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Australia's On Fire

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    Posted by funnyjazzbaby (U14389829) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    I expect the rest of the world is seeing the devastation in Tasmania but not much info about the rest of this vast Continent.
    There are ninety fires burning out of control in NSW alone and just about all of the other States are equally in peril.
    Living as I do in an outer suburb of Sydney where bush fires are normally not a threat, we have to keep watch on the large numbers of parks, reserves and pockets of green which we so treasure.
    As the temperature rises, and we are told to expect 44 degrees at the coast, which means plus as much as 6 to 8 degrees hotter in my area, every one is very tense and worried.
    Almost anything can start a fire in this heat, sun on broken glass, a discarded cigarette name it. Any change in wind direction can threaten all of us, not just those outback towns.

    Lost homes can be replaced........eventually, but we are losing crops, livestock and wild liife in uncountable numbers which, in the long term will lead to scarecity and price rises for every thing we need to survive.

    I don't think any one who hasn't spent time here can really appreciate why the majority of the people live so close to the coast. There's a kind of bravery shown by those who chose to live in the bush where a lot of small towns have just one road in and can lead to isolation when Mother Nature takes control.

    I don't know if it was mentioned elewhere at the time but last year's floods at the Top End covered an area bigger than France and Germany combined.

    There have been fires here for ever but nothing on this scale since records have been kept.

    We are now being urged to "Ration" ourselves with regard to electricity useage or face the consequences.
    I, personally don't have aircon because of the cost but it would be hard, if I did, not to use it as the temperature rises.

    The warning of extreme heat is for tomorrow but at 2pm today it's already 38.5 in my back yard.

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    Posted by Schez (U2212013) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    I have only heard a little about all this but did hear that the fires can move terribly fast - I do hope you will be safe over there.

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    Posted by Carinthia the Cracker (U14531014) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    Thinking of you, FJB, and everyone else threatened by this


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    Posted by Abby33 (U6428266) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    Thinking of you all. I was in Australia and Tasmania last February and they had had a very wet summer - a dam in the Sydney area was in danger of overflowing- it seems that you have the extremes of weather. It was all very green and someone explained that as all the plants grow rapidly with the rain then they are in great danger if the next year is hot and dry, simply because there is so much undergrowth. It must be very scary.

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    Posted by auldhairy (U14258268) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    Do we need another thread?

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    Posted by SmoctusMole (U13882662) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    Well yes, with due respect Auld. FJB is posting from another part of Australia (Sydney) and is in a different position (living on her own).

    Dear FJB I've been thinking so much about you, and hope that you are managing to keep comfortable as well as safe. It must be hard for you without aircon. Thank you very much for your reminders of what can start a fire in these conditions - seen from waterlogged Britain it's hard to fully appreciate.


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    Posted by aninoz (U14514476) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    FJB your thread is more factual than the previous one.

    FJB we are in W.A. and live in the bush, each time I go out of the house I find myself sniffing the air for smoke, we were in a devastating fire storm here a few years back, two people died out of the population of apx 50.

    No aircon must be a nightmare, we have to be sparing with ours as we are on tank water and the water level is getting low, the temp here this afternoon has dropped to 32c it is nearly five pm, hoping it gets cooler tonight.

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    Posted by BrightYangThing (U14627705) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    Yes Auld,
    as far as I am concerned, this is a valid 'different' thread - and very informative.

    Hope all across the continent are coping as well as possible. I have an ageing aunt (well Mr Thing does) in Mona Vale northern suburb or Sydney - will try and get in touch.

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    Posted by auldhairy (U14258268) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    Point taken more information welcome.

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    Best wishes to you FJB (and indeed jordan and other Ozzie MLers) - hope you stay safe and cool.

    On holiday a couple of years ago, we fell into conversation with a couple from Lithgow (in McDonalds of all places) who were saying what a nice cool summer's day it was, in the mid 30s - we were wilting.

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    Posted by merrylatestarter (U10475559) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    Thinking of you all out there, its very difficult for us here in England to comprehend what it is like. Ive got friends in Adelaide, hope its OK down there.

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    Posted by funnyjazzbaby (U14389829) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    Point taken more information welcome.  Auld Hairy, I'm very grateful for your approval.
    I feel so much better now.!!!!!

    Moley, and others who have posted..a more sincere thank you.

    Aninoz, I know where you live and hope you can be safe and cool down soon (The heatwave is apparently moving from the West to the East coast and as we heat up you should get some relief)

    BYT, As recently as last month I could have re-assured you but Mona Vale is a lovely leafy suburb but on the outer edge of the other side of Sydney to me and very close to the wilderness beyond.
    The main danger there would be falling embers in the expected strong winds.

    Erms (Hopre you don'tind the shortening of your name.) Lithgow is on the very edge of the Blue Mountains, an area known for it's thousands of hectares of totally inaccesible(Sp?) of forest. The whole area is now flagged to expect catastrophic (Sic) levels of danger.

    My step daughter will collect me tomorrow if I get too distressed but not being in the best of health prefer to stay at home.
    There's little chance of actual fire in this densly populated area and if the heat gets too much my next door neighbour and I have agreed to turn garden hoses on each other.

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    Posted by Lady Trudie Tilney Glorfindel Maldini (U2222312) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    FJB yes we were doing a driving trip in the Blue Mountains (McD's was the only place open for coffee & very good it was). The Blue Mountains are one of my favourite places on earth, I hope it is spared serious damage.

    It sounds as if Melbourne will be cooler tomorrow, hope it reaches you soon.

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    Posted by peacemaker (U14739277) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    FJB thinking of you all in Sydney and elsewhere in Oz. My Mum phoned this morning and was telling me how concerned everyone is and what devastation these fires have caused in Tasmania. She was very moved by the scene of a woman standing in the water to escape the flames and holding a month old baby.

    I know your suburb well - it was our nearest beach and to get there we had to travel through vast tracts of bushland. The thing about these bushfires is that they can change direction in an instant and also leap from area to area. The eucalyptus is an explosive and unpredictable cocktail.

    I believe also you are in for record temps tomorrow. Stay safe and as cool as you can.

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    Posted by auldhairy (U14258268) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    funnyjazzbaby, "if the heat gets too much my next door neighbour and I have agreed to turn garden hoses on each other."
    I remember doing that when I was in Singapore in n the RAF.

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