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Stress Thread continued.

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Friday, 27th April 2012

    Due to a continuing need I'm starting a new Stress Support Thread.

    I started the first thread when I discovered that Mr C was suffering from nervous depression. It has been such a help to me and I know that it's been helpful to all who come in and let off steam.

    It's open to anyone who feels they need to yell, scream, cry or just ramble on about any stressful situation. We're a friendly bunch and there always the biscuit barrel and mugs of tea or coffee available along with a listening ear. Oh and not forgetting the constant supply of chocolate. It's cyber chocolate so OK for diabetics and anyone trying to watch their weight, (like me). :O)

    Comfy chairs all round, bean bags too if you want them and not forgetting our extensive library. Adult books and children's ones for those who enjoy re reading old books.

    The fire is still lit as it isn't warm enough to open the windows yet.

    Here's the link to the old thread.

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Friday, 27th April 2012

    Bumping the new thread up above the old one. quote Mini............soppy mare.....course we do! 
    Right so not to annoy our BikerMini I've started a new thread. Don't fancy the idea of BM arriving on my doorstep in all her leathers to deal with me !
    chicken; you can choose whether to start a new thread or not. Tayler mentioned there is not need for a limit of 2000 messages now. I quite like a limit on a thread and a fresh start but whatever you choose is fine, 
    A new start I feel it's all part of the thread. :O)
    chicken, having a smile at your extra big shoes on your dainty feet.. What a blessing comfy shoes are. I miss wearing heels but couldn't walk far in them these days without falling flat on my face!  .
    My feet look *huge* Jenny, but my are they comfortable. Which is the main thing. I can't wear high heels now either. :0(
    took yesterday's copy back today and the lady who gave me a refund, 
    A big wave to Mrs G, glad to "see" you how's YGks these days? Hope all is well with you and yours. Glad they gave you a refund on your book.
    still very busy but have been lurking 
    Don't get lost with the move please angua. :O)
    (Got offered more work yesterday .... sigh) 
    Better than no work in a way, even if it means your a bit busy.

    Cor have I caught up with everyone's comments?!

    Have had another quiet day, but sorry no Chix fix as the weather hasn't been nice enough to go out. Dull, grey and chilly. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, once I've finished teaching.

    Will pop in later.

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Friday, 27th April 2012

    Bumping the new thread up *again.*

    Somehow managed to post my last epic onto the old thread, doh. :0(

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    Posted by Silver Jenny (U12795676) on Friday, 27th April 2012

    A lovely new thread, chicken, I have changed my top and brished my hair. Please may I come in and sit awhile and read one of your books.

    I have brought fruit salad and yoghurt and some chocolate muffins.

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Friday, 27th April 2012

    Please may I come in and sit awhile and read one of your books.

    I have brought fruit salad and yoghurt and some chocolate muffins. 

    Of course you can Jenny. :O)

    Did you mention chocolate muffins?????????? slobber !

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    Posted by mistle_thrush (U3279940) on Friday, 27th April 2012

    Ooh yummy me too please! Thanks for reopening Chix, I like a fresh start now and again too.

    Waves to everyone, glad to read all your news but dashing about a bit so just bookmarking really. Managed another teaching session this afternoon which went well so I'm pleased with that.


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    Posted by Tattyhead (U2777247) on Friday, 27th April 2012

    Thanks for opening the new thread, Chix.

    I would just like to say, to any Lurkers, what a wonderfully supportive thread this is. I have just been through the most stressful time of my life - alcoholic husband who became very ill husband, culminating in his death last August. Added to this I have an adult, learning disabled son at home who, although being a source of great joy to me, was devastated by his father's decline and death. I do have a lovely daughter living nearby who is very supportive but who has been grieving herself. It sounds very melodramatic but this thread probably saved my sanity. I do have wonderful RL friends but I don't always want to burden them with my woes. However, I can come in here, vent, rant or even cry and the amazing people here have "listened", empathised and lent a hand through cyber space. Thank you, Thread and all who post here!

    If you are lurking, why not drop in and join us? I promise you will find only caring, friendly support and maybe some very well meant straight talking to help signpost you in the right direction. Just take what you need and leave the rest.

    (((Hugs))) Tatty xxx

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Friday, 27th April 2012

    Well done mistle for coping with a busy day. :O)

    Thank you Tatty, that is a lovely post.

    I've dug into the archives and uploaded a few photo including a photo of my new trainers !

    Chix pix fix.

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    Posted by Tattyhead (U2777247) on Friday, 27th April 2012

    Chix, those trainers look super-comfy! And I love the photo of T-Cat.

    Bedtime calls - but, here's the conundrum - which bed? The "new" bedroom is now completed. It looks lovely. My last excuse for not sleeping in it has now disappeared - the builder guy who has done it all up for me has solved the problem of the door sticking on the new (wonderfully thick) carpet by shaving a bit off the bottom. So what is stopping me? Well, over 4 years ago I moved into the back bedroom which used to be my daughter's room before she moved out. I told Stephen I would move back when he stopped drinking. He didn't. The back bedroom, with single bed became my sanctuary into which neither husband or son was welcome. It has been My Space. The "new" bedroom has a beautiful, super-comfy double bed BUT, although the room has been gutted and completely re-done I have a psychological block about sleeping in the double bed in the room I used to share with Stephen when he won't be there beside me. There will be a gap, unlike the single bed. Am I daft? Probably. It's just my bedroom of the last 4 years feels safe and familiar. Oh, heck I AM being stupid!

    'Night, 'night, Fred. Sleep well.
    Love, Tatty xxx

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Friday, 27th April 2012

    No, you aren't being stupid Tatty. I can understand why you are finding it difficult to move "back" into what was Stephen's bedroom. Plus you say that no-one was / is allowed into the back room. That it's your haven.

    Right now how do we get you over this. Bite the bullet. It isn't now Stephen's room, or the one you used to share. It is a NEW room, it is YOUR room and your second haven, so tell Son that he now isn't allowed in there, but *can* go into the back room.

    Just think of all that lovely work that the decorator has done and you've paid for. Go in and enjoy. :O)

    Glad you like the trainers. I do to !

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Friday, 27th April 2012

    Hope you sleep well Tatty, where ever you decide to sleep. I must get to bed nearly 00.00 here.

    Night night Fred and sleep well.

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    Posted by gigglemahanaz2 (U14257954) on Friday, 27th April 2012

    hello ( late I know!)

    Glad you started this up again old girl! ;o)

    I note you only take a size 3, jammy mare, I take a 5 and as it seems to be the standard size it always seems the styles I like are gone! Never have worn high heels, never felt comfy in them, always flats, easier when running after kids and for keeping OH in control (use you imanations!)

    Anyway, loved the photo's, the italian lady looked so sad, like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders, I just wanted to ask her if she was /really/ok and to have 5 kids but to be homeless, how sad for her.

    Mum will be coming over tomorrow and she is treating us to a meal out, Mini is looking forward to it!

    Tatty...............echo wot Chp's not Stephens room's yours..........but........still keep the old room for you..........your hidey hole if you will!

    Still feeling like carp...............bad few days.........very bad.............wot can I say?! Trying to keep calm and carry on but finding it hard............but than I'm not the only one so making the best of what I can!

    TTFN and catch you as and when!

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Saturday, 28th April 2012

    Morning all,

    Breakfast laid out Continental one today with loads of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

    Here is the photo of my new trainers. I've taken the photo off my Flickr account. But for those who haven't seen them here they are !

    Taking a size 3 isn't always great Giggle, it's often very difficult to find any decent fashionable shoes if I need them. When I lived in the UK I always bought my every day ones in the children's department not VAT, can't do that here. :0(

    Hope you're feeling a bit better, but whatever have a good day out with the family today.

    I've got a lesson this morning and had better start getting ready for it, or I'll be teaching in my dressing gown ! Then a free afternoon, weather doesn't look hopeful at the moment.

    Hope you slept well Tatty.

    Wave & hugs to all and see you later.

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    Posted by Silver Jenny (U12795676) on Saturday, 28th April 2012

    Good morning all. Yum, continental brekkie sounds good.

    Woke up very early to a loud crash next door and a scolding of canine who must have knocked something on to the floor. Just seen him going off for his walk looking as perky as usual so all must be forgiven!.

    Chicken, have you ever tried Hotter shoes. They do mail order..
    I have two pairs and they are so comfortable. They do good designs and pretty colours for summer.

    Tatty, I do understand how you feel about the 'new' bedroom. Just remember that you did the very best you could for Stephen in circumstances which most of us would have not been able to cope with. And you still loved him, despite everything, even on those days when you loathed the bones of him because of the addiction.. Your own little room had been sanctuary for you. Now your whole house is sanctuary but the new room can become your special haven from what is a very busy life caring for other people. Enjoy.

    mitle and giggle hope you both managed to get lots of rest.
    wave to evryone~~~~~~ Back later.

    The rain it raineth every day. I don't want to go out but promised to meet up with a friend in town.

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    Posted by Spartacus (U14243804) on Saturday, 28th April 2012

    Waves to the new thread!

    Have just collected a pair of shoes I bought of ebay for £45.00 and they are Manolo Blahniks! Yippee!

    Am having a day off today, we arrived home about an hour ago, and will start work tomorrow...

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Saturday, 28th April 2012

    Blooming heck, my Internet is slower than a snail this evening. Glad you're home angua and hope there isn't too much work to do tomorrow, after all it's Sunday and *meant* to be a day off.

    We've had a lazy day, other than Mr C zooming off to the supermarket this morning to buy me some new socks. Plus me giving a lesson. I didn't get out as the weather was horrible and the forecast said a bit of sun this afternoon - it missed us. :0(

    I took this shot on the 27th April last year.

    A small Chix pix fix.

    Mr C did his delicious Devilled Kidneys for dinner this evening with a side serving of chips. We then had a banana for pud. Scummy. :O)

    Hope everyone's having a good/reasonable evening.

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    Posted by Tattyhead (U2777247) on Saturday, 28th April 2012

    Hiya. Thanks, as always for supportive comments. I did start off in "new" bedroom last night but woke at 2am and went back to usual bed. Will go to bed in new room tonight and see if I can last longer. It is a very comfortable bed and the room, I have to say, looks lovely so hopefully ghosts will soon disappear and I will feel happy in that room again.

    Hope everyone has had a good day. It is just as miserable, weather-wise, here as it is with you, Chicken. Son and I met Daughter in town and we had lunch together in a pub in centre of town which was nice. It is said to have been a haunt of Oliver Cromwell so lots of history in it.

    Giggle - hope you are feeling better. I'm convinced this weather does us no good at all. A bit of sustained sunshine would make a world of difference.

    Jenny - spooky coincidence. You mentioned "Hotter" shoes and a catalogue for same popped through my letterbox today! I had been telling someone about the difficulty I have buying shoes that fit my thrice operated on feet and she mentioned Hotter shoes. I hadn't heard of them so she rang them for me and asked them to send me a catalogue. First browse through looks hopeful.

    And Angua -Manolo Blahniks - Result! Well done ;0))

    Waves to Mistle - hope you are having a reasonable weekend and are not too tired.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful night.

    'Night, 'night.
    Love, Tatty xxx

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    Posted by Rwth of the Cornovii (U2570790) on Sunday, 29th April 2012

    You don't have to sleep in the "master" bedroom Tatty. If you feel more comfortable in the back bedroom, stay there and use the posh bedroom for guests. I think I'd rearrange the pillows to the middle of the bed and sleep in the middle. It's only an extended single bed then.

    I've been a bit tearful lately. I don't really know why. No special occasion now, nothing special. It's still grief for Bill losing his life. Being gone, and probably not aware in the spiritual sense. I have been able until now to believe that he is playing with the dogs we used to have. It just doesn't seem worth going on. I will though because I am exceedingly obstinate. Of course, chronic toothache doesn't help, and having to take blood pressure pills is a nuisance. I was in denial for years over the thyroxine, but have made myself take the lot. I haven't started on the decorating, because even if I do one wall at a time, I can't decide or screw myself up to clearing even one. I have a busy social diary and have to arrange dog sitting for extended absences, but I can't afford it so I get the neighbours to do it. I'm just a bit dispirited. There is a huge mountain of unattempted achievement all around me, and I don't know where to start. The decorating? the book? Moving out, but where?

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Sunday, 29th April 2012

    Morning all,

    Bacon sandwiches with ketchup cups of tea or coffee. There's also a Continental Breakfast for those who'd prefer it.

    Oh Rwth what a muddle you're in. It sounds to me as though the realisation of Bill's death has just come up and hit you in the face. Yes you know he's gone, obviously, but I believe there's a difference between loosing a loved one and later really knowing that they've gone. If that makes any sense at all.

    Plus it sounds as though you've got a lot on, visiting friends who don't want Cassie. (Hope I've spelt her name right). Decorating, now if you can get someone else to do it. What are you trying to do my dear cyber friend !

    Now which is the most important to you?
    The decorating
    The book or
    The moving out.

    If it's the moving out then the decorating has got to be done first. Can't sell a house these days unless it's been decorated. Daft !

    Whatever you decide to do you know you can come in here and let off steam. Plus take care of yourself and take the medication, the doctors didn't give it to you for fun. ;O)

    Hope that has helped and we're all rooting for you. Here's a hand through the cyber space.

    Better get on we've got church later and I need my cup of tea first. Will pop in later.

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Sunday, 29th April 2012

    I'm back,

    We mislaid a Priest. He was 1/2 late. Actually the one who did the Mass wasn't the one who should have been doing it, don't know which one was meant to be there or what happened to him, but it caused a lot of giggles. Our friend M was sitting next to us, (she's the one who's husband died earlier on in the year). I joked that they'd all overslept, but she said that Priest weren't allowed to do that!

    We got ourselves up to the Gospel and then got stuck as a Lay Person can't read that. Then low and behold a Priest arrived. :O)

    It's very windy here and looks like it's going to pour down with rain, we had a bit of sun earlier. Sun? They ask, what's that?

    I'm now going to have some lunch and probably a nap. If it looks brighter later on I may even get out for a bit, it's not cold. Roast pork for dinner if anyone wants some.

    See you later and take care.

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    Posted by Silver Jenny (U12795676) on Sunday, 29th April 2012

    Good morning everyone.

    A bacon sandwich sounds like a good idea, yum.

    Tatty, once you have your own special bits around the room it will gradually seem more like your space and you can always pop back to the small room if you feel like it.

    Rwth, you do seem to be having a rough time. Grief does can catch one out. Going along quite well and suddenly a piece of music or some little memory catches us unprepared. Toothache is one of the worst pains for dragging down the spirits: any chance of a remedy soon?. Maybe a hard look at the social engagements which don't include Cassie. Are they all something you would miss very much if you didn't go.

    I imagine my dad out walking with the dogs in some leafy corner of the happy hunting grounds. Daft I know but he and they were loved in their day and their memory live on with me.

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    Posted by Tattyhead (U2777247) on Sunday, 29th April 2012

    Rwth - your post brought tears to my eyes. I think, probably more than men, we expect and are expected to cope and carry on. There seems to come a time when we are supposed to be done with grieving and get on with our lives. But you and I know it doesn't work like that. You have been a source of strength to me on this board. Knowing that grief can just overcome you at the most unexpected moments proves to me I am not alone - like sitting in the "new" bedroom and still imagining Stephen there, not ill but when he was his old self and full of life.

    Please don't feel worried about taking pills for life. I have type 2 diabetes and yes, it was a blow that it meant I have to take shed loads of tablets for ever. But now it is just a way of life and I rarely think about it. I know they keep me well. I do hope you get back to your old self soon but don't ever feel you have to put on a veneer and pretend nothing is wrong.

    Thanks, Chicken for brekkie and offer of lunch. I am doing roast beef and there is only Son and I today so plenty for anyone who fancies it.

    Better get on with preparing lunch and my usual Sunday chores. See you later.

    Tatty xxx

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Sunday, 29th April 2012

    Chicken for brekkie and offer of lunch. 
    I was offering the evening meal. We only have a snack lunch on Sunday as Mass gets in the way so have dinner instead.

    Cooked to a treat by My Mr C, who has now gone to bed. He's been racing around a bit over the last few days and said that his Bipolar was playing up a bit. We discussed it and I suggested he mentions it to his Psychologist when he next sees him. They can then talk it through and maybe come up with something to help him.

    The sun came out later and it felt quite warm, but I'd got into my dressing gown by then and couldn't be bothered to get dressed again to go out.

    Schools go back tomorrow only to have another day off on Tuesday 1st May, how silly can you get? Though it does mean that nothing much will be happening around here until Wednesday so a couple of extra days of calm here for us. Though we're both teaching tomorrow afternoon/evening.

    Hope everyone is having a good/reasonable evening. Sorry no pics. :0(

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    Posted by Tattyhead (U2777247) on Sunday, 29th April 2012

    Only you and me today, Chicken. Hope everyone else is OK and has had a reasonable day.

    At least Mr C is talking about how he feels and is going to discuss it with his psychologist. I hope they come up with a plan to help him.

    Not working tomorrow so meeting an old friend for lunch.

    Must get breakfast things out for the morning and get to bed. See if I last a whole night in new bed tonight. It is certainly very comfortable so I am getting used to it.

    Wishing you all a peaceful night.
    'Night, 'night.
    Love, Tatty xxx

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    Posted by Spartacus (U14243804) on Sunday, 29th April 2012

    Am here - work finished. Am working from home tomorrow morning then leaving to got to the midlands in the afternoon with 3 busy days and one day working from hotel...

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    Posted by mistle_thrush (U3279940) on Sunday, 29th April 2012

    Gosh Angua you don't half sound busy! Hope it is in a good and productive way though and that you are enjoying the work.

    Rwth so sorry to hear things have jumped out and 'got' you at an unexpected time. I think Jenny's right and there is no telling what the timescale will be for different people will be with grief. Jenny, your imagining of your dad with the dogs sounds lovely to me and not at all strange.

    Tatty hope you have a more peaceful night (I have to say the new room sounds lovely although I can quite appreciate the ghosts/memories make it hard at times) and that you enjoy seeing your friend tomorrow.

    Chix has it still been raining too hard to get out then? Poor you. Is the same here, I got drenched earlier. In fact the rain came through my window last night, it was pelting down so hard... Another job to be done :o/ - houses/flats are a pain in the whatnot! Glad you found your mislaid priest in the end. Sorry to hear MrC is having a tough time, I hope his psychologist can help. Mine certainly helps me out of all sorts of mental potholes and dead ends each time I see her, I feel very lucky to have someone like her on side.

    I have gained a flatmate today! So all in even more chaos but I'm glad he's here and think it will be fun. And may even encourage me to get to bed earlier.

    On that note - goodnight all. Waves to Birdy if you look in...


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    Posted by Spartacus (U14243804) on Monday, 30th April 2012

    New flatmate sounds good mistle.

    Tatty - hope you slept well where ever you laid your hat!

    Rwth - greif does do that sometimes - gets up and hits you round the back of the head with no advanced notice..

    waves to chix - its sunny here - hope its better..

    (And got another email today for a job we quoted 2 months ago, not too big and its local-ish 35 miles only - well they do say it never rains but it pours and that is true of the weather as well!)

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    Posted by Tattyhead (U2777247) on Monday, 30th April 2012

    Bump! We nearly slipped onto second page! I do hope the fact it's been quiet in here means everyone has been out enjoying the sunshine - unless of course you have had noses to the grindstone (commiserations - that will be me tomorrow).

    I slept in new bedroom all night last night. I did wake up a couple of times but couldn't be bothered to move. Met friend for lunch today and she had bought me two large, purple (artificial) gerbera in a lovely shaped purple glass vase. It looks really good in my lilac-painted bedroom. She said it was a moving-in present!

    Hope everyone is OK. Must get going to bed now as I have to be up early tomorrow. (never mind, I tell myself, just the rest of this week and then I will be on holiday).

    Wishing you all a peaceful night.

    'Night, 'night.
    Love, Tatty xxx

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    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Monday, 30th April 2012

    Blinking heck, I'm having problems with my Internet link too, it's slowed down so much that it's almost going backwards. Hope it's just that everyone is online at the same time.

    The weather improved enough for me to get out this afternoon, though it had been much nicer this morning when I was stuck in. Poured with rain this evening again. Forecast the same for tomorrow morning - rain, but may cheer up later.

    I'll ready through the posts when I've got more time tomorrow and maybe more speed. But, everything's OK here and here's your Chix pix fix.

    Hope everyone has a good/reasonable evening and all sleep well.

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    Posted by gigglemahanaz2 (U14257954) on Tuesday, 1st May 2012

    morning all

    Brunch set up with beverages for all......enjoy.

    Tatty glad you've made the move into the new bedroom, and the present from friend sound a lovely thought. work're like a flipping beaver!

    Rwth.........sorry you're not feeling great at the mo.....not a good feeling or place to be is it love?! But things will hopefully improve a little for you in time

    Mistle hello.

    Weather here dull and damp, and we have a drought!!!!! (I ask you!).

    I heard from an old school friend yesterday telling me her 70 year old mum passed away very suddenley last Thursday in her sleep. My friend had her birthday on the 25th April only to lose her mum the next day, when I had the e mail I thought oh bugger! Lovely lady her mum.

    That's all I seem to be hearing lately.......bad news!

    It was OH's uncle's 2nd anniversary yesterday, that two years has gone so fast since he passed away, next Feb MIL will be 2 years gone as well.

    For all those who have lost a loved one may you all find the peace you need and may those no longer with us find peace where ever they may be.


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    Posted by MrsGks (U14084771) on Tuesday, 1st May 2012

    Oh Dear! Have just seen giggle' s post and I realised that I missed OH late father's anniversary (also two years last week). I'm normally so good with dates (good and bad). I don't think I was very sympathetic. They were exceptionally close.

    My get up and go has got up and gone and has been gone for a while. Have had a few niggly things feeling wrong but not enough to visit gp. Last night I was tearful. Haven't been sleeping well. Hot flushes have come back - thought I'd finished with those. Told OH I would give it another week and if I felt no better would see gp. Now thinking I should see gp sooner rather than later. Wish I was like giggle - no matter how she feels, her home is always spotless and tidy. Stuff in my home is just piling up. Maybe that's the problem.

    YGks on the other hand, maybe turning a corner.

    Thanks for listening.


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    Posted by gigglemahanaz2 (U14257954) on Tuesday, 1st May 2012

    I wouldn't say the place was spotless Mrs G but I do my best love.

    I have always been tidy and I hate mess, upbringing I suppose and having so many kids, I've had to be fussy.

    It was hard to maintain when I was working but I used to book a half day here and there and not tell anyone so I could have a good tidy up, as I started work at 7,30am my half day started at 11am, I'd be home by noon, have a quick lunch then start, by the time the males of the house were in I'd have the majority of it cleared along with all the carp they tend to horde.

    The only thing I could suggest Mrs G if things are piling up at home is to set aside a Saturday or a Sunday maybe two or three of them and say right I'm going to be doing this and this and this, once it's done I DO NOT want or expect things to go back to square one, once it's done it's easier to keep on top of things.

    Having a general clear out may help you feel a little bit better and may give you more space as well, keeps you busy as well so you don't think about things as much (I do it more to distract myself rather than it really NEEDS doing when I feel things starting to give!)

    I hope things do improve for you soon love and get yerself to the quacks as soon as you can just for a general check if nothing else!

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    Posted by gigglemahanaz2 (U14257954) on Tuesday, 1st May 2012

    Home made beef pie and mash so loads to go around for anyone who wishes some comfort food, just heat up in microwave and go!!!!

    Will try and pop in later so TTFN!

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    Posted by exxers (U15150817) on Tuesday, 1st May 2012

    I'm back,

    We mislaid a Priest. He was 1/2 late. Actually the one who did the Mass wasn't the one who should have been doing it, don't know which one was meant to be there or what happened to him, but it caused a lot of giggles. Our friend M was sitting next to us, (she's the one who's husband died earlier on in the year). I joked that they'd all overslept, but she said that Priest weren't allowed to do that!

    We got ourselves up to the Gospel and then got stuck as a Lay Person can't read that. Then low and behold a Priest arrived. :O)

    It's very windy here and looks like it's going to pour down with rain, we had a bit of sun earlier. Sun? They ask, what's that?

    I'm now going to have some lunch and probably a nap. If it looks brighter later on I may even get out for a bit, it's not cold. Roast pork for dinner if anyone wants some.

    See you later and take care.  
    I like the story and hope your Priest is back and able to say Mass.

    I might join you on this thread if that's ok, as while I have got a good life, it's often full of stress - some good, some not (just like everyone) - which is probably why I spend time in ML!

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  • Message 35

    , in reply to message 34.

    Posted by Silver Jenny (U12795676) on Tuesday, 1st May 2012

    Welcome, elj. We all have different stresses which come to the fore at times. My particular on is wren, my son, who has schizophrenia and lives in a staffed house but comes home for breaks. All goes well for a while and then a downturn: he is just recovering from one. Folks here have kept me going and I am very thankful for the cyber friendship I find here.

    Been to the shop today so will catch up tomorrow. If you hear any creaking, it is me knees: I swear the shop stairs get steeper!. Going down to see wren on Thursday. Hope the rain has stopped by then. I did see a brief glimmer of sunshine this afternoon so maybe we are due a little dry spell.!.

    chicken, love the pic. fix especially theapple blossom [ I think it was?].

    'Night all.

    P.S. where is Birdy: she must have seen all France by now!. Mr. B. is leading her asray with gateaux!.

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  • Message 36

    , in reply to message 35.

    Posted by gigglemahanaz2 (U14257954) on Tuesday, 1st May 2012

    hello elj and welcome.

    I have depression, good and bad days, a husband 5 sons in the army and a 4, nearly 5, year old called Mini (aka Minigiggle or the new one of Bikermini, carried over from the old thread!).

    I hope you like the decor here, we have easy chairs (i like those as I can get out of them easier), bean bags, scatter cushions, a little kitchenette area with all the mod cons!

    feel free any time you want to partake thereof!

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  • Message 37

    , in reply to message 35.

    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Tuesday, 1st May 2012

    I'm here................ pant pant.
    Being a Bank Holiday here today we had a lazy morning mooching around in our dressing gown for ages with cups of tea/coffee and croissants. Heavenly. :O)

    Then this afternoon Mr C said he was going to put his feet up so I went out for a walk. The sun had come out, it's warmed up, I could take several layers of clothing off, lol and I needed some air.

    Welcome to the Stress Thread elj you're most welcome. We all deal with different stress related things here and rant & rave when we need to and read words of wisdom from other when given. Glad you enjoyed my story about our lost Priest. :O)

    That reminds me Giggle your answer to MrsG was so good. I really must go back and read it again as it relates to me too.

    Here's your Chix pix fix.

    Don't know where Westie's got to Jenny. She seems to have been away for a long time. Just hope they're OK and it is only Mr BW leading them astray.

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  • Message 38

    , in reply to message 35.

    Posted by Tattyhead (U2777247) on Tuesday, 1st May 2012

    Hi and welcome elj. It's good to "see" a new face so please do join us. This thread has been a life-saver for me when I have been stressed and like Jenny, I value the friendship I have found here.

    Nothing's ever simple, is it? As you know, I've been looking forward to a holiday in Cyprus (one week tomorrow!) I knew Daughter's partner has been having problems getting the time off from his (relatively) new job. She texted me yesterday to say it is definite - he cannot come without risking his job. In vain has he told them it has been booked and paid for for months. This job was only made permanent in February so he doesn't want to make waves, particularly as he was out of work for months before getting this job. At first I just thought about the money but I did remember to ask her if she was very upset. (We were texting because she was at work). Back came the reply "I feel sorry for him because he needs a holiday". Hmm - that's not quite the same as being devastated because your loved cannot come with you on holiday, is it? I know they have been having problems. Unfortunately I think the fact that both of them have been under stress has driven them apart rather than closer together.

    So - just me, Son and Daughter for Cyprus. I'm sure we will have a lovely time. We just need to relax. It's no good thinking about the money I have lost. We would have needed two rooms even if I had booked for just 3 of us. It's just the flight and the meals (we're half board) but never mind! She cannot get any of her friends at this short notice because they all work.

    Apart from that, I'm fine - and still sleeping in the new bed!

    Thanks for pix, Chix. Waves to Giggle, Mistle, Angua and everyone else.
    Wishing you all a peaceful night.

    'Night, 'night.
    Love, Tatty xxx

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  • Message 39

    , in reply to message 38.

    Posted by gigglemahanaz2 (U14257954) on Tuesday, 1st May 2012

    Have a good break Tatty, as for DD and partner, wait and see, maybe now he has a job things will improve between them or not as the case maybe, all we can do as mothers is be there to help as best we can pick up the bits or be a listening ear!

    Chp....good for the earlier post about tidying up and keeping on top of works for me...........I don't do lists of things that need doing as such but I know what needs doing and roughly when, it's easier for me now that I'm not working to keep things on a more even a keel.

    When I was working as I said I would book a half day off or sometimes a full day and still go out as if to work than go home when I knew they'd be off out (usually about 9 am) than crack on, if it was too much to do in one go I'd get as much done as I could (and bearing in mind I workd saturdays) I would keep 3/4 Sundays clear and finish off, once it's done it's easier as it a case of odds and sods as and when!

    TTFN and sleep well!

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  • Message 40

    , in reply to message 38.

    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Tuesday, 1st May 2012

    Forget about the money (not easy) and enjoy your holiday. It may actually help Daughter & Partner to be away from each other for awhile.

    Glad you enjoyed your pix fix. I enjoyed myself taking them. :O)

    So pleased that your still in the new room. It's *yours* now. Better get to bed too, so night night Fred and sleep well all.

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  • Message 41

    , in reply to message 40.

    Posted by gigglemahanaz2 (U14257954) on Wednesday, 2nd May 2012


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  • Message 42

    , in reply to message 41.

    Posted by Spartacus (U14243804) on Wednesday, 2nd May 2012


    Afternoon all.

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  • Message 43

    , in reply to message 42.

    Posted by Silver Jenny (U12795676) on Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

    ~~~~~~ to angua.

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  • Message 44

    , in reply to message 43.

    Posted by Spartacus (U14243804) on Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

    \\\\//// silver jenny \\\\////

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  • Message 45

    , in reply to message 44.

    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

    Bump, bang,crash and anything else to get us back to top of page 1 !!

    What an odd day I've had. I had an awful night tossing and turning, sleeping, waking and anything else you'd like to add. Apparently I also woke Mr C a couple of times too. He had to be up early for a lesson but let me sleep in.

    Had to be up as I was teaching but by the time I'd done the two ½ hr lessons I was shattered. We had some lunch and I then went to have a lie down and had a good sleep. Then had to get up to feed the animals and later do another lesson for an hour. I was delighted when I'd finished.

    I was going to cook the dinner - a casserole today, but as I was teaching Mr C did it and instead which was great.

    Didn't get out today as it's been pouring with rain nearly all day, but have uploaded my latest stranger (taken yesterday) and a few other things.

    Hope everyone has had a good/reasonable day and that the evening is going as planned.

    Take care of yourselves and waves and hugs to all.

    Here's your Chix Pix Fix. :O)

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  • Message 46

    , in reply to message 45.

    Posted by mistle_thrush (U3279940) on Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

    Hi Chix you beat me to it!

    Sorry to hear you had such a bad night last night, hope tonight is better. Am on phone so no pix fix as yet but will look forward to them.

    Waves to Angua, Jenny and Giggle. And welcome elj, nice to "meet" you!

    Not been a good day (or week) chez m_t... But I was sensible and didn't go to teaching this pm as didn't feel up to it, which is good. Managed a bit of exercise instead so really pleased about that. Just back from choir and found toilet has broken and is unflushable... Poor new flatmate mortified but probably was just waiting to happen, not his fault! I am mortified it has happened to him and not me. And dreading tomorrow as I am stuck in all day waiting for a delivery.. So very much hope I can find a plumber who'll come round early! Already also have an electrician coming to fix broken plug point... It never rains but it pours, eh...

    Night all

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  • Message 47

    , in reply to message 45.

    Posted by Tattyhead (U2777247) on Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

    Thanks, Chix, for the pix. Looking at the photos of Sandra - I liked the photo of her in the comments best but it isn't a good background. Pascale does seem to have a hard edge to her but she looks sad underneath - a very interesting face.

    Have been out with Daughter and Daughter's partner's mother and sister - a bit of mother and daughter bonding! Son was at his social club. We had a very enjoyable evening. We talked about D's partner being refused leave to go to Cyprus with us. I might, with Partner's consent, ring his company and point out it is good employment practice to honour pre-booked leave when taking on new staff. I have promised to be polite and not lose him his job! I am a long-standing union rep so I do have finely tuned negotiating skills!I do think it is worth a try, but I do need his consent.

    2 more days at work - counting down!

    Hope everyone has had a reasonable day and wishing you all a peaceful night.

    'Night, 'night.
    Love, Tatty xxx

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  • Message 48

    , in reply to message 47.

    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

    Oh mistle it does sound as though if it's not one thing breaking down then it's another. I know the feeling as it happens here frequently. Though your poor new flat mate. :0(

    I hope I sleep better tonight too. In fact I'm just about to go in that direction as it's almost midnight here.

    Tatty, glad you had a good evening out. It might be an idea to have a chat with Partner's boss as long as Partner doesn't mind. Nothing lost.

    I liked both photos of Sandra and I agree Pascale does have a look of being hard, but as you say there's that sad part in there too. A complex character.

    Our you leaving us in 2 days for Cyprus?

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  • Message 49

    , in reply to message 47.

    Posted by Rwth of the Cornovii (U2570790) on Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

    I wish you luck Tatty. Normally, you should be successful, but don't forget that the financial situation is not the same as it was, and this government is blessing unfair practices like no tomorrow. I'm sure you are aware and will back out if they are at all unresponsive to persuasion. Bless you for trying anyway.

    You too Mistle. I'm sure your reassurances about the broken loo fell on fertile ground. You have done the right thing not to push your strength beyond the boundary. Chill and catch up on sleep if tradesmen allow you to.

    I had a nice day until I went out for a walk. I took pictures of bluebells, didn't mind the mud, but then the incipient toothache that has been lurking crashed in. I've been telling myself that it is nerve pain from a 3 week old (very deep) filling, but began to think it could be an infection that will require very tricky medication. One of my meds (Simvastatin) says it clashes with some anti-Bs so I will need to be careful. I told GP that I wanted to stop the statin, so now might be a good time.

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  • Message 50

    , in reply to message 49.

    Posted by chicken_hot_pot (U8480346) on Thursday, 3rd May 2012

    Morning all,

    Not sure that I slept any better last night either. Took me ages to settle, the needed the loo. Took a couple of paracetamol and went back to bed after sitting up for awhile.

    Breakfast set out so help yourselves. Traditional English, Continental or anything in the middle with loads of tea & coffee.

    Weather looks miserable again today, but the forecast said some sun, so maybe lucky later. It's our day off today. Mr C has already gone out and I'm not sure how long he'll be. He was convinced that his hospital appointment was today, but last night found it was on the 2nd. So he's going down to the hospital to see if he can rearrange it.

    Not sure what else is happening today, but there you go. Hope everyone has a good/reasonable one whatever.

    Sorry to hear you've got toothache Rwth, nothing worse in my book. :0(

    "See" you later.

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