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    Posted by La Bez (U14670366) on Saturday, 24th December 2011

    Well we've reached the 2000 mark and it is time to move our circle of light and comfort to a new home. As always that warmth is extended to all who need it as we navigate the events which make up our lives - be they happy or sad, seemingly small or major and life changing

    I'm opening the thread with a link to some photographs that I have just taken outside our house


    The luminaries are burning like this throughout the neighbourhood tonight, every few feet outside most homes small symbols of love and peace and I am adding them to our little circle.

    The candles burn for all those facing sadness and loss at this time of year when such things seem even more poignant than usual amidst the celebrations that are taking place around us. I'm thinking particularly of peacemaker and the sad news of her brothers death so very far away.

    For those facing the first Christmas without a loved one, and for those who, even though the years are passing still feel the absence of those they loved at their tables.

    For those worried about the health of a relative or friend - from the highest in the land to humbler bedsides and sick rooms.

    For those suffering ill-health whether of mind or body.

    For those in the grip of addictions and those who can only watch and wait helplessly, hoping that they will find the help they need.

    For those in danger's way as they serve their country. And for those who serve their communities back home.

    As winter tightens it's icy grip may the candles warmth reach those who have no home, or for those who have shelter but inadequate warmth and food.

    And they also burn for those who have something to celebrate, whether small satisfactions or big triumphs and joys.

    And for all of us as we walk the path together, sharing the ups and downs and giving what support and comfort we can and offering Dresden's "hands held out" to all who need them.

    And with the link to the last thread I will just say may all have a Peaceful and blessed Christmas

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by funnyjazzbaby (U14389829) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    May I, as it's Christmas already here, be the first to thank you Jane for such a lovely OP, and echo your thoughts for all who post or lurk here.
    And for those who don't even know this thread exists, yet are remembered and have light beaming their way.
    Peacecandle I am so sorry..
    And a big thank you for the comfort this thread brings to so many of us.
    May 2012 be a better year for all of us.

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    Posted by peacemaker (U14739277) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    Thanks Jane for this lovely opening thread and for your kind words to me especially at this sad time.

    Thanks also to all you kind ML folk on the other thread. I have felt the warmth of your candles and your love and concern over these past few weeks.

    My candle has burnt for you all tonight, wherever you may be.

    Peace to you all.

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    Posted by Karmic-ish Kris (U14642774) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    Thanks for the beautiful opening post (and photo) Jane. It is quite something to see you opening this thread that has given succour and comfort and occasionally hope to so many,

    Have just returned from a short but lovely Xmas Carol Service/Mass, so have only had a cursory look at the tail end of the previous thread.

    Peacemaker, so very sorry to hear the news of your brother.

    FJB, I hope your you can find some good, happy and warm Xmas memories to look back on.

    Peace...that's lovely, actually Peacemaker.

    My candle will burn tonight all night carrying with it my warmest wishes for peace and serenity to you all.

    With love,

    Kris Xx

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    Posted by SmoctusMole (U13882662) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    Thank you, Jane.
    That's a beautiful OP and says it all for all of us.

    Well, it's got to be Christmas here but is still dark as the ink in my pen outside. Where are you all?

    May this day be peaceful for all of you.

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    Posted by whitbyrose (U15069960) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    Good Morning and Christmas Blessings everyone

    I have briefly re activated my BBC id account to come here and to the EB thread to wish everyone all the best.

    I do still read this thread and think about and pray for all those mentioned.

    Hoping for better and easier times for all and for the strength to cope with the slings and arrows of life.

    Anne-Marie x

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    Posted by Carol Tregorran (U8943346) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    Thank you for your lovely opening post, Jane. Best wishes to you and your family (not forgetting Max!)

    The candles of my Advent wreath are glowing this morning - may their light bring comfort to those who need it and peace and joy to all.

    Best wishes to everyone for Christmas and here's hoping for good things
    in 2012.

    Carol xxx

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    Posted by Westsussexbird or Birdy aka Westie (U6316532) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    Thanx for the new thread La Bez. A special thread.

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    Posted by politeLadyPortia (U7099336) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    Today Christmas Day will reflect the rich tapestry of life ( and yes I am a needlewoman)
    There will be Joy and Happiness for some,Regrets and Sadness for others, Family and Friends around in some households.Loneliness and Sadness in Others, Anguish and Heartache, Bereavement and Grief and so the day will be just that a reflection of the Tapestry of Life - Light and Dark and all shades in between.
    Today let the warmth and light from these encircling candles enfold all and penetrate even the darkest corners so that some of the Joy and Peace of this Christmastide may spread over all our fellow men and women. and as my Hospice Director would say May we make a difference as we are mindful of the needs of others.

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    , in reply to message 8.

    Posted by SmoctusMole (U13882662) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    Whitby !
    I've so often wondered how you are getting on! Thanks for coming back for today.

    I know that there must be many, not only amongst our number of course, for whom today is painful in various ways. Thinking of them all and hoping to pass on some comfort.


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    , in reply to message 10.

    Posted by Fire-Pig - proud to wave the protest banner (U12231213) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    Just joining in this wonderful new thread, thanks to all. I don't think I can add to the sentiments already written.

    I have been given one candle but I'm not sure about a strawberry scented candle. I think I'll stick to beeswax today!


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    , in reply to message 11.

    Posted by Bubbly (U14667393) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    Merry Christmas everyone,

    Thank you for all the support and understanding you have given me this year, sometimes this was the only place I could think of coming and even when I've just lurked it has been a great comfort. I'll light a candle tonight and think of all those whose Christmas has been painful or lonely, all the empty chairs and those far from friends and family.

    Mulled wine xx

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    , in reply to message 12.

    Posted by Halliana (U2407863) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    Merry Christmas everyone and thankyou all for listening to my moans recently..
    As they say, it helps to talk to strangers when the family can't say anymore...

    Today I'm lighting a candle for my friend..
    His wife survived cancer during the last year, getting the "all clear letter",
    after enduring an intensive course of chemo and radio therapy. I had spoken about it on the earlier thread .

    She mentioned a problem she'd had for months to her consultant at a check up.
    It was cancer in the 'gullet' .After the gruelling course she'd already had, there was no way she could go through it again.
    We went to her funeral ealier this week.

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    , in reply to message 13.

    Posted by Sunny Clouds (U14258963) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    I don't want to light a candle today because I've had a drop to drink and would probably burn the place down, but my friends gave me a lovely crystal thing with a light in it that goes different colours, so I'm switching that on to remind me to think of all those of you that need a kind thought or a prayer today. If it's a rough day, nurture the hope that tomorrow will be better and next year better still.

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    , in reply to message 14.

    Posted by anagramladysin (U14258840) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    What a wonderful opening to this wonderful thread. Thank you so much, Jingle Bez.
    Here a full and happy day but am utterly exhausted. The main room has been full of scarlet candles and I am about to blow them out and sleep ...
    But the light of hope and warmth still shines for everyone who would like to share it.
    xx ana

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    , in reply to message 15.

    Posted by poshquilter (U3799549) on Sunday, 25th December 2011

    I am just off to bed worn out after a busy family day.
    I have just blown out all the candles we had burning downstairs, and thought of all those who have not been lucky to have a Christmas filled with light and love.
    I am lighting candles for those for whom today has been a sad day, and for those who are missing a loved one today.
    Peace, for you, mourning your brother.
    And for my brother and his family, on the first Christmas since his daughter died this year. A difficult day with a big part of the family missing.

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    , in reply to message 16.

    Posted by TheRealSportyGirl (U1723427) on Monday, 26th December 2011

    Just now I am watching the last embers of a real fire in the grate - a rare treat - and my vanilla candles burning on the mantle piece.

    I would like to share the peace this sight gives me with everyone who has had a difficult time over the past few days.

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by dean volecape (U1477030) on Monday, 26th December 2011

    A candle for Pa, who is still in hospital fighting pneumonia, a week after he was admitted.

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    Posted by Miftrefs Laura in Lothian bufily ftitching (U2587870) on Monday, 26th December 2011

    Thoughts to everyone, but especially and personally for the volecape family, and dean's Pa, because my own Fond Papa has been such a by-ordinar* rock of solidity and strength for me this year that the thought of him in hospital fills me with fear.

    dean, may you find strength and peace, and may Pa volecape come home soon


    *ancient Scots phrase meaning out of the ordinary, which I rather like and find so mcuh more apt than "extraordinary" which nowadays has another meaning really...

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    , in reply to message 19.

    Posted by LostInML (U13646691) on Monday, 26th December 2011

    Lighting my Christmas candle for all mentioned here, but especially for those in hospital at this time and struggling with pain and illness and for their families.

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    , in reply to message 20.

    Posted by anagramladysin (U14258840) on Monday, 26th December 2011

    Candles lit.
    For all in pain or loss, for all anxious or bereaved.
    For all for whom the family has gone and the silence closes in.
    xx ana

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    , in reply to message 21.

    Posted by Miftrefs Laura in Lothian bufily ftitching (U2587870) on Tuesday, 27th December 2011

    Metaphorical candle for all those in difficulties, of any sort, small or large... you're not alone.

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    , in reply to message 22.

    Posted by anagramladysin (U14258840) on Tuesday, 27th December 2011

    Have been given some lovely scented candles so am well stocked up.
    But the red spicy candle is lit, maybe for its last time, tonight, for anyone who'd like to share its glow.
    I'm going to be away for quite a while now, but will carry on lighting candles, and thinking of all the names here who deserve light and love.

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    , in reply to message 23.

    Posted by Fire-Pig - proud to wave the protest banner (U12231213) on Tuesday, 27th December 2011

    On Christmas Day, I made a card with a stitched Guardian Angel* on it and took it in to work to give to my colleague I mentioned at the end of the last thread. She was very grateful for it, and we had another chat today - general chat, but I tried to show that I was there any time she wanted to talk.

    Now I can light candles in the house for all who need them.

    *Guardian Angels are easier to explain than candles to those who don't frequent ML!


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    , in reply to message 24.

    Posted by SussexCornflower InTheFinalCountdown (U13833966) on Tuesday, 27th December 2011

    Catching up with you all and wishing you all warming thoughts during sad, reflective or worrying times.

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    , in reply to message 25.

    Posted by SmoctusMole (U13882662) on Wednesday, 28th December 2011

    Bye bye to ana, and I hope it won't be too long before you are back.

    I too was given some lovely candles* this year by those in the know, and I too find it easier to explain the concept of a Guardian Angel to others.

    * a lovely glow from one of them right now.

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    , in reply to message 26.

    Posted by Miftrefs Laura in Lothian bufily ftitching (U2587870) on Wednesday, 28th December 2011

    Oh, how odd - I could never begin to talk abhout Guardian Angels, not least because I don't believe in anything religious which includes angels!

    But lighting a candle - well, it's Amnesty International's famous slogan, isn't it? And if Amnesty doesn't stand for those in despair and trouble and torment then I can't think who does!

    "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness" - in other words, instead of railing helplessly against injustice or bad luck or disaster, better to find out whether anything can help... to give hope as well as help, and the symbol of that Hope is the candle.

    Maybe my metaphorical candles can't do a darn thing to help any of you, but at the absolute minimum it is good for me to spend time contemplating the lives and plight of others. And perhaps the extra contemplation I give to those posting here means I am more able to help people in RL if they need it, more aware of the impact of certain life events, more aware of how I might be of help rather than hindrance or ignorance.

    "There's an online forum I use and there's a thread there for lighting a candle and spending time thinking positive thoughts for those in distress"

    It just seems eminently sensible to me - aren't we all different? smiley - smiley

    And given the weather today I think it's not a candle, but my trusty wind-powered hurricane lantern that's glowing steadily across the storms to you all, from Scotland across the country and to peacemaker's family across the world...


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    , in reply to message 27.

    Posted by anagramladysin (U14258840) on Wednesday, 28th December 2011

    Change of plan. Friend attempted suicide. Am now caring for her 87 year old mother.
    Candles please.
    xx ana

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    , in reply to message 28.

    Posted by SmoctusMole (U13882662) on Wednesday, 28th December 2011

    Oh ana!
    Certainly a candle here - for you, your poor friend and her mother.

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    , in reply to message 29.

    Posted by SmoctusMole (U13882662) on Wednesday, 28th December 2011

    Hello Laura,
    I've been thinking about your post and of course you are right - about probably Guardian Angels only been appreciated by those with some religious belief (tho not necessarily so) and also that candles are associated with Amnesty and so should be easily understood by everyone (tho again, sadly, not necessarily so).

    Anyway, the result of my thinking is that perhaps Guardian Angels are specifically to guard against harm and perhaps not much help when harm has already happened - as sadly is so often the case here. I think of our candles as hopefully bringing comfort to those surrounded by the dark of ill-happenings. But talking to friends who are not part of any message boards it IS often easier to explain if put into the context of Guardian Angels. Perhaps Dresden's "hands held out" says it all better, tho.


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    , in reply to message 28.

    Posted by Miftrefs Laura in Lothian bufily ftitching (U2587870) on Wednesday, 28th December 2011


    metaphoricandle is glowing with steady flame, so there is warmth and light and hope for you, your friend and your friend's mother.

    Take as much care of yourself as I know you will do of the old lady: make meals for two and make sure /you/ eat them as well. Keep your fluids up so you don't get dehydrated if the heating's warmer than you're used to. Try to get out each day for a brisk walk if you can, even if only five minutes. And remember we're standing right by you, my dere, beside you shoulder to shoulder in this.

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    , in reply to message 31.

    Posted by Dresdenshepherdess (U3509991) on Wednesday, 28th December 2011

    Very sensible and practical advice, Laura.
    Dear Ana, the only angel I can muster in support is my old Advent Candle, Be sure she is about to be lit for you, your friend, and her poor mother. Thank heaven she has a kind soul like you to turn to,
    Much love to you, peacemaker, and all who need it today. Hands held out, Dresdenxxxx

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    , in reply to message 32.

    Posted by La Bez (U14670366) on Wednesday, 28th December 2011

    Thoughts winging your way from here ana (Colorado not New Jersey right now). I echo Laura's sound advice. Candles burning for you, your friend and her mother.

    Interesting thoughts on angels and candles, I shall give the matter some thought.

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    , in reply to message 33.

    Posted by Westsussexbird or Birdy aka Westie (U6316532) on Wednesday, 28th December 2011

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    , in reply to message 34.

    Posted by Dresdenshepherdess (U3509991) on Wednesday, 28th December 2011

    How full of meaning that Amnesty candle is, Birdy. May it have the power and comfort we want it to have.

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    , in reply to message 35.

    Posted by Fire-Pig - proud to wave the protest banner (U12231213) on Wednesday, 28th December 2011

    Ana, take care of yourself first, that way you can take care of others! Laura, as ever, speaks excellent sense.

    Hmm, my post about Guardian Angels lead to some discussion, I see. Inside the card I wrote something like this "This is a Guardian Angel who can be with you whenever you want it". I don't think a candle card would have been right, at the moment for her.

    I think I might need the light of a candle soon. I have an office close to my colleague's and the last two days I have been in the office for far longer than I thought I would be when I went in to work. This is because it is as if a dam has burst and she has talked and talked. I cannot and will not turn her away.

    The wind is up this night, my the light of our candles guide all those out on such a night to safe havens.


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    , in reply to message 36.

    Posted by LostInML (U13646691) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    Lighting a candle for Ana, her friend and her friend's mother and for Fire-Pig, whose concern and care for a colleague will be greatly appreciated. May you both find strength and the right words at this difficult time.

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    , in reply to message 37.

    Posted by merchlleyn (U11622302) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    I stummbled across this site last night after sitting alone meditating and sending out healing thoughts to those in my family who are struggling at the moment................

    Can I ask for a few candles?

    For my darling Son fighting depression

    Dearest SIL struggling to live with cancer

    Both my wonerful Dad & MIL who are becoming frailer by the week,

    and a flicker or two for myself.............trying to do my best and be a 'shoulder to cry on', not in the best of health and awaiting nasty medical investigations......I'm not afraid - honest ;(

    Despite reading in tears I felt a huge sense of warmth from all the postings - my candles will be lit for one and all of you this evening

    S x

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  • Message 39

    , in reply to message 38.

    Posted by Miftrefs Laura in Lothian bufily ftitching (U2587870) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    A small flame is always alight for those who find the thread in the darkest night, merchlleyn...

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  • Message 40

    , in reply to message 38.

    Posted by Bubbly (U14667393) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    Mine will be lit for you and your family Merchlleyn, hope their warmth reaches you xx

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  • Message 41

    , in reply to message 39.

    Posted by Nimby (U10681114) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    My usual cranberry-scented candle is lit early for you merchlleyn

    And for all those who need to find this supporting thread - amid the'encircling gloom

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  • Message 42

    , in reply to message 41.

    Posted by Fire-Pig - proud to wave the protest banner (U12231213) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    My candle for you, too Merchlleyn. Do I translate that as woman of the Lleyn? If so my candle light does not have far to travel as I live in Gwynedd.


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    , in reply to message 42.

    Posted by Westsussexbird or Birdy aka Westie (U6316532) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    We have six candles glowing each time we sit down at the dining room table ... two large ones with holly and wooden mice around the base and then an angel chimes in the middle of the table with four small candles. I have chosen this video to show you as the angels are going round backwards ... ours are as well!

    For all of you and your loved ones having such a difficult time .... especially Merchlleyn. Hello :0)

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  • Message 44

    , in reply to message 43.

    Posted by Karmic-ish Kris (U14642774) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    Absolutely love the Angel chimes Westie. I was actually quite mesmerised by them! :0)

    Candles will be lit here soon for Ana, her friend and her friend's mum. Thinking of you, lovely ana, once again epitomising what Karma really means: the act of doing, giving out 'good' into the ether to make this place a better place Xxx

    And for Merchlleyn, coping with such a lot and feeling overwhelmed, as we all would under such sad and trying circumstances. So glad you have found this "Hands held out" thread; welcome and I hope it continues to bring some comfort to you.

    Much love and light to all,


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  • Message 45

    , in reply to message 44.

    Posted by Westsussexbird or Birdy aka Westie (U6316532) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    Kris :0))) I keep an eye out for news of you and Nic ... x

    Our DD2's newish (very suitable!) boyfriend is Swedish and so was really pleased to see the angel chimes on our table.

    Some of you know MrB and I went on an extended camper trip to the USA/Canada a few weeks ago and I thought it might prove a diversion if I post a link to his trip report. I posted it on one or two threads but don't think I've posted it here.


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  • Message 46

    , in reply to message 43.

    Posted by Fire-Pig - proud to wave the protest banner (U12231213) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    Birdy - those chimes were part of my childhood. I'm sure ours were the same design as those. I'm sure you know very well how to make the angels twirl correctly, we used to get into trouble for making ours reverse!

    Thanks for the memory!


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  • Message 47

    , in reply to message 46.

    Posted by Westsussexbird or Birdy aka Westie (U6316532) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    Fire-pig :0) It wasn't until they had got hot that we noticed the angels were going round bum first. But our daughter who has always enjoyed doing things unconventionally said to leave them :0)) Next year I'll make sure they go round the right way! We've removed the top angel to make it work faster to make the 'ding ding's louder as I couldn't hear it when they spun at their usual speed. I think I must get my hearing tested!

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  • Message 48

    , in reply to message 47.

    Posted by Westsussexbird or Birdy aka Westie (U6316532) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    Perhaps this is a better link to angel chimes ... the one I posted is very noisy with, I think, the sound of the camera. This angel chime is shiny!! Not something I'm familiar with. Ours is pretty ancient now ...

    There is another video on Utube of a chap lighting the candles and the angels refuse to budge and he ends up swearing!

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  • Message 49

    , in reply to message 48.

    Posted by Westsussexbird or Birdy aka Westie (U6316532) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    I love the boy's face while he's looking at the angels turning ...

    It points out that there is a piano lesson going on in the background!

    I must get on ..... take care of yourselves everyone.

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    , in reply to message 49.

    Posted by merchlleyn (U11622302) on Thursday, 29th December 2011

    I have been so very touched by the responses here! {{{hugs}}}

    I actually listened to my body and had a couple of hours sleep this afternoon - so when I put my laptop back on & saw that my post was on (-I'm in pre-mod I belive??) andthe responses from all you lovely people I was overwhelmed............I now have a grin on my face!

    Mention of the whirly angel candle thingy (sorry...lunchtime drugs still affecting my word memory ....doh!) has reminded me that mine is still in the display cabinet - it will be lit & on the grate alongside my other candles this evening.

    Yes (was it Fire-Pig who asked?)- it is 'daughter of Lleyn', although I now live al the way over in the next county! (Conwy)

    Forgive me for now -'twill take a while to remember peoples names, memory affected by drugs plus stress! {{{wry smiley}}
    Take care of yourselves everyone -


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