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Message Boards Close Today

Hi,As you know, the Blast messageboards will close today ...


Oli_Blast_Ho st Dec 13, 2010

pirates of the carribian

hey i just watched pirates of the carribian for the first time and ...


mentalman Nov 27, 2010


How do i get auditions on the BBC. Film or shows any thing really, ...


CJay Nov 22, 2010


I didn't see any threads on this around here so I thought I'll ...


Hina...x['Th e World ... Nov 17, 2010

Stage and Screen acting

What's the difference between stage and screen acting? For ...


Newagecomedi enne Nov 12, 2010


I was just wondering, has anyone heard of Industrial Light and ...


benderisgrea t Nov 9, 2010

Depressing Films?

Okay, so last night I saw The Road. Good film, brilliant in my ...


Daniel Nov 1, 2010

Are the films really alive ...

Films and TV programmes have many iconic soundtracks, but does the ...


edd_yp10 Oct 26, 2010

Something about me Project

Hi guys,i have a project about making a documentary about ...


mrluckylinh Oct 26, 2010

Making A Sports Documentary

Hi,I am looking to create a 'Michael Moore' style ...


JamMasterJay Oct 25, 2010

The Devil Came on Horseback

I don't know if anybody else on here has seen this film, but I ...


Alien_Mistre ss Oct 12, 2010

Exploitation Film

If you do like them, why???


Orhan Oct 9, 2010

Horror Films.

I'm not sure if my school is the only school at the moment doing ...


U14636376 Oct 7, 2010

Work experience

I've spent hours e-mailing around asking for work ex. for 15/16 ...


Neash Sep 27, 2010

bbc blast

hi, i have just started university a media production course and ...


delectabledi va Sep 26, 2010

Fans of British indie films....

...may be interested in this: Raindance's 'Best of British' ...


U14538878 Sep 17, 2010

3D Films

Hey, I went to see Resident Evil Afterlife in 3D this weekend and ...


Alien_Mistre ss Sep 16, 2010

Is Sherlock the best thing on ...

We've had threads up here before on why The Americans make better ...


MaxFilmBoard Host Sep 13, 2010

BBC Trust Review

Hi, This morning the BBC Trust have announced that they support ...


Oli_Blast_Ho st Aug 31, 2010

Year 11 Work experience in ...

Hello,My name is Ben and I was really hoping to receive some ...


-Ben- Aug 30, 2010

Worst FIlms Ever

Okay, so forgive me if this has been asked before, but I'm ...


Daniel Aug 26, 2010

Best film schools in England?

Hi everyone!So, I'm an American, but would very much like to live ...


Kylie Aug 24, 2010

Your Dream Job in film or T.V

I'm guessing that lots of you woulld love to work in film and ...


MaxFilmHost Aug 24, 2010

Getting together to make your ...

Film making - especially drama is a huge team effort, with a good ...


MaxFilmBoard Host Aug 18, 2010

The Film Council is due to be ...

The culture secretary has today announced plans to close the ...


MaxFilmBoard Host Aug 13, 2010

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