a person spent in the land of races, that it never quite lost its ability to amaze and even Penny, who wasn’t really a plant enthusiast and wasn’t ever likely to be one, couldn’t help but get a lump in her throat at this shared moment. There were cries of ‘oh my, isn’t this wonderful?’ from the crowds and ‘how can this possibly be?’ and people trying to make predictions about what the race might involve.

    At the shrill sound of the starting whistle however, the crowds dispersed and the next lot of racers, including Penny and Widow Twankey took themselves off to the start line. It was while they were waiting for the race to begin, that Penny noticed a little sign, pushing its way up out of the snow. The sign was ridiculously small and if Penny hadn’t had such good eyesight she wouldn’t have been able to read it. In tiny lettering the sign read: ‘Do not touch the plants, or else!’ the ‘Or else’ was written in an untidy red scrawl, as though it had been added by the sign maker as an afterthought.

    Penny tried to point this out to Widow Twankey, but the Dame was far too busy exchanging competitive scowls with another racer, that by the time she had got her attention the second whistle had blown and the race had begun.

    This time there was very little pushing or shoving, because as the people at the front of the race soon found out, the course presented its own challenge and this was that whenever anyone so much as brushed past one of the bright red plants, the snow underneath their boards erupted, throwing the racer up into the air a little way and then onto the ground. This meant that whenever this happened and it happened often because there were an awful lot of plants, the competitor had to pick themselves back up again and continue on with the race, repeating the same process when they hit the next plant and the next plant after that and so on and so on. Despite the initial shock of their first fall, the racers were soon in fits of laughter, as the hilarity of trying to get back onto their boards set in.

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  • Message 311

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    Posted by Hina...x['The World Isn't Just Split Up Into Good People And Death Eaters.'] (U14332787) on Tuesday, 23rd November 2010

    Ooh brilliant, Kim. I love the idea of beautiful plants being quite monstrous. =] Can't wait for more. =]


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  • Message 312

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    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Wednesday, 24th November 2010

    Kim - this is BRILLIANT! I love the idea of angry Amaryllis! And the Dame exchanging competitive scowls! I love this SO much!

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    This posting has been hidden during moderation because it broke the House Rules in some way.

  • Message 314

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    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Thursday, 25th November 2010

    Kim - I see that this posting has been disallowed - please don't worry - there was a misunderstanding with the mods - and, I belive it's all been sorted out. I look forward to seeing some more of this when you can make it!

  • Message 315

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    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Thursday, 25th November 2010

    Oh - and Blue Goblin - of COURSE we want to see you over at Bitesize. If it's just a case of bookmarking the page, here it is:


    See you there!

  • Message 316

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    Posted by BlueGoblin (U8900511) on Thursday, 25th November 2010

    Already bookmarked! I pop in every now and then, but like here, I won't post that much. It's difficult finding my way past all the GCSE help posts which I wouldn't have the faintest clue how to help with. So I never really know where to start looking.

    I do feel beyond use to people here now, as most of the things I read are the better written ones to start with (Kim who may as well already be published... it's just getting stories finished!) however feel I can end up being too critical of other work that isn't ready, especially if some people - and I will admit it's not many - think they're brilliant and they're not.. it irritates me.. so my responses are never productive lol.

    But still.. we'll see how goes. Uni is incredibly difficult at the moment.. oh and the Bitesize mods don't like any mention of Uni.. they block the post.... which is frustrating too... BGx

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    Posted by BlueGoblin (U8900511) on Thursday, 25th November 2010

    *really* confused... I just got an email saying my last post was blocked cos of contact details.. but it appears to appear just fine.. I'm so confused! BGx

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    Posted by kim (U13937108) on Thursday, 25th November 2010

    BG just having you around is enough. You don't need to crit stuff..and if you wanna give long harsh crit, do so, it helps...I think. It sort of sets people up gently for when they go into the real world of writing. I mean I can't imagine that editors or other people in the magical realm of book publishing are going to be so nice...I remember when I did my A level coursework, my teacher ripped every single line I wrote to shreads. It worked, the story was better off for it, but boy did it hurt. I can't think of the point I was making, but any how...it did hurt.lol..(that's not a good point)

    hmm..As for big heads. They're a pet hate of mine as you know, but I think in this case a lot of it is down to youth. I was exactly the same I think when I was a wee girl. I thought I could do anything. In middle school we had to write a thing about what we wanted to be when we grew up and the winning one got to spend a day with someone of that profession. Well I wrote that I wanted to be an illustrator and an author (I thought both were the same thing) and I was so gutted that I didn't win. I was sure that i'd be spending the day with a famous writer! The winner was someone that wanted to be a doctor! How unimaginative!

    Again another digression. In short just get yourself over there and talk to me...

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    Posted by English Host (U1934188) on Friday, 26th November 2010

    Do hang on in there Blue Goblin - even if only to keep me company! We are having some interesting times with moderation just now, there's been a lot of new people and we're still trying to setle everyone in...

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