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Message Boards Close Today

Hi,As you know, the Blast messageboards will close today ...


Oli_Blast_Ho st Dec 13, 2010

Who is your favourite artist?

Mine is Vincent Van Gogh.


Annoymous Dec 12, 2010

Help:Do anyone know how to do ...

Hello,I am making a dress for my A-level art.I really want to use ...


Corie Dec 12, 2010

New home

As you probably already know, Blast's messageboards will close ...


Oli_Blast_Ho st Nov 26, 2010

GSCE art curriculum

does any one else think that the way GSCE art is marked is pretty ...


beneboy Nov 7, 2010

What type of art style do you ...

I love all sorts of art and wanted to know what sort of art styles ...


Liz Nov 1, 2010


I need help drawing portraits for my gcse art coursework help!!


mw Oct 11, 2010


I've been photographing a lot of lips and teeth at the moment. ...


notcatwoman Oct 2, 2010

Photography :D

I'd like to take some photos along a theme, but can't think of one ...


U14428292 Sep 26, 2010

Painting Polaroids

Gerhard Richter is able to paint in a distortion mode making ...


jennie3900 Sep 23, 2010

Fashion Photography.

One of the topics we look at in photography is fashion, and most ...


Emma Sep 23, 2010


Now that I'm really getting into painting, I'm really wanting to ...


U14493740 Sep 11, 2010

Not really a fair grade..

Hey,This is kind of annoying for me because I'm quite good at ...


BurninMongoo se Sep 7, 2010

drawing media

Hey, I have a summer porject for college, which is due in on ...


Roomi Sep 4, 2010

What art do you hate?! What ...

Me, I'd go for Tony Cragg. Eurgh. I can't say exactly what it is, ...


graceloves Aug 30, 2010


Hi,I am new to the Art messageboards, although I hang ...


ThatWriter Aug 25, 2010

Photography A Level.

Our school has never done photography before but students ...


Emma Aug 21, 2010

BBC Trust Review

Hi, This morning the BBC Trust have announced that they support ...


Oli_Blast_Ho st Jul 5, 2010

Face Painting

Hi, i've been working for a face painting events company for the ...


Emma-Jayne Jul 1, 2010

Hiiya Guys & Gals, I would ...

Who would you pick as your favourite artist or ...


U14495553 Jun 18, 2010

Banksy Art Coursework Ideas


mw Jun 17, 2010

Art and Designs need your help..

i would like to ask some tips how you do on your A-level exams


U14449133 Jun 17, 2010

A-level Photography: SHOULD I ...

I was just wondering if there's anyone who has taken a-level ...


Supernova15 Jun 14, 2010

Art underrated? under estimated?

I'm going to be an art student this coming September (as a ...


U14422799 Jun 9, 2010

What paint works the best for ...

I tried with gouache and it failed epically, i was thinking ...


Silver Jun 7, 2010

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