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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Friday, 13th January 2012

    The draw for the Australian Open looks good for Murray but also Nadal, Federer and Djokovic. We've had another year when no new name has moved up to the top table of the rankings and Soderling meanwhile has slipped away completely whilst Del Potro is still only a shadow. To be fair David Ferrer is a contender and in Djokovic's quarter but unless Djokovic is not yet match fit, and this may well be the case, I'd not put Ferrer's chances very high.

    What could beat any of them is their own fitness. Nadal didn't do well in Doha, is he not yet recovered from last year? Possible. Federer had to drop out in Doha through injury whilst Djokovic didn't play at all except for the exhibition tournament at New Year, which he won. Murray seemed to have all kinds of injuries in his opening games in Brisbane but he improved as the tournament went on.

    Baltacha, Keothavong and Heather Watson are all in the main draw whilst James Ward and Laura Robson need to win just one more match each to qualify. Since we have to count the successes of these people by how long they last, one round, perhaps two, it won't be long before Murray again is a lone contestant. There are 7 Frenchmen just in Murray's quarter of the draw! 5 of them top 50 players and three of those in the top 20! But then Murray has a fantastic record against Fremchmen. Roll on Monday.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Saturday, 14th January 2012

    James Ward and Laura Robson both got through qualifying but the prospects for all of them, apart from Murray, are pretty grim. If they don't come up against a seed in the first round then they'll meet one in round two so short of a bit of giant killing, all hopes rest with Murray.

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    Posted by Anne-Marie (U1474870) on Sunday, 15th January 2012

    Thanks for setting the scene kentishman. I foresee some v late nights or listening to the radio and falling asleep. If only work didn't get in the way : - )

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Sunday, 15th January 2012

    Or very early mornings Anne-Marie.

    Heather Watson is first up on Rod Laver against the no3 seed Azarenka that's at 11.00am. Midnight our time, however Laura Robson has the 5th match on Margaret Court against the no13 seed Jankovic which could be around 6/7 hours later.

    Murray doesn't play tomorrow but all the others do.

    They do go in for floodlight matches on the Rod Laver and Margaret Court Arena's so there's every possibility of good matches still going on after you've got to work!

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Monday, 16th January 2012

    Hello you two, and thanks Kentish for your excellent (as always) summary. Good to be back, isn't it - Pepita has started an aussie open thread in TB but I've no doubt it will go the usual way tomorrow when Andy starts.

    On the radio overnight they were musing about Del Potro and saying he seems to be looking more like his old self after his injury problems. Other than that it's business as usual - the big three, plus Andy.

    On the women's side, apparently there are six who could end the fortnight as world no. 1. I suppose Stosur must have as good a chance as any of winnning again but the pressure will be on.

    Heather Watson and James Ward both fell fairly swiftly, I'm afraid.

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    Posted by Flakey (U14259784) on Monday, 16th January 2012

    As has Laura Robson. No fight in her according to the radio.

    A quick question - last year was there more than the semi's and finals on the BeeB ? I am really disappointed by the lack of coverage. The radio is great quite the same.


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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Monday, 16th January 2012

    Laura Robson was disappointing in that there were a lot of unforced errors from both players and you might have thought that that was a big chance for her. Baltacha was the most disappointing though as she went down to a player ranked about 50 places below her. Ward put up the best fight, but only in the first set which lasted almost an hour, against a man ranked well above him but still outside the top 100. I felt he had the best chance after Baltacha and the prospect of Del Potro in round 2.

    Heather Watson was up against it completely having to face the no3 and she certainly lacked match practice.

    So it's all down to Murray now, business as usual? Maybe he'll change the ending slightly.

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Monday, 16th January 2012

    And Elena Baltacha - not a good day for British fans so far.

    Don't know about BBC, Flakey - you could try the red button if you have digital (but then you can probably get eurosport)

    I'm a bit frustrated that the digital radio I got for christmas doesn't seem to get 5X - I can't watch telly *all* day.....

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    Posted by Flakey (U14259784) on Monday, 16th January 2012

    We don't have eurosport - so its just the radio until the semi's - rather disappointed.


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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Monday, 16th January 2012

    Late night tonight, set the alarm clocks, Murray is third up on Hisense Arena so that could be around 3.00AM, probably earlier, our time but if your into a marathon there's Ferrer first up on Margaret Court and Djokovic second up on Rod Laver. I'd have all three through in straight sets though it will be interesting to see what condition they're in. Nadal and Federer showed no sign of injury in their opening matches.

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Tuesday, 17th January 2012

    Day 2: Andy safely through, I managed to get up for the last couple of games. Stosur out in the women's, shows what I know!

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Tuesday, 17th January 2012

    I watched the last set of Djokovic's match and the whole of Murray's. Djokovic was imperious but on the other hand his opponent wasn't putting up any kind of a fight.

    Murray's match was not exciting, in fact he was quite lacklustre in the first set despite getting an ace on his second serve in his first service game. That ought to have encouraged him but all credit to Harrison who played out of his socks. Murray wore him down anyway.

    To me this was the least convincing performance of all the top 4. On the other hand he benefitted from an opponent who tested him. It's too early in the relationship to credit anything to Lendl but I do think there were a couple of times he might have looked to his team to complain had Lendl not been there.

    I don't think we can draw too many conclusions from these early matches except to say they all seem fully fit and well.

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    Posted by Anne-Marie (U1474870) on Tuesday, 17th January 2012

    Glad Murray is through, but he does make us suffer! I'm v impressed at you all getting up and seeing some of the matches. I checked out my Aussie Open app when I got up and saw that Murray was just about to start the final game. I don't think I could watch tv before going to work!

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Wednesday, 18th January 2012

    I watched the Isner/Nalbandian match early this morning, all except the final set that is, and I'm sorry to see Nalbandian go out, especially to a player whose speciality is an incredible fast serve. Very entertaining.

    Federer had an easy ride into round 3. Luck follows him around, but it would have been an easy match for him anyway.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Thursday, 19th January 2012

    A straightforward win for Murray today against Vasselin who did improve in the third set butnot enough to put any pressure on Murray. Murray's serve percentages were better than the first round and the unforced errors were well down on his first match.

    Next up, Michael Llodra, one of Murray's legion of French victims, he's beaten him twice and never lost but they haven't met in more than three years. Llodra isn't getting any younger but he'll still be able to make life tough for Murray.

    His French opponents could well be lining themselves up, After Llodra it'll most likely be Monfils and them Tsonga! Good preparation for Djokovic.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Friday, 20th January 2012

    Predictable wins for Federer and Nadal through the night. I watched some of Federer's match, but Fed's is always going to win these encounters because Karlovic has only got his big serve and hasn't much chance of breaking serve against any of the top players. As it happens it seems his big serve is deserting him anyway as he is well down on his normal level of aces. Still accurate though.

    Tomorrow ought to be pretty predictable, Djokovic and Murray each face 30 year old Frenchmen though Llodra, who Murray plays, is still competing at ATP level and ranked 46 whereas Mahut, who Djokovic plays, spends most of his time on the Challenger tour these days.

    Tsonga should have no problems facing Gill from Portugal whilst Ferrer has the toughest opponent in Juan Ignacio Chela. That would be the match I'd watch but it'll be played out on court 2.

    Serena should get through her match quite easily as well.

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    Posted by Anne-Marie (U1474870) on Saturday, 21st January 2012

    Right, I've got my cuppa made, tv on and fingers crossed for Murray as he takes on Llodra. Anyone else watching? I'm hoping that Saturday duties won't impinge too much...

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Saturday, 21st January 2012

    Hello A-M, just had breakfast and found Eursport 2. Hope it's straightforward, as i have to go out at 10....the other 'big three' seem to be extremely untroubled so far. Djoko lost just two games earlier!

    ...sorry started writing this a set ago, internet disappeared - all good so far & very entertaining too.

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Saturday, 21st January 2012

    Perfect timing andy - gettiing coat.

    Llodra was great too, a good loser.

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    Posted by Imperfectly37 (U4335981) on Saturday, 21st January 2012

    I listened on the radio - but even so, could tell it was a good match. Hope I can get some highlights somewhere.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Saturday, 21st January 2012

    Lucky all of you, I only saw the first set before taking my son off for football training. On the basis that any opponent is most likely to mount his best attack in the beginning, I was already of the opinion it would be a three setter but I was pleased with the statistics, just 11 unforced errors and a good percentage of first serves.

    I did watch the first three sets of Monfils match which was an absolutely gripping drama. When he dropped 10 games in a row in the first and second sets and was statuesque in his play i couldn't understand why he didn't quit. But then he started to win and Kukushkin meanwhile was completely lost and unable to come up with any tactic to take advantage of the situation except to up his own level of unforced errors. It all bodes well for Murray's next match, this same unimaginative Kukushkin who was being tipped in 2010 as a future top ten player. I think that possible future is in dreamland right now.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Sunday, 22nd January 2012

    Nothing yet to disturb the momentum of Federer and Nadal but it's good to see Del Potro marching on and I'm looking forward to him repeating his US Open final result against the old Swiss! Somehow I doubt he's back to that level just yet. Berdych made hard work of Almagro who only really shines on clay so I'm not expecting him to test Nadal too far.

    4 British boys win through their first round matches today and no losers! That's 100% success, almost the same for the girls but,100% absent!

    Murray is scheduled as the second match on Rod Laver, the full heat of the day and around 1.30 our time I'd guess. It's also I think his first match on Rod Laver, he's been on Hisense most for or all of his matches and they do say Rod Laver is a slow surface whereas he prefers a faster surface but on the other hand, he's used to it, far more so than Mikhail Kukushkin. Djokovic is a night time match and last on court, probably around 10.00am our time. Leyton Hewitt is such a pleasure to watch, one of the best of the never-say-die players but we'll be lucky if he pinches a set of Djokovic.

    Tsonga should have no great trouble with Nishikori though Ferrer has the talented Gasquet to deal with, one of the great underachievers.

    I don't think it was televised but Hutchins and Fleming went down with a fight to the Bryan brothers and people are talking about them becoming established as O2 contenders this year. Could be interesting.

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Sunday, 22nd January 2012

    Thanks for the update kentish, although I doubt I'll be staying up to watch Andy I'm glad he's got an early match for once. As usual Federer is in the 'day ahead' half of the draw.

    Djoko and Hewitt should be entertaining, even if it's brief.

    Anyone else having trouble with Hisense? I keep reading it as His-sense.

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    Posted by Anne-Marie (U1474870) on Sunday, 22nd January 2012

    I have trouble too erms. I keep reading with French pronunciation -no idea why...

    I won't be staying up either - got to be fresh for a course in the morning.

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    Posted by catwomyn (U1485618) on Sunday, 22nd January 2012

    Hello all, running in (procrastinating from studying) - I agree it's nice seeing Del Potro come back to form, he does have some way to go but from his interviews it sounds like he's accepting of that and is ready for it. I've always liked watching him play.

    And it is nice to see Clijsters battling through as well, she seems such a lovely person and after her injuries is doing really well. Would like to see her win I think, but not sure if she can do it.

    Saw a bit of Federererer vs Tomic, tbh was hoping Tomic would put up more of a fight but he seemed to lose it a bit after losing first couple of sets.

    I will again miss the men's final - or most of it - as I will be running in a race that morning. Booooo!

    Cat x

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Monday, 23rd January 2012

    Andy I'm glad he's got an early match for once.  

    Actually an early match in the heat of the day is not such a good draw, late afternoon, after the shadow has crossed the court, or an evening match is better I think and Murray does like playing evening matches.

    You'll have heard the match reports, Kukushkin was below par and not just because of a hip problem but also as a consequence of two consecutive 5 set matches. But then he should have finished off Monfils when he had the chance. Murray showed him no sympathy and neither should he. He did lose a little concentrationbut it was a demolition and he stuck to his task and ought to be very fresh for his next encounter which will be the unexpected Kei Nishikori! So the line of Frenchmen evaporated

    Tsonga should never have lost that match, something had switched off in his mind perhaps and he couldn't switch it back on. He was certainly not at his earlier best and I had expected a tough match for Murray in the quarters. Perhaps it will still be but I doubt it. Nishikori has a mixed doubles match in the late afternoon tomorrow and that following a three and a half hour battle today in the full heat of the hottest day of the tournament so far. Murray will get some practice but not punishment.

    I saw some of Serena's match, at times brilliant alternating with mediocre. Too much of the latter and not quite enough of the former.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Monday, 23rd January 2012

    There were a lot of French in the main draw, 24 of them both men and women, now there are none. 9 men ranked in the top 100 - all out. There were more French in the main draw than any other country, the USA had 21, now there are none.

    If Tim Henman had been there in his prime, he'd probably be out by now as well (perhaps) and so too Greg Rusedski, but these guys rank alongside the likes of Tsonga and Monfils nevertheless. In fact Henman won more tournaments and earned more prize money than both of them.

    What is in my mind truly remarkable is that Murray has consitently and solidly remained a top 4 player since September 2009 (apart from a few small lapses to no5). He is still delivering the goods and quite likely to reach his fifth slam semi final in a row.

    If Murray goes no further than the semi final however the UK press, which only really understands Premier League football, will probably cast him down as a failure as they were wont to do with Henman, year after year.

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Monday, 23rd January 2012

    I wonder if the French press will be having a go at their tennis players (or the French equivalent of ML having their version of the 'Andy is a choker' discussions)!

    No complaints about Murray's record from me. In his on-court interview (almost longer than the match) he made a joking reference to the 'no British grand slam winner for 100 years' issue.

    I take your point about the afternoon/evening matches kentish - of course the Melbourne afternoon sun is a bit different to Wimbledon's! I just think it must be an advantage to know you're going to be on early and not be hanging around, not knowing if the matches before will be quick or be marathons, trying to juggle your food intake etc. Henman was frequently scheduled to be on in the early evening for the TV figures, and then got stuck with matches having to be carried over etc.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Monday, 23rd January 2012

    Djoko and Hewitt should be entertaining, even if it's brief.

    Not so, entertaining - yes, massively but brief - no, and it's doing Djokovic's confidence no end of harm.

    They're into the 4th set and closing on 3 hours play but Djokovic has a break up on 4-2 and I doubt there'll be a 5th set.

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Tuesday, 24th January 2012

    Doing the ironing to Nadal-Berdych. Two and a half hours, and it's just got to one set all.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Tuesday, 24th January 2012

    I hope you had plenty of ironing to do Ermntrude. Glad Nadal won, I didn't much care for Berdych's behaviour towards Almagro 2 days ago.

    Federer had it much his own way against Del Potro unfortunately, Federer is a good front runner and an opponent needs to get ahead to get under his skin, then he's not so good and gets ratty. My hope is for Nadal to do that in their repeat of the 2009 final.

    Murray should have a comfortable win tomorrow in the mid afternoon. He can cope with the heat which is good and Djokovic should be equally untroubled by David Ferrer in the evening match. Much as Ferrer is a great player he doesn't seem to trouble the likes of the top 4 in the latter stages of slams. A repeat of the 2011 final is my bet for this half of the draw and a new combination in the final, perhaps Murray/Nadal! It's not a forecast, more a hope. I liked the way Hewitt unsettled Djokovic in the last round and I'm sure Murray is quite capable of doing the same and more.

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Tuesday, 24th January 2012

    I hope you had plenty of ironing to do Ermntrude 

    Well that's a nice thing to wish someone! I did as it happens, just finished as Nadal held to stay a break up in the 4th. Didn't see the end but Berdych was looking tired by then. The semi should be yet another titanic battle.

    Clijsters is through, I'd love her to do well again - don't know much about Azarenka (except she'd no 3 seed so can't be bad). Similarly I'd like Sharapova to come good again.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Wednesday, 25th January 2012

    We have the semi final line up we wanted - I think, and not without a bit of drama. Murray won through comfortably without really dazzling. His first serve percentage was well down but the win percentage off the ones that went in was way high. More unforced errors than he could afford against a better player but then had he been playing a better player, he would have been more focused.

    Djokovic looked tired from early on and Ferrer put him through an attritional first two sets. Ferrer should have taken the second and when he didn't the life went out of his game.

    Djokovic fought back well after an injury scare. He played on and it got better so we don't really know how significant it was but that was Ferrer's chance and it went by. His own first serve percentage was also well down.

    In my opinion the first set will be most critical for Murray, his best chance will come from winning it. It's very early to see whether Lendl is making any difference but there seems to be something different about his mental approach. And his mum's not there! Is that significant I wonder. She's got work to do these days hasn't she? I can't help feeling he's better off without her. Lendl is no mum substitute.

    The matches are all night time from now on, Federer and Nadal tomorrow, along with both women's semi's, they play in the daytime still, and Djokovic and Murray on Friday. I'd prefer it if they brought the two men's halves together by the quarter finals but at least they can't run into the scheduling mess that's almost guaranteed with the US Open.

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Wednesday, 25th January 2012

    Presumably the men's final is Sunday, kentish? The extra day shouldn't really affect things this time I imagine as none of them have had any horrendously long matches. The big 4 have come through with the loss of three sets between them.

    I agree with you, Andy needs to go out all guns blazing and establish a lead.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Wednesday, 25th January 2012

    The extra day benefits the winner of Federer/Nadal, they get two days rest before the final, the winner of the other semi get just one days rest. The rain won't cause any delay as they can just shut the roof, an innovation that has skipped the attention of those New Yorkers. I see it like this however, either match could go between 2 and 5 hours, if the Thursday match lasts just a couple of hours but the Friday match goes on to midnight with 5 hard fought sets, the winner of that match is at some considerable disadvantage.

    My cynical mind guesses along these lines. The Men's matches are generally the bigger crowd pullers, this way they can sell out Thursday afternoon, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night with a sprinkling of doubles finals as support acts.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Wednesday, 25th January 2012

    And Thursday night.

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    Posted by Bette (U2222559) on Wednesday, 25th January 2012

    Djokovic looked tired from early on and Ferrer put him through an attritional first two sets. Ferrer should have taken the second and when he didn't the life went out of his game. 

    I was rather rooting for Ferrer, but he just didn't win the key points. I found the match very much base-line and lots of ralleys with little variation (and it was Djokovic who tended to play the better shots).

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    Azarenka and Sharapova through - get yer earplugs here, folks!

    Got a morning of paperwork to get through, so telly on for Roger v Rafa, and TMS on the radio.

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    Posted by Imperfectly37 (U4335981) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    Have the 'live' text from the BBC in the background as I work. Very pleased to see Federer take the first set as I would really like to watch Federer play in the final.

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    Firework break! That's something a bit different.....

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    Posted by Imperfectly37 (U4335981) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    Yes - unfortunately it wasn't to celebrate Federer's second set win! Oh well, I suppose as a Murray fan, I should be used to this...sorry Andy.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    Nadal has the upper hand and Federer is in a position he finds difficult to cope with and having rather given up on the second set, he has to play himself back into the match. Holding serve was a real struggle in the secod game, but the swing still favours Nadal I think. The next couple of Federer's service games could decide whether this will run or not but my money is sitting on Nadal's shoulders right now.

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    Posted by Imperfectly37 (U4335981) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    Moved to the commentary from the text - I agree - it's looking like Nadal will get there. Bother!

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    Posted by Bette (U2222559) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    This match is really bad for my health!

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    Oh dear - i think if I were Murray (or Djoko) I would rather face Roger in the final.

    Rafa is like a terrier that won't let go, isn't he.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    It's hard to say right now where Nadal is in terms of his game, I don't think this match today brought out the best in him and neither for that matter Federer. I felt from the second set on that it was Nadal's match and so it proved though I had to miss the 4th set.

    From what we have seen so far, tomorrow's encounter ought to be an even contest too. Djokovic rather played Murray the way Federer would have last year and I'm not so sure Murray is ready to let that happen again but he has to put Djokovic under pressure from the first set and keep it up, which is not quite Murray's style, unless Lendl has anything to say about it.

    Their semifinal on clay last year in the Rome Masters was a very close run thing and in the Cincinnati final Murray was much more the dominant player though Djokovic retired. I think Djokovic is less likely to retire tomorrow if he starts getting physical problems, but it's always possible with him.

    I enjoyed Mats Wilander's commentary even though he tried to hog the microphone too much and if I never hear Frew McMillan again that'll be fine for me. There was a time that I thought Frew one of the most informative commentators on TV, much more interesting than Dan Maskell for example ubt those days are long gone. McEnroe and Rusedski would be my other choices of commentator and if Andrew Castle could be persuaded to open a pub somewhere or be offered very early retirement by the BBC, I for one would be most grateful.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    The last two boys fell last night in the quarter finals, not bad though, away matches are always that little bit tougher, ask Henman.

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    Posted by Imperfectly37 (U4335981) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    But we do have a pair in the junior doubles final I see from the order of play.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    You're right, I missed that completely and Liam Broady is one to look out for this year and Joshua Ward-Hibbert had a good run in the singles.

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    Posted by kentishmannotmanofkent (U14273453) on Thursday, 26th January 2012

    I'm not a big fan of Roger Federer, despite he's been one of the most successful players of all time and a pleasure to watch him play. My feeling is that he has a much better reputation for sportsmanship than he deserves but he hides his true character really well, especially when he's winning.

    This is the ATP article published today following his defeat by Nadal.

    He never found a moment to praise his opponent, wish him well or cheer him on. Djokovic, Murray, Nadal, all of them would have heaped praise on the winner but Federer indulges in a sour musing on how Nadal saves his best tennis for him. Mats Wilander observed several times how much benefit Nadal is able to draw from Federer's shots and put enormous spin on the returns which he is unable to do against Djokovic or Berdych for example, because of their 'flatter' style.

    Federer boasts that he hasn't been beaten in 5 months. Impressive, but then he has only been plaing for 2 months in the last 5. He took time off to miss out on the whole Asian tour when Murray won 3 tournaments. Federer said these titles were 'soft' because of the lack of opposition. Of course he failed to notice that the 4 tournaments he won in a row were also very 'soft' because so many of the main contenders were dropping out through injury and fatigue whilst the canny Federer was fresh from missing his commitments.

    The big problem for Federer is that despite working very hard to keep his fitness level high enough to be a contender, and despite his careful planning at the end of last season, he hasn't progressed any further in the first slam of the year than he did last year. And that hurts.

    I think he really is finding it hard to maintain the commitment necessary to compete at his formidable level. He doesn't let anything show if he can help it but 2 years ago he went through a period when his form dropped off and I think that's what's looming up in front of him right now.

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