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MFC/healthy eating club 1 November 2012

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    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Wednesday, 7th November 2012

    Yes I agree I might add a bit of lean ham to my breakfast menu.

    If I have time I might have a couple of eggs on some whole meal toast

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    Posted by countrypug (U9227943) on Wednesday, 7th November 2012

    Ok food diary time.

    Breakfast 2 scrambled eggs. Pint of water (cold) and a cup of hot water. I am off caffeinated drinks for 5 days which is a struggle! Several fruit teas and cups of hot water during the day in addition to several pints of cold water.

    Lunch can of tuna with mixed salad, slightly odd mix due to what was left in the fridge, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, some raw broccoli and cabbage and half a pepper. Some low fat greek yoghurt as a sort of dressing. Slice of ham to pick at whilst I was making salad.

    Dinner baked salmon fillet with mashed swede and carrots, and some peas. More water. I'm not finding this too hard apart from the lack of tea and coffee, but do miss something slightly sweet after a meal, like an apple or banana. After this first 5 days I can introduce fruit too.

    Had a 30 minute power walk mid afternoon.

    I've just realised I'm out Friday night which is going to be a challenge, but it is one of our girl's nights which are always veggie or fish, so not so bad, I'll just have to be careful with choices.

    Gem, I was going to say the same as PP, that sounded a little light on calories and protein for a day involving a run.

    Pug x

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  • Message 103

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    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Wednesday, 7th November 2012

    That sounds good Pug..I found giving up caffeine hard when I did low carbs so good luck with it!

    Well done all...

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  • Message 104

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    Posted by Sixties Relic SAVE ML (U13777237) on Thursday, 8th November 2012

    Pug, go easy on the water. It is one of those dangerous myths that we need to dring gallons and gallons of water. It is possible to drink too much and damage your kidneys. You should drink enough to satisfy your thirst, that's all. Your body knows best.

    This week, I have managed to lose the one and a half pounds that I put back on last I am STILL half a pound away from losing 3 stones! Grr, I so wanted my little award this week.

    And I'm off to London for the weekend so this week will not be easy..................

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    Posted by GEm (U4356909) on Thursday, 8th November 2012

    Sixties - we have healthy food in the smoke too you know - it's not all jellied eels and pie and mash.. (smiley)

    Okay - today

    Breakfast; Weetabix and yoghurt (ran out of fruit!)

    Lunch: 2 slices of bread with peanut butter and banana (been to Waitrose)

    Supper: Smoked salmon fillet with home made actifry chips, asparagus and samphire

    Have just made a Rogan Josh for our neighbours as they are looking after Luna this weekend so am leaving them a date night supper for Sat night. It's all marinading in the fridge ready to go in the slow cooker on Sat morning. I'm also making them an Autumn Pudding (its autumn fruit version of summer pudding) with a secret ingredient!


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  • Message 106

    , in reply to message 104.

    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Thursday, 8th November 2012

    Aww Sixties, huge sympathies that happened to me too, which is one of the reasons I am keeping a food diary and not drinking alcohol this week

    Going away is difficult as you have less control over what you can eat.. so good luck!

    My trousers are feeling a bit loser this week, so I am optomistic. and I have no deviated from The Plan since Sunday.

    I'll post my diary later as Im not sure whats for tea, probably an omlette

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  • Message 107

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    Posted by countrypug (U9227943) on Thursday, 8th November 2012

    Yes sixties, sympathies here too. It is odd but milestone weights always seem hard to cross. Thanks for the warning about the water but I routinely drink about 2-3 pints daily and am drinking more at the moment as I am having very few hot drinks. Hot water and herbal tea are not a compensation for a proper cuppa! I have bought some decaf coffee today to have. Village shop couldn't manage decaf or even fruit tea.

    I had grilled bacon with a poached egg for breakfast and have just had a delicious lunch of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, grated courgette with some hot stir fried chicken on top with a little garlic and lemon juice added.

    I am lucky in that work is at the bottom of the garden so I can pop in and cook when I want. I think dinner will be a pork loin steak with lots of veg (and mash for the boys). I've been on a 45 minute brisk walk too, although some really skiddy bits slowed me down!

    KOKO all.


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  • Message 108

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    Posted by LoopyLobes (U14384399) on Thursday, 8th November 2012

    Do you like Red Bush tea? I find it lovely and refreshing.

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  • Message 109

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    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Thursday, 8th November 2012

    Evening ladies and gents! My food diary

    Breakfast : 2 xweetabix, milk a banana and 2 x kiwi fruit (they needed eating up)

    Snacks through the day: fruit and one pasta mug shot

    Lunch: roasted veg with cous cous and a mullerlight yog

    Dinner ( Thursday is leftover night) : Spanish tortilla omelette, baked beans and more roasted veg. Pear and yoghurt

    No Syns today!!

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  • Message 110

    , in reply to message 104.

    Posted by Miftrefs Laura in Lothian bufily ftitching (U2587870) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    go easy on the water. It is one of those dangerous myths that we need to dring gallons and gallons of water. It is possible to drink too much and damage your kidneys. You should drink enough to satisfy your thirst, that's all. Your body knows best. 

    Um, just a quick point of information...

    It is possible to drink too much water - but it would need to be several pints downed-in-one over just a couple of minutes, and it is your brain, rather than your kidneys. I have never heard of kidneys being damaged by too much water.

    Also, one of the most widely-researched areas of human appetite is thirst, because almost always your body does *not* know best - by the time the 'thirsty' signal arrives in the brain, the body is usually really, really thirsty - plus a lot of people in studies can't tell the difference between appetites and tend to think the signal means 'hungry'.

    I grew up with chronic severe cystitis, have been hospitalised with it and with kidney problems (plural) and have had many long discussions with consultants as a patient, and with pathologists (not as a patient!). I'm not a medic, but not one of them ever mentioned being able to damage your kidneys by drinking too much water.

    countrypug, it sounds to me like you are doing what the consultants told me - "if it works for you, then go with it" - no sudden dramatic changes, just upping a good fluid intake a bit.

    When I get myself off caffeine intermittently, my 'default setting' has always been to drink somewhere around 8-10 pints of water daily. That is unusually high, but the one time I listened to someone who told me I must drink less water, within two weeks I had stabbing cramps through my lower abdomen and then collapsed and was taken into hospital where I had to stay a week on various drips with all kinds of intravenous anti-biotics because I had four - four! - totally unrelated urinary tract infections, all heading merrily for my kidneys. That was a fortnight on drinking two pints of water a day.

    Do what works for you - if it's more than you need, you will just pee a lot. you will NOT damage your kidneys, in my experience and opinion.

    Sorry to sound so po-faced, but they told me on that last occasion that as my family were all abroad at the time, if I'd collapsed in the house I probably would have died. Don't mess with your water intake!!


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  • Message 111

    , in reply to message 110.

    Posted by LoopyLobes (U14384399) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    Yep, another one here who drinks a LOT of water. It's my drink of preference. In the past I've had kidney infections and stones, mostly when pregnant though. My Mum and sister are martyrs to cystitis and worse, but they really struggle to drink water, they hate it! I'm so glad I like it.

    See you all later!

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  • Message 112

    , in reply to message 111.

    Posted by GEm (U4356909) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    Good advice Laura. I was always told you should need to pee about every 90 - 120 mins and it should be clear or pale straw coloured otherwise you are dehydrated (other than first thing in the morning or post asaparagus or beetroot of course).

    We drink loads here! Not drowned yet

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  • Message 113

    , in reply to message 112.

    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    I wish I could persuade my daughter to drink more water

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  • Message 114

    , in reply to message 113.

    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    Are we still doing food diaries?

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  • Message 115

    , in reply to message 114.

    Posted by GEm (U4356909) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    Forgive me because I have sinned - lunch at Momo which was absolutely gorgeous! Prawns and sardines to share, then vegetable tagine and vegetable couscous to share, then OH had the pancake (and I had a teeny bit just to taste it) and mint tea - no sugar!

    Breaksfast was a slice of toast and peanut butter as I got up late and supper will be a cup of tea and possibly a slice of ginger cake if I can find room


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  • Message 116

    , in reply to message 115.

    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    Not quite sure there are any sins there Gem it sounds lovely. Forgive me saying it but you don't seem to eat a lot. Not compared to me anyway lol

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  • Message 117

    , in reply to message 116.

    Posted by Sister Primrose of the Red Tinsel Flag (U5405579) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    Food diary
    the tofu chilli/maggi modge for breakfast
    salad and more tofu, this time a flavoured cutlet, and a napple for lunch
    Grated courgette, tomato and a different type of tofu (flavoured with sundried toms) with a yog dressing for tea.
    I inadvertantly ate two custard cremes and a Borders Chocolate Fudge Brownie cookie at work
    A cup of tea.

    Yes I know that that's a lot of tofu, but it is also being taken to help reduce my hot flushes and I have to say they are much, much better.

    Hoping to get throught the evening without falling prey to the desire to eat marzipan.


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  • Message 118

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    Posted by GEm (U4356909) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    Ah thank you Sausages - it really was lovely. We've just had tea and two slices of cake each (home made and very calorific I am afraid as it's usually running fuel)

    i think I eat loads - but perhaps I don't. We have loads of vegetables (honest we do have big platefuls) and I do have hungry days when i eat loads but normally I prefer to have small amounts of tasty food rather than loads.

    Lunch as quite filling - we got 4 big king prawns, 2 large sardines as starters with lovely roasted pepper and some dips. Main course was couscous with lovely veggies cooked in a sweet sauce with chickpeas and sultanas; then a veggie tagine which came with a mint sauce and more couscous.

    the pancake was to die for (its on their home page if you want a look) I had to taste so I can repeat!


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  • Message 119

    , in reply to message 118.

    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    Well PP all that tofu but glad it's helping with the flushes! I must admit to never having eaten tofu I'm not sure I'd know where to get it, or cook it.

    Gem I really really don't want to look at pancakes, it was bad enough cooking pizza for the kids tea (a Friday night treat for them) let alone a lovely yummy pancake (sigh...)

    This is my day

    2 weetabix, banana, kiwi for break fast
    Roasted veg, ham and couscous , followed by mullerlight and fruit for lunch
    Fruit snacks
    Chick pea Dahl loaf, roasted peppers, yog and fruit for dinner.

    No Syns, but I may have a small drink later


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  • Message 120

    , in reply to message 119.

    Posted by GEm (U4356909) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    SAusages - I vaguely remember Syns from when Dusty used to post about SW but I can't remember what they are.

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  • Message 121

    , in reply to message 120.

    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    Ahh Syns are like weight watcher points (I think).

    Basically anything that isn't low fat or 'allowed' ,like certain carbs, have a syn value. For instance 35ml of voddie is 4 Syns. You can have up to 15 Syns a day and supposedly still lose weight. I tend to avoid Syns during the week if possible but I do have a couple of drinks at the weekend.

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  • Message 122

    , in reply to message 121.

    Posted by GEm (U4356909) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    Aah - thank you. That explains it.

    I seem to remember you had Green days which were vegetarian days and Red days so you have to use Syns for anything which isn't allowed on that day. Makes sense

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  • Message 123

    , in reply to message 122.

    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    Ah yes they have those but there is a new thing called Extra Easy which is what I am doing. It is basically low fat, high fibre and food combining. Logical and quite easy to stick to.

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  • Message 124

    , in reply to message 123.

    Posted by Anne-Marie (U1474870) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    I followed extra easy too, sausages, and use the principles as my guide even tho I moved area and away from my group. The approach is a bit more flexible than the original green vs red days and so makes eating out easier.

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  • Message 125

    , in reply to message 124.

    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    I never did red and green days but the extra easy thing is brilliant and by far the easiest diet I have ever done

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    , in reply to message 125.

    Posted by countrypug (U9227943) on Saturday, 10th November 2012

    Well going out last night was fine really. Was at a girlfriend's house for a birthday celebration. These are always veggie or fish as we have one pescatarian amongst us. So the main was Jamie's auberge parmigiana which was delicious. Served with green salad and bread (which I did not eat). I did succumb to a piece of lemon polenta cake after though. It is a long favourite of this cook, and she makes it brilliantly. Not at all low carb. But the rest was really fine.

    Today had grilled bacon with a scrambled egg for breakfast, then home made French onion soup for lunch. Tonight we've had butternut squash curry, a recipe from the harcombe book, and delicious it was too. The base sauce was more than enough for 2 main meals for the family so I have kept the other half to maybe make a prawn or chicken curry one night this week. Lots of water to drink and lots of fruit/herbal teas.

    Anyone trying to avoid caffeine, I can recommend Pukka teas- especially their after dinner and detox ones, they both contain cardamom and fennel and the detox has aniseed too, really lovely. (And I speak as one who didn't like any non standard teas).


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  • Message 127

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    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Saturday, 10th November 2012

    Sounds like you've got the hang of the Low carb stuff really well CP although the idea of aniseed tea does not appeal. Glad the meal went ok too, it can be difficult eating out.

    Today I had,

    2 poached eggs , whole meal toast and fruit
    Homemade Butternut squash soup and roasted veg
    Fish, chips, veg with hollandaise sauce (all SW recipes) and yoghurt

    Having a few alcohol Syns tonight, but virtually the first I've had all week so it should be ok. Just a couple mind you!

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  • Message 128

    , in reply to message 127.

    Posted by geepers (U6804393) on Sunday, 11th November 2012

    No point me recording what I've eaten/drunk - it's not pretty reading. But we now have five days of self catering with no parents or children about the place, so hopefully I can get back on track at least a bit. Here's hoping...

    Hope everyone else is getting on better.

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  • Message 129

    , in reply to message 128.

    Posted by Anne-Marie (U1474870) on Sunday, 11th November 2012

    Similar position here geeers. I'm heading home after a great week off, with associated treats. But from tomorrow it's back to work And back to my good regime re breakfast and lunch. It's boring, but easy to put together, and its effective. Fingers crossed.

    With a fair wind, I might even make it to the gym tomorrow night. Not promising tho!

    It's a new week everyone, so here is some extra resolve for all of us who need it.

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  • Message 130

    , in reply to message 129.

    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Sunday, 11th November 2012

    Good luck for the new week all!

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  • Message 131

    , in reply to message 130.

    Posted by GEm (U4356909) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    Was out all Friday and away this weekend - we have aubergines, BNS and sprouts in. Supper here should be "interesting"

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  • Message 132

    , in reply to message 131.

    Posted by LoopyLobes (U14384399) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    Haha! I will be interested in hearing how you get on!

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  • Message 133

    , in reply to message 132.

    Posted by Sixties Relic SAVE ML (U13777237) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    My trip to London doesn't seem to have done much damage, I'm happy to report.

    My son was doing most of the cooking and he's a very good cook. He makes a mean curry. We had a turkish meal out, but stuck to mesa - all lovely.

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  • Message 134

    , in reply to message 133.

    Posted by GEm (U4356909) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    Got it - I'll make a chilli with them! He'll never notice the sprouts if I cut them up really small

    Might want to sleep downwind of our house tonight


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  • Message 135

    , in reply to message 134.

    Posted by countrypug (U9227943) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    So I'm managing to stick to the low carbing. No weigh in yet, might do that weds instead of tues as that is a full week after starting. I do think my belt is a little looser though.

    Yesterday we were out all day taking elder puglet to a hospital placement for her university course. We had lunch in a pub, rather old fashioned witha very limited Sunday lunch menu but by then it was nearly 3pm and we were all really hungry. The veggie option was lasagne (as it often is in these older places) so not exactly low carb, so I had roast beef, which was very nice and was served with a really big dish of freshly cooked veg to share, quite unusual nowadays in my experience. Only 1 small roast and one small new potato so not at all bad. I did eat them but I am actually past the stringent first 5 days. I have stayed caffeine free so far though.

    Managed a nice half hour dog walk this afternoon then a swim later ( my day off today). About to have bolognese sauce (home made) with roasted veg for me, the boys will have pasta with it.

    I'd tie the duvet down in your house Gem with that chilli suggestion...


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  • Message 136

    , in reply to message 135.

    Posted by GEm (U4356909) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    The chilli was lovely - ropes upstairs for Duvet. Luna has taken to sleeping on the bed so she could be in for flying lessons tonight........

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  • Message 137

    , in reply to message 136.

    Posted by Penstemon (U4429639) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    After the amount of beans and veg I've been eating recently the wind in this house is considerable!

    Well I am quite nervous about tomorrow nights weigh in. I feel like I've lost weight but you can never tell what the scales will say.

    Today's menu was:

    Weetabix and fruit
    Bulgar wheat, chicken and roasted veg, yoghurt
    Prawn curry, rice and veg.

    Interspersed with lots of fruit.

    I really really want to lose weight..

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  • Message 138

    , in reply to message 137.

    Posted by geepers (U6804393) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    I'll cross things for your weigh in tomorrow, sausages. I've deffo put on this week, despite managing salad for lunch two days on the trot, so hopefully I can yin your yang, or some such.

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  • Message 139

    , in reply to message 138.

    Posted by countrypug (U9227943) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    I must say that the feeling thing is difficult, I often "feel" as if I've gained or lost, but I'm often wrong, not sure whether it is wishful thinking!

    I'm going to open tomorrow's thread soon as I will be at work early, and will link to this once done.

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  • Message 140

    , in reply to message 139.

    Posted by countrypug (U9227943) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    New thread now open for a new week

    See you there!

    Pug x

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  • Message 141

    , in reply to message 140.

    Posted by LoopyLobes (U14384399) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    Thank you!

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  • Message 142

    , in reply to message 50.

    Posted by LostInML (U13646691) on Tuesday, 13th November 2012

    Good to see a new thread. I feel a bit like Fire-Pig. I seem to have lost the will to be good in terms of eating. I am still exercising regularly, but it feels like a chore a lot of the time and the 'oh, I'll just eat that for now' moments have crept back in and I've put some weight back on and find it hard to be motivated.

    Sorry. I'm rambling already. I have always been very good at that.

    Let me do the more official introduction. I am Lost and diabetic and that gave me an incentive to lose a lot of weight over a few years and take up exercise for the first time. I have spent this year not losing weight and still exercising and I suppose I am feeling quite maudlin about that (which tends to be my default mood, as people here well know.) I haven't posted much recently because I am conscious that I tend to beat myself up and it gets boring to listen to. Even I am bored by it, so I don't see why you lot should be as well!

    But I have a lot of respect for people here and don't want people to think that I've dropped off the face of the earth, so here I am. Greetings to all whose names I have come to love so much...

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  • Message 143

    , in reply to message 142.

    Posted by Sixties Relic SAVE ML (U13777237) on Friday, 16th November 2012

    Oh dear, Lost, I share your pain. I am stuck, too. I was half a pound away from having lost 3 stone several weeks ago. (That's since last January.) Since then I've been up and down like a yo yo. I am now one and a half pounds away from my three stones.

    I had a weekend away in London but did try to be good.

    I am determined to get moving again. I think I'll have to start writing everything I eat down again - it does help.

    So much of this is in our heads, isn't it? Beating ourselves up about it iis NOT useful.

    So - positive thinking everyone! Think about all the yummy things we CAN eat not the things we know we shouldn't eat.

    Right. I'm off now to plan some meals.

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  • Message 144

    , in reply to message 143.

    Posted by LoopyLobes (U14384399) on Saturday, 17th November 2012

    Spot on, SR! That's how I switched my thinking - think of all those lovely things you *can* eat - and eat a LOT of if necessary!

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  • Message 145

    , in reply to message 144.

    Posted by geepers (U6804393) on Saturday, 17th November 2012

    There's a more recent thread open - on iPhone so not so easy to link, but it's in Pug's name.

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  • Message 146

    , in reply to message 145.

    Posted by LoopyLobes (U14384399) on Saturday, 17th November 2012


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