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EmmaNR's Cancer Copers II

Welcome to everyone who is coping with a cancer. You may be coping ...


Abel Magwitch Feb 25, 2013

The Autumn/Winter Potting Shed

Welcome to the potting shed. Our place to discuss all things ...


Nomadnomore - XNo - ... Feb 25, 2013

Job / work seekers support thread

I don't know how many of us are currently struggling to find ...


blimbles Feb 25, 2013

family friend convicted - ...

i post very rarely but lurk more.i have been told a close friend of ...


Fleur Feb 25, 2013

Computer self help club.

As suggested in another thread, this is a club or meeting place ...


stew black Feb 25, 2013

Down's Syndrome

My son and DIL have just been told that there is a 1 in 15 chance ...


Sixties Relic ... Feb 24, 2013

Book of the Month Club March ...

List of book discussions: 2008March: ‘The Lovely bones’ by ...


Bette Feb 24, 2013

Book of the month club 2013

Welcome to the TVH Book of the Month Club for 2013.We start ...


blimbles Feb 24, 2013

MFC/Healthy Eating Cookbook 2013

Welcome to the MFC/Healthy Eating Club Cookbook rolling thread, ...


Katy Tulip Feb 24, 2013

Chronic fatigue / ME thread

Welcome to this new, rolling thread on CFS/ME. There was a ...


Leaping Badger Feb 24, 2013

Where did the theatre thread go?

Thu, 26 Mar 2009 20:15 GMT Anyone want to know what I thought of ...


Lady Macbeϯh ... Feb 24, 2013

Milk allergy

Does anyone know about this? D-minor has had a difficult ...


diasporateho usewife Feb 24, 2013

Home Alone Three

Good Morning all and welcome to the 3rd. Home Alone here is past ...


Ceit katemehom... Feb 24, 2013

Stress Thread continued.

Due to a continuing need I'm starting a new Stress Support ...


chicken_hot_ pot Feb 24, 2013

The Alternative French Thread

Anyone want to join me?


starlilolill Feb 24, 2013

Self Saboteurs Club

Currently trying to get to the bottom of why it is I don't do ...


Sister Primrose ... Feb 24, 2013

Swimming Club

Inspired by the runners' club I thought I'd dip a toe into the ...


Claribel Feb 24, 2013

Mustardland Meets

You're invited to post dates and venues with links to threads ...


jane c Feb 24, 2013

Christian Thread no 5

This is a thread for everyone of the Christian faith to discuss ...


Poorgrass Feb 23, 2013

Arts and Crafts Group

Bring your paints, brushes, needles, paper, stone, chisels, ...


Lilo Feb 23, 2013

Welcome to Hotel California...

You can check-out any time you like,But you can never leave! ...


Ell Kaye Feb 22, 2013

PhDers and OU-ers in Peet's

I'll set up a thread there when I get a chance - a bit flat out ...


Redbookish Feb 22, 2013

The Garden Pond

A place for those of us to share news and information about ponds ...


SussexCornfl ower ... Feb 22, 2013

The Hen Thread

Here's where you come to if you have hens, need to know about ...


Hazel Wooley Feb 22, 2013


Alzheimers denial - your advice sought.My Mum is visibly ...


PSue_Donym Feb 20, 2013

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